♥ Staff


[Name] Munny Chan [Founder , Korean Translator]
[Nickname] Munny
[Age] 17 years old
[Country] Malaysia
[Twitter] @iMunnyChan
[Facebook] http://www.facebook.com/munnychan96


[Name] Sakurako Haga [Korean , Japanese Translator]
[Nickname] Sakurako
[Age] 21 years old
[Country] Japan
[Twitter] @39kpop

[Name] Winnie Hsiao [Chinese Translator]
[Nickname] Manto
[Age] 23 years old
[Country] Taiwan
[Twitter] @manto03
. -Admin of @TaiwanLuvSJ 

[Name] Pia tan
[Nickname] Ping ping
[Age] 23 years old
[Country] Philippines
[Twitter] @dQueenIsBACK
. -Admin of Prom15e to 13elieve..<3 Facebook page

[Name] Germaine [Chinese Translator]
[Nickname] Ger
[Age] 17 years old
[Country] Singapore
[Twitter] @gerloves

[Name] Nicole Lee [Chinese Translator]
[Nickname] Lollip0pLover
[Age] 18 y.o
[Country] Singapore
[Twitter] @_Wookroro

[Name] Elly [Chinese Translator]
[Nickname] allriselly
[Age] 17 y.o
[Country] Brunei
[Twitter] @cherishyukjae

[Name] Hyein Lee [Korean Translator]
[Nickname] Heni
[Age] 24 y.o
[Country] Korea
[Twitter] @flyiny

[Name] Nur Hamizah Ismail [Malay Translator]
[Nickname] Amyzah Lee
[Age] 23 y.o
[Country] Malaysia
[Twitter] @haebaby8689

[Name] Eunice [Chinese Translator]
[Nickname] Eunice
[Age] 16 y.o
[Country] Singapore
[Twitter] @aegyowook_

[Name] Sonia [Korean Translator]
[Nickname] _wookiraffe
[Age] 17 years old
[Country] Indonesia
[Twitter] @_wookiraffe

[Name] Ayane Shibune [Korean Translator]
[Nickname] a_ne21
[Age] 24 years old
[Country] Japan
[Twitter] @a_ne21


[Name] Munny Chan [Founder ]
[Nickname] Munny
[Age] 17 years old
[Country] Malaysia
[Twitter] @iMunnyChan

Facebook page

[Name] Munny Chan
[Admin Name] Munny
[Age] 17 years old
[Country] Malaysia
[Twitter] @iMunnyChan

[Name] Nur Hamizah Ismail
[Admin Name] Amyzah Lee
[Age] 23 y.o
[Country] Malaysia
[Twitter] @AmyzahLee

[Name] Agnes Tan
[Admin Name] Agnes
[Age] 21 y.o
[Country] Singapore
[Twitter] @spoiltbread

[Name] Amira Shahira
[Admin Name] ~AmiraluvWookie
[Age] 13 y.o
[Country] Malaysia
[Twitter] @Ryeong_mira

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