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[INFO] Album info – Beige & Ryeowook Digital Single [When falling in love with friend]

30 Sep

Artists: Beige, Ryeowook (Super Junior)

Album type: Singles

Release date: 2010 September 30

Publisher: KT Music

Agency: GnG Production
-The music industry representative the resemblance between Beige and Super Junior Ryeowook by release their duet song-

Just looking for a new and special ordinary in these days and ages, the most important is to find the love with joyful. Beige can let you know together with Super Junior Ryeowook.

Since debut, the singer Beige and Super Junior Ryeowook has had a resemblance like brother and sister. I’ve heard that when fans told them about duet while they’re traveling that fans are recommended and really expected for these 2 to have a duet. I’m looking forward to the revival of Beige’s new song with Super Junior Ryeowook. I’m setting my breath.

‘Beige’ Chuno OST ‘Becomes month’ had been used mostly as a sad and heavy ballads in these days. Whether the friends already the phrase greater youthful voice in the duet song for Beige’s fans with a long time looking for it!!

For the song ‘When falling in love with friend’ Baek Ji Young’s ‘I won’t love’ and Ivy’s ‘Sonata of Temptation’, famous song writers have been worked together for the song and acoustic. The song can make the hearers feeling happy with a sweet sound.

Suddenly the lyrics also make you feel as a friend who chariness, romantic confession by expressing people to fall in love. We have to imagine such an evidently making.

Super Junior Ryeowook has been appeared along the music video first time working with Beige as the best group ‘When falling in love with friend’ gave us an improvement of them and the best quality. In Beige’s part, she represent with her pretty face and has been given a lovely production from many female fans which fall in love with her.

On September 30th, during the song written, while composing music with maturity to announce the new image transformation of Beige in the song ‘When falling in love with friend’. Her prospects are expected to be shown.

Credit: Soribada
Translated by: mook_yeye @
Shared by: Munny @

[100930/TRANS] Ryeowook twitter update (2 tweets)

30 Sep

@ryeong9: @siwon407 생신 축하드린다고 전해줘요^^ 와우♥ 건강하세요 할머니^^
[TRANS]  Please tell your grandmother ‘happy birthday’^^ Wow♥ Be healthy, grandma^^

@ryeong9: @ jinieyayo 일본 갔삼??^^
[TRANS] Went to Japan??^^

Translated by : Munny , Sakurako @

[HDMV/ENGSUB] Beige reveals “Falling in love with a friend” MV featuring Ryeowook

30 Sep

[Translation] Ryeowook + Beige – When Falling in Love with Friend (친구와 사랑에 빠질 때)

30 Sep

[Ryeowook] Nowadays I’m confused about you and even more about myself, are we friends or dating
[Beige] When we’re walking and also watching movie I have a deep secret to tell you.

[Ryeowook] We’re friends which closer than lovers
[Beige] But what should I do, I love you babe

[All] Suddenly everything of you, I fond of everything of you
I will slowly and slowly become closer
I like everything about you
I don’t have to say you’re my one love, Please stay with me and promise me

[Ryeowook] I want to confess all of my heart like a man
[Beige] You’d better catch my heart, you’d better know my heart baby

[All] I want to give my love that is more than love
I will slowly and slowly give you all my heart
I like everything about you
Please stay with me sometimes like friends, sometimes like lovers

[Beige] There’s no friendship between boys and girls, I didn’t believe it back that then
[Ryeowook] No, even though we are lovers we are still being good friends.
[Beige] I will listen to you / [Ryeowook] I will listen to you

[All] More than the word ‘I love you’ we’re still, we’re feeling sweet.
A little bit more starting from today
I like everything about you
Your hands I took, I won’t let you go
I will say I love you instead

Translated by : mook_yeye @
Reposted by : Munny @

[Romanization] Ryeowook + Beige – When Falling in Love with Friend (친구와 사랑에 빠질 때)

30 Sep

[Ryeowook] chinguin geonji sagwineun geonji
na yojeumen niga deo hetgalryeo naega

[Beige] yeonghwado bogo sanchaekdo hago
sok gipeun bimil neoege malhago woo woo~
[Ryeowook] urin yeoninboda gaggaun geureon chingu sai
[Beige] geunde eoddeokhaji na niga johajyeo baby

[All] eoneusaenga neoui modeunge johajyeosseo neoui modeunge
salmyeosi deo salmyeosi naega dagagalgeoya
niga da joha modu da joha
saranghandan maleun anhaedo
ireohge meomulreojwo naege yaksokhaejwo

[Ryeowook] namjadabge nae mam moduda gobaekhago sipeo
[Beige] nae mam deulkilggabwa nae maeum alggabwa baby

[All] sarangboda sojunghan sarang naemo deun geol daju goshipeo
cheoncheonhi deo cheoncheonhi nae mam modu julgeoya
niga da joa modu da joa
geureon mareun eosaekhandedo ddaeroneun chingucheoreom ddaeron
yeonincheoreom i sseo jwo

[Beige] namnyeosai chinguran eobdago geuddaen mitji anasseo
[Ryeowook] anya uri yeonini doendedo gyesok joheun chingu cheoreom
[Beige] neoui yegil deuleojulge / [Ryeowook] ne yegil deuleojulgge

[All] saranghandan malbodan urin ajik urin dalkomhan gibun
jogeumssik deo jogeumssik oneulbuteo sijakhae
niga da joha modu da joha
jabeun soneul nohji aneulgge
saranghae geumal daesin gyeote isseulggeoya yeongwonhi

Romanization by:
Shared by : mook_yeye @
Reposted by : Munny @

[LYRIC] Ryeowook + Beige – When Falling in Love with Friend (친구와 사랑에 빠질 때)

30 Sep

[려욱] 친구인건지 사귀는건지 나 요즘엔 니가 더 헷갈려 내가
[베이지] 영화도 보고 산책도 하고 속 깊은 비밀 너에게 말하고

[려욱] 우린 연인보다 가까운 그런 친구 사이
[베이지] 근데 어떡하지 나 네가 좋아져 babe

[같이] 어느샌가 너의 모든 게 좋아졌어 너의 모든 게
살며시 더 살며시 내가 다가갈거야
니가 다 좋아 모두 다 좋아
사랑한단 말은 안해도 이렇게 머물러줘 내게 약속해줘

[려욱] 남자답게 내 맘 모두다 고백하고 싶어
[베이지] 내 맘 들킬까봐 내 마음 알까봐 baby

[같이] 사랑보다 소중한 사랑내 모든 걸 다 주고 싶어
천천히 더 천천히 내 맘 모두 줄거야
니가 다 좋아 모두 다 좋아
그런 말은 어색한데도때로는 친구처럼 때론 연인처럼
[베이지] 남녀사이 친구란 없다고 그땐 믿지 않았어
[려욱] 아냐 우리 연인이 된대도 계속 좋은 친구처럼 너의
[베이지] 너의 얘길 들어줄게 / [려욱] 얘길 들어줄게

[같이] 사랑한단 말 보단 우린 아직 우린 달콤한 기분
조금씩 더 조금씩 오늘부터 시작해
니가 다 좋아 모두 다 좋아
잡은 손을 놓지 않을께
사랑해 그 말 대신 곁에 있을꺼야

Lyrics by: 13나루 @ sj-matket
Shared by : mook_yeye @
Reposted by : Munny @

[AUDIO/DL] Ryeowook and Beige’s duet , “When falling in love with friend” has released!!!

30 Sep

Download link :

Credit : jenningyou @ Youtube , @mook_yeye [pic]

[100929/TRANS] Ryeowook twitter update (2 tweets)

29 Sep

@ryeong9 : 대학로 예술극장3관에서 하는 <아이에게 말하세요> 9월 30일~10월 3일 저도 보러 갈거에요~^^ 무료이니부담없이 많이많이 보러오세요~~ㅋ
[TRANS] It’ll be performed in hall 3 of Daehangno art theater. <Please talk to children.> September 30th ~ October 3rd.  I would go to there, too~^^ Because it’s free, please come without reserve~~ㅋ

@ryeong9 : RT @beigeluv 닮은꼴남매끼리 듀엣한번하라던 여러분들의 소원대로 드디어 슈퍼주니어 려욱과 노랠불렀습니다 ㅋ 전 넘 만족스러운뎅~ 어떠실련지.. 떨리네요!! 방송국심의용 CD나오자마자 찰칵! 드디어 내일입니닷!
[TRANS]As a wish of everyone who says “Play a duet once by the sibling who has similar face”, I sang with RyeoWook of Super Junior at last ㅋI’m very satisfied~ Oh, I seem to tremble.. I tremble!! As soon as a CD for broadcasting station deliberations comes out, SNAP!  It comes out tomorrow at last!

Credit: @ryeong9 and @beigeluv
Translated by : Sakurako @

[100928] Ryeowook and Beige in recording studio (2 pics)

29 Sep

Credits: newsen & beigeluv
Shared by: mook_yeye @
Reuploaded by: Munny @

[100923/CAPS] Ryeowook in Chuseok Special Radio Star Super Show (75 Pics)

29 Sep

Credit: Hyungnim
Shared by: mook_yeye @
Reuploaded by: Munny @

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