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[100901/PICTURE] Ryeowook @ SJ KRY FM Seoul International Drama Award part 4 (26 pics)

4 Sep

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[100904] Incheon Korean Music Wave – SJ – No Other + Bonamana

4 Sep

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[100828/FANCAM] SS3 Qingdao – In My Dream (Ryeowook FOCUS)

4 Sep

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Ryeowook and Yoona’s American Peace Signs

4 Sep

SM Entertainment artists are currently enjoying their global landscape since they landed in LA yesterday for SM Town Live LA ‘10. We showed pictures of the idols crowding the airports, and now we have an update of Super Junior’s Ryewook and SNSD’s Yoona flashing peace signs, the American version.

The pair is surely hard at work now with their labelmates. SM Town Live LA ‘10 is set to begin at 7 pm, Western time on September 4 at the Staples Center.

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[100902] Ryeowook at Incheon airport

4 Sep

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[100903] Heechul mention Ryeowook in Young Street (Looks like Ryeowook?)

4 Sep

Heechul: I have mentioned earlier on that Ryeowook and Beige really look alike, not only their physical looks, even their behavior and the way they speak. I played the *game too, and it states that there’s a similarity of 20% between me and Ryeowook!
The members commented: What?! Does that mean you and Beige look alike too? Interesting~

*game – It’s a game where you upload a photo of yourself and compare with a celebrity to compute the similarity between both.

Listener: When I wrote a letter of apology to my mum, she said that my words look ugly, thus I’m practicing now.
Heechul: That is because a lot of people now spend more time on typing instead of writing, everyone says my handwriting is like drawing. Siwon’s handwriting (when writing his own name) is like a Director’s signature, Ryeowook’s handwriting is quite beautiful, Donghae’s I don’t remember, ah~ there isn’t really anything we need to write to each other..

P.S. Ryeowook and Beige have ever been in KTR together~

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