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[100905] SMTC in LA part 8 (13 pics)

13 Sep

Credit: @chungsmiles or lito kitty @ sjw
Shared by: mook_yeye @
Reuploaded by : Munny @

[100914/TRANS] Ryeowook twitter update

13 Sep

[Trans] @ryeong9: @AllRiseSilver Pizza too ㅠㅠ huh how hungry~~ ing*

ing* = cute sound)

@ryeong9: @AllRiseSilver 피자두 ㅠㅠ 헐 어뜨케 배고파~~ 잉

Credit : @ryeong9
Translated by : tomozuki1 @ twitter

[100905] SMTC in LA part 7 (13 pics)

13 Sep

Credit: @latsyrc_
Shared by: mook_yeye @
Reuploaded by : Munny @


[100912/PICTURE] Ryeowook @ Hallyu Dream Concert

13 Sep

Credit : As tagged
Shared By : mook_yeye @
Reuploaded By : Munny @

[100913] Ryeowook fancafe message

13 Sep

Now is not even 6:10 (morning, eat meals and wash up, and also packing luggage)…
The time passed just like that..
Time really flies.. Back from China, Need to write the date on the immigration papers,
oh? Already 12: But now is 13th. Everyday living with good effort.
The activities has ended and following up are the concert… Wants to name them all out
kya kyra (I shall not list them out = = sorry) Wow~ Way of entering~ Although have to
continue with the concerts~ But for the time being there will be about an hour of free
time~ Haha~
Ryeowook should be going school for now~ Spending the Lantern festival with the
family~ And also going on holiday with the members~ Have to continue composing the
songs that was put on hold temporary~
Learning chinese, practising songs, and also exercising etc etc, there seemed to be
many things to do~ Even the year 2010 passed so fast„ Everyone also have to spend it
fully, am a little sleepy now, everyone Goodnight~ Should be Good morning~ Kya~
PS: Have to see at twitter too ^^ Haha
Credit : 天籁之音 – 金厉旭中国后援会
Chinese translation : Ryuhee
English translation : minoko2440 @
Taken from :

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