[100919/TRANS] Ryeowook twitter update (10 tweets)

19 Sep

@ryeong9:@jjongsoohyelims 진짜 유명한데더라구~~^^ 많이도 주셔서 아직까지 못자구있다~!!* 누나 우리 개인기끝나면 함가자 ㅋㅋ
[TRANS] @jjongsoohyelims But it’s really famous~~^^ Haven’t eaten with you for a long time~!!* After our unnie become more popular let’s eat ㅋㅋ

@ryeong9:@beigeluv 오늘 밥두사주고 무적자두 보여주고~~ 혁꾸 고마워잉~^^ 장어 비리지도않고 함 가자!!ㅋ
[TRANS] @beigeluv Today he bought me dinner and movie~~ Hyukgu thank you~^^ Eel didn’t taste fishy Let’s go together later!!ㅋ

@ryeong9:@dalma516 모토로라 새로나온 스마트폰도 좋더라~^^ 세상 참 좋아졌다~~* 옆에 컴터가 있어도 폰으로 간편하게 검색하니말이야
[TRANS] @dalma516 I love the new brand Motorola smart phone~^^ So it would be better~~* Even the phone next to my computer is really simple search~☆

@ryeong9:@ShinsFriends 괜춘하네 >< 밀키스 특유의 떫은?! 맛은 그대로일까?? ㅋ 에고 여튼 먹어봐야겠다 ㅋㅋ
[TRANS] @ShinsFriends It looks great >< Is the Milkis sour taste?! Is the taste same??ㅋ Ego anyway, I’m going to try it ㅋㅋ

@ryeong9: @donghae861015 빨리와~~~~~ㅠ 숙소가 횅하잖아 ~ 힝
[TRANS] Come back quickly~~~~~ㅠIt’s so empty at dorm ~ ing (cute sound)

@ryeong9: 곧 한류콘서트가 방송되네요~~^^ 기대된다 어떻게 방송될지~~ 비오고 너무늦게까지 녹화하느라 모두들 고생이었는데 ㅠ 본방사수^^
[TRANS] The wave concert (Hallyu) is going to broadcast soon~~^^ I’m looking forward how the broadcast will be out~~ Everyone was suffering with the rain and recorded till so late ㅠ Please watch a lot^^

@ryeong9: 과유불급이라,, 정도를 지나침은 미치지 못함과 같다,,
[TRANS] It’s too far„ The degree of excesses are very crazy including failure„

@ryeong9: @shfly3424 홧팅~~^^ 기대중~~ 추석까지 반납하며 열심히하는 울형ㅠ 힘내구~^^ 아자아자
[TRANS] Hwaiting~~^^ I’m looking forward to it~~ Working hard and please quickly go back from ChuSeok, Wool hyungㅠ Do your best~^^ Aja Aja

@ryeong9: @shfly3424 오호호 또 달마 데리고 가리라 ㅋㅋㅋ
[TRANS] Ohhoho and I will take Dalma there too ㅋㅋㅋ

@ryeong9: @kimbona0430 누구랑봐?? 겁나 무서운거보자 ㅋㅋ
[TRANS] With who?? Let’s recovered your scared feeling ㅋㅋ

Translated by: mook_yeye @ ryeosomnia-town.com
Reposted by: Munny @ iryeowookelf.wordpress.com


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