[100929/TRANS] Ryeowook twitter update (2 tweets)

29 Sep

@ryeong9 : 대학로 예술극장3관에서 하는 <아이에게 말하세요> 9월 30일~10월 3일 저도 보러 갈거에요~^^ 무료이니부담없이 많이많이 보러오세요~~ㅋ
[TRANS] It’ll be performed in hall 3 of Daehangno art theater. <Please talk to children.> September 30th ~ October 3rd.  I would go to there, too~^^ Because it’s free, please come without reserve~~ㅋ

@ryeong9 : RT @beigeluv 닮은꼴남매끼리 듀엣한번하라던 여러분들의 소원대로 드디어 슈퍼주니어 려욱과 노랠불렀습니다 ㅋ 전 넘 만족스러운뎅~ 어떠실련지.. 떨리네요!! 방송국심의용 CD나오자마자 찰칵! 드디어 내일입니닷!
[TRANS]As a wish of everyone who says “Play a duet once by the sibling who has similar face”, I sang with RyeoWook of Super Junior at last ㅋI’m very satisfied~ Oh, I seem to tremble.. I tremble!! As soon as a CD for broadcasting station deliberations comes out, SNAP!  It comes out tomorrow at last!

Credit: @ryeong9 and @beigeluv
Translated by : Sakurako @ iryeowookelf.wordpress.com

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