[100101] Youngstreet – Heechul and Beige talk about Ryeowook

1 Oct

Heechul: When you’re with Ryeowook, do you feel envious of him?
Beige: No, Ryeowook likes me a lot
Heechul: That’s not possible. In his eyes, I’m the most handsome.
Beige: I asked Ryeowook: “Do we really look alike?” and he told me: “I look better than you.”
Heechul: Of course our Ryeowook is better looking.
Beige: You’re siding with your dongsaeng?
Heechul: Could it be that you’re envious of him? Could it be that you like me?

Beige: Today, I can finally reveal it. My new song can be broadcast. It’s a duet with Ryeowook.
Heechul: Ah? You really had a duet with Ryeowook? What’s the name of the group? Twins? Avatar?
Beige: Our song is called “Falling in Love with a Friend”.
Heechul: Ah? You two dated?
Beige: What!? We’re sister and brother. I’m older than him by a year.
Heechul: It’s okay. Older woman-younger man romances are trendy these days.

Source: 金希澈吧80后花瓣 (Baidu Heechul Bar)
Translated by @autonomygirl @ twitter
Shared by : Munny @ iryeowookelf.wordpress.com

One Response to “[100101] Youngstreet – Heechul and Beige talk about Ryeowook”

  1. hsuzenlee October 1, 2010 at 11:59 PM #

    what older woman and younger man !! i object xD HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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