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[101003] Ryeowook @ Incheon Airport Part 2

3 Oct

Credit: 2donghae
Shared by: mook_yeye @
Reuploaded by:Munny @

[101003] Ryeowook @ Incheon Airport Part 1

3 Oct

Credit: Epanouir

Shared by : sinyi88 @ Twitter , mook_yeye @

Reuploaded by : Munny @

[101003] Ryeowook in Eunhyuk twitter update

3 Oct

@AllRiseSilver: 가는구나…아 떨려어ㅓ어 여기는 나리타공항!!! 이제 이태리로 뿅!!
[TRANS] Departing…Ahhh so nervoussss I am in Narita Airport [Japan] !!! Now I’m gonna fly to Italy!!

Translated by: Jacob @

[101003] Ryeowook twitter update (2 tweets)

3 Oct

@ryeong9: 개천절~~^^ 우리나라. 대한민국♥ 하늘이 열린 날~!!! 건국기념일~ 단기 4343년 참으로 기쁜 날이다 ~!! 대한민국 만세 *
[TRANS] The foundation day~~^^ Our country. South Korea ♥ Open sky day~!!! National day~ Short-term 4343years It’s glad day indeed. ~!! South Korea Huray *

@ryeong9: 아침밥 먹고 출발^^~ 아침에 마중 나와준 우리 애기들 고마워요♥
[TRANS] Eating breakfast before leave^^~ Thank you very much for our boys who have come to see us in the morning♥

Translated by : Jacob , Sakurako @

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