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[101015] Ryeowook’s UFO reply (wishes for Donghae)

15 Oct

Today at 10.21am KST…

[려욱] 동해형, 생일 축하오~^^
[TRANS] Donghae hyung, Happy Birthday~^^

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[101015/SCAN] YG Magazine Mid – October Issue 359 (2 Pics)

15 Oct

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[101015/SCAN] Kyochon 2011 Calendar (13 pics)

15 Oct

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[101015/NEWS] SM Town Live 2010 makes it to the America billboard

15 Oct

On the 15 of October, SM Entertainment announced that the SM Town Live 2010 World Tour has reached the top 10 in the America concert billboard in terms of concert ticketing.

This concert brought about startling records. Artists like BoA, Kangta, Yunho, Changmin, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, SHINee, f(x), etc attracted about 15000 concert goers and a result of USD 1,100,000 in terms of ticketing sales.

These results also edged out world renowned stars like Justin Bieber and Shakira. Although 70% of the concert goers who went were Asians, but in the Korea billboard, it is a huge achievement!

Source: Sports Seoul
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[101015/NEWS] Super Junior Surprise Appearance in a Japanese drama?

15 Oct
(Photo: Screencap from FujiTV’s broadcast / Provided by SM Entertainment)

Popular idol group Super Junior became a hot topic by making a surprise appearance in a Japanese drama.

On the 14th October first episode of the drama“Team Medical Dragon 3” (“Iryu”) which was broadcasted on Fuji TV, Super Junior made an appearance through the CDs and magazines which were present in the girl’s hospital room.

In the drama, the girl is a fan of Super Junior, and her lines were as such: “Super Junior is really great. They’re Korea’s best popular idol group, and I really want to meet them”. Through Japan’s prime time drama, Super Junior received the opportunity to be introduced to a more global audience.

“Team Medical Dragon 3” is a popular drama series that is broadcasted on every Thursday at 10PM on Fuji TV, and is a medical drama which sees participation from popular Japanese actors such as Sakaguchi Kenji, Inamori Izumi, Koike Teppei, Abe Sadao, Tanimura Mitsuki and more. On Fuji TV’s side, they said that Super Junior is gaining lots of interest in Japan, and wanted them to appear in the drama so that it could attract more attention.

On last August, Super Junior’s subunit Super Junior K.R.Y. held their first concert in Japan, and under the request from the Japanese fans, the decision has been made to have additional encore performances. The “Super Junior K.R.Y. Special Concert in Japan” is expected to be held in November at Kobe and December in Fukuoka. It can be seen that Super Junior is receiving immense popularity in Japan, once again cementing their status as the stars of Asia.

On the other hand, Super Junior will be having their Super Junior 3rd Asian Tour “Super Show 3” concert on the coming 23rd (of October) in Beijing, China.

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[NEWS] Super Junior’s Bonamana Album Charting in Japan

15 Oct

The boys of Super Junior recently released their repackaged album in Japan and have successfully charted into the Oricon Daily album chart once again!

Last year, the boys managed to Chart in Oricon for their ‘Sorry Sorry’ Japanese release and this year they’ve done it again with ‘Bonamana’. The album came in at the number 10 spot in its first day.


Source : GoKpop
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[101015/TRANS] Ryeowook’s Twitter update (1 tweet)

15 Oct

@ryeong9: 으~쌀쌀해졌다~~~ 따숩게입구 다니세요^^~
[TRANS] Oh~It’s getting cold~~~Please bring your warm clothes whenever you go out^^~

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