[101015/TRANS+VID] Transcript + Video – Heechul & Beige talk about Ryeowook @ Youngstreet

16 Oct

Beige: Heechul, you changed your hair style, looks good.

Heechul: I got this hair style specially for you but I think it’s a bit difficult to contact with you.

Beige: Why ah?

Heechul: Because I feel like I’m with Ryeowook bobo, so sorry…. The new song is out?

The music: Yes, the TV show theme song.

Heechul: Beige and Ryeowook have made a new song, how is it?

Beige: Because Ryeowook went to Italy so I haven’t been on stage with him yet.

Heechul: When he come back you will perform together?

Beige: Yes

Heechul: When I was at home I also chatted with Ryeowook. He asked me why I don’t have girlfriend. I also asked him back how come you don’t have girlfriend and also showed your photo to him. He said both of you are contacting now. It’s very interesting.

Beige: You guys, the members are really strange. The interesting thing is Ryeowook always introduce himself to me. He also gave me his mobile phone number.

Heechul: Ryeowook asked me to contact with you. I learned by a bitter meal.. Almost cried…


The music: But I guess even if this, You don’t need to find someone to accompany…

Heechul: I’d like to find who is ready for me. So we better hurry send me the girl’s information.

Beige: Hope you meet her soon.

Heechul: What are you talking about? I almost thought that Ryeowook called you…


Beige: Why are you always throwing flirty glance at me?

Heechul: Because my eyes aren’t feeling comfortable.

Beige: But you often blink to me, instead I wasn’t feel anything.

Heechul: Yes, I don’t like a person like this.

Beige: You guys have had this situation too?

Heechil: Seems like I have..

Beige: It’s not Ryeowook, right?

Heechul: Forced by the pressure of fans, I and Ryeowook are sister and brother.

Beige: No. brother and brother……


Credit: 百度金厉旭吧

Translated by: mook_yeye @ ryeosomnia-town.com
Shared by: Munny  @ iryeowookelf.wordpress.com


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