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[INFO] Preorder Super Show 2 DVD in Korea

18 Oct

Process time: 18 October – 27 October (1st preorder)
Within 29 days, the 2nd preorder will be opened again in November

Price: 27,500 won per set (free shipping)
Poster/ 2Pictures/ Random gift

Via: mook_yeye @ twitter

[INFO] Super Junior 2nd Asian Tour: Super Show 2 DVD release (October 29)

18 Oct

Price 29,700 won
Price 28,800 won (3% discount)
Gift poster: [DVD] Super Junior 2nd Asian Tour: Super Show 2

Release Date: October 29, 2010
Book Sale: (Oct. 29 Coming Soon)

Super Junior The 2nd Asia Tour “Super Show 2” October 29 DVD release!
Plus DVD Benefits: The concert making + Special color photo book! + 1 kind of posters!

Asia best Super Star, Super Junior The 2nd Asia Tour “Super Show 2”
2 DVDs + special color photo book (82p) + only 1 kind of posters!

– The opening of Super Junior Asia Tour of 2009 in July, Seoul Olympic Gymnastics Stadium live concert DVD (177 minutes performance)

Spectacular stage production, a fantastic live performance! Songs from 3rd album “A man in love”,”U”, “Don’T Don”, “Twins” and a variety of remixes hit stage production!
“Sorry, Sorry” Remix Version and Answer version, ‘Superjunior K.R.Y’, ‘Superjunior M’,
‘Superjunior T’ Super Junior unit etc.

Super Junior Solo songs

Sungmin: “Baby Baby”
Heechul “魂 [Horn]”
Donghae: “Beautiful”
Yesung: “Chenyom”
Ryeowook “Insomnia”
Kyuhyun “7 years of love”
Leeteuk: “Honey”
Kangin: “Doc and dance” “Run To You”
Siwon: “Who Am I”

HD Pcm sound quality and realism to enjoy full live concert DVD
Concert Making Film
Concert rehearsal, dressing room, include a personal interview of all members

– Special Photobook
Special 82-page color photo book of the concert

– only one kind of poster!


Region Code – All
Running Time – 216 minutes total (D1: 90 minutes, D2: 126 minutes)
Subtitles – Hangul, Japanese, Chinese
Screen – 1.85:1 Anamorphic Widescreen
Audio – Pcm 2.0 / Stone Rain Digital Stereo 5.1

Super Junior members:
Leeteuk (Park Jungsoo), Heechul (Kim Heechul), Hankyung (Hankyung), Yesung (Kim Jongwoon), strong (Fluids), Sinndong (Shin Donghee), Sungmin (Lee Sungmin), Eunhyuk (Lee Hyukjae), Donghae (Lee Donghae), Siwon (Choi Siwon), Ryeowook (Kim Ryeowook), Kibum (Kim Kibum), Kyuhyun (Cho Kyuhyun)


DVDs + Special Color photobook + 1 poster (Case + Slim-out digipack)

Track list

Disc 1 [Super Junior The 2nd Asia Tour “Super Show 2”]

Super Junior Asia Tour Concert 2009 Live in Seoul Part I

Super Junior and charismatic live performances!

Track List

01. Intro
02. 갈증 (A Man In Love)
03. U
04. 너라고 (It’S You)
05. 그녀는 위험해 (She Wants It)
06. 멘트 (Members intro)
07. 앤젤라 (Angela)
08. Miracle
09. Disco Drive
10. Dancing Out
11. Baby Baby_Sungmin
12. 魂[Horn]_Heechul
13. Beautiful_Donghae
14. Chenyom_Yesung
15. Insomnia_Ryeowook
16. 7years of love_Kyuhyun
17. What If
18. 이별… 넌 쉽니
19. Honey_Leeteuk
20. Doc of dance + Run To You_Kangin
21. Don’T Don
22. Twins

Disc 2 [Super Junior The 2nd Asia Tour “Super Show 2”]

Super Junior Asia Tour Concert 2009 Live in Seoul Part II

Concert making, a concert rehearsal, dressing room, including the
personal interview of members

Track List
01. 우리들의 사랑 (Our Love)
02. Puff The Magic Dragon
03. Who Am I_Siwon
04. 당신이기에
05. 迷 [Me]
06. Shining Star
07. Sorry, Sorry
08. Super man
09. Rokkugeo!!!
10. Gee
11. 꿀단지 [Sunny]
12. 파자마파티 [Pajama Party]
13. 카니발 [Carnival]
14. 소원이 있나요
15. Marry U
16. Encore – Wonder Boy
17. 멘트 [Ending]

Credit: yes24
Translated: @mook_yeye
Shared by: Munny @

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