[101021/TRANS] Ryeowook’s Twitter update (3 tweets)

21 Oct

@ryeong9: 경주에서 슈키라 공개방송 후 부산가는 중~~ 비가 오네요~~귀여운규 ㅋ 멋있는굶오빠^^~ KRY
[TRANS] After Sukira public broadcast at GyeongJu, on my way to Busan ~~ It’s raining~~ Cute Kyu ㅋHot cloud oppa^^~ KRY

@ryeong9: 베이지누나가 준 CD *** 친구와 사랑에 빠질 때 *** 슈키라에서 만들어준 인연으로 하게된 듀엣 ~!! 경주에서 와주신 슈키라가족분들 감사합니다^^!♥
[TRANS] Beige noona gave me her CD *** Falling in love with a friend *** Thanks to Sukira , we began to sing a duet~!! Thank you very much to Sukira family who came from GyeongJu^^!♥

@ryeong9: @jinieyayo 생일. 축하해요 히메ㅋㅋ♥♥♥♥♥
[TRANS] Happy Birthday (,) princess ㅋㅋ♥♥♥♥♥

Translated by: Sakurako + Munny @ iryeowookelf.wordpress.com

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