[101026/NEWS] Ryeowook Confirmed to Sing MBC Drama “Home Sweet Home” OST

26 Oct

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Along with Monday Kiz, Bobby Kim, Super Junior Ryeowook and other talented singers have participated in “Home Sweet Home” OST. The OST was made by composer Oh Joonsung who solidified his standing as a sole drama OST hit composer with “Haru,” “Boys more than Flowers,” “My Girl,” “Witch Yoohee,” “Prosecutor Princess,” and “Heading to the Ground.” The OST is expected to showcase composer Oh Joonsung’s unique style with beautiful and emotional melodies and grand performance of a 20 piece orchestra.

*Some parts of the article were omitted. This is not the first time that Ryeowook will be working with composer Oh Joonsung.  The composer also wrote the song, “Angel” which was sang by Ryeowook and other Super Junior members. In an article, the composer commented after working with Ryeowook on the song “Angel,” “Ryeowook’s neutral yet sensuous voice was especially excellent.”

Article source: Newsprime
Translated and shared by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM
Reposted by: Munny @ iryeowookelf.wordpress.com

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