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[101102/TRANS] Ryeowook’s Twitter update

3 Nov

@ryeong9: RT @heekyoung0227: 오츠카레사마데시다!!!!!!
[TRANS] Otsukaresama-deshita!!!!!! (“Thank you for working so hard” in Japanese )

@ryeong9: 다들 어디있는고야 ㅋㅋ 무대올라가기 5분전~~!!!! 조금만 기다려요 ♥ 고베노 미나상 아이시떼마스~~!!♬
[TRANS]  Where is the others (?) ㅋㅋ We’ll be on stage in 5 minutes~~!!!! Wait for a while ♥ **Kobeno mannassan Aishitemasu ~~!!♬

**I love everyone in Kobe – In Japanese

Translated by: Munny @

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