[101108/INFO] Radio live streaming for SS3 in Nanjing

9 Nov

Lan Yao Gong Hui invite ELF to listen the live audio of  SUPER SHOW3 IN Nanjing.
Broadcast start time at 19:00 on November 13.

We finished the first concert in Qingdao,  success in Beijing,
We have promised to let them be more touched in Nanjing.
13 Nov Nanjing concert, this will be another perfect starting point after the 5th anniversary.

Radio station number : 48987621

Method of using YY:
Log in at http://www.yy.com & download YY software
After installing (,) resigter an account and log in
Key in the radio station number and enter at “界面”

Live steaming start at : 13th of November , 7.oopm (8.00pm KST)

Original post by: 蓝妖公会拓展组

Chinese to English translation by: Atnes @ izhoumielf.tumblr.com
.                                                                  : Manto @ iryeowookelf.wordpress.com

Shared by: Munny @ iryeowookelf.wordpress.com

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