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[101207/TRANS] Ryeowook’s Twitter Update || 3 tweet

7 Dec

@ryeong9: 오늘 글쓰기와 토론 같이 수업 들었던 동길이와 나^^~ 아쉽지만 오늘 종강으로 모두들 못보겠구만~~교수님께서 강조하신개요와 퇴고잘하자구요!!수거했어요모두들><
[TRANS] Today, Dongkil and me go to writing and discussion class^^~ It’s sad because we can’t meet anymore~~Let’s do revision well that the professor emphasized!!Thank you for your efforts everyone><

@ryeong9: @dakaya007 네 인성이형^^~ 감기조심!!!
[TRANS] My Inseong hyung^^~ Bless you!!!

@ryeong9: @donghae861015 어느새채령이때문에보는나^^~ 다들 연기 너무잘하셔!!! 욱기랑 채령이 이어주고싶다 ㅋㅋ
[TRANS] I suddenly watch it because of Chaeryeong^^~ You all acted very well!!! I want Wookgi to be with ChaeRyeong ㅋㅋ

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[101207/TRANS] SMTOWN LIVE In TOKYO – Confirmed!

7 Dec

It has been decided that 「SMTOWN LIVE in TOKYO」 will hold its first performance in Tokyo. The stages of SM ENTERTAINMENT’s artists, who are active all over Asia, will begin at SMTOWN LIVE and this is the only place where you can see collaborations between the artists. It is a large-scale music festival where you can enjoy all the diverse stage performances by all the artists.

Please be sure to come down.

Information on the concert and the purchase of tickets will be available at 9am, 8 December 2010 (JST), at the URL below, so please stay tuned.

Please understand that there will be no pre-sale ticket bookings for any artist’s fan club.

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[101206/Video] Super Junior M recording {Sina}

7 Dec
Credit: Sina
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