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[101210] Ryeowook at Golden Wave part 4 || 7 pics

13 Dec

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[101209] Ryeowook at Golden Disk Award part 3 || 17 pic

13 Dec

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[101209] Ryeowook at Golden Disk Award part 2 || 20 pic

13 Dec

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[101210] Ryeowook at Golden Wave part 3 || 14 pics

13 Dec

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[News] News on Korean website about Golden Disk Award unfairness

13 Dec

On the 9th, the highly anticipated and watched GDA was held at Hwajeong gym in Koryeo University.

This year was the 25th GDA, and it is also the most prestigious award ceremony in Korea. Being touted as “Korea’s grammy awards”, many artists wish most to receive an award at the GDA.

What sets GDA apart from other broadcasting companies’ award ceremonies is that the GDA uses album sales as judging criteria and have thus received attention pertaining to this as no question of fairness would arise. As compared to being just a normal award ceremony, being “The most just award ceremony” received more love from the audience.

This year, the very same fair and just award ceremony that people loved was successfully held but the question of fairness arose.

This started among fans of Super junior and other singers and it started to spread among the audience.

Demanding the truth behind GDA

Many fans couldn’t accept the results of this year’s GDA, challenged the suspicious areas of the awards and protested against the GDA committee.

1.Golden Disk Daesang awards

The highly anticipated GDA is also a fight among the SM Entertainment artists. One of them includes the one between Super junior and SNSD, and we all expected it to be an intense battle.

SNSD Oh! + Repackage: [123318 + 56543=179861]

Super Junior Miinah (A+B) + Repackage: [180314 + 45412 =225726]

As you can see from the above data, Super Junior was leading by 45865 copies.

The Golden disk Daesang is determined by “Album sales 60%, Voting 20%, Judges 20%”, and Super Junior was also placed 1st position in the votings. So according to this, Super Junior lost to SNSD only because of the Judges’ 20%, which is unbelievable.

2.Popularity Awards

This is the results for votings: 1st place: SHINee (36.5%), 2nd place: Super Junior (31.4%)”

Although many fans knew that the popularity awards were solely based on voting results, we later found out through a fan that the break down is actually: 60% phone votes, 20% Judges, 20% album sales.

But in the end, the Popularity award was given to SNSD, which gave rise to many complaints. There was a difference of 21.1% in terms of voting and Super Junior also had the highest album sales. There were many reasons such as gender equality and because Super Junior already received the MSN Asian Popularity Award, but the management of GDA released that “Other than the Rock and Hiphop awards, the rest of the awards might be given to the same groups repeatedly.”, and there were no hints about the issue of gender equality.

3.Digital Bonsang

The Digital Bonsang was given to DJ Doc, Miss A, 2AM, IU and Lee Seunggi, but Yesung’s It Has To Be You was expected to win and when it didn’t, it left many curious.

According to the votings, Yesung’s It Has To Be You took first place with 44.4%, followed by Lee Seunggi at 43.9%.

KBS Music chart for first half of the year- Yesung at 12th place and Lee Seunggi at 27thplace

2010 Colouring charts- Yesung at 4th place and Lee Seunggi at 48th place

2010 Ringtone charts- Yesung at 15th place and Lee Seunggi didn’t have any placings

CY charts- Yesung at 370th place and Lee Seunggi at 548th place

According to all these data, Yesung’s It Has To Be You was very well-received and had a high score.

The reason why Yesung was unable to receive the award was that “Because Super Junior already received the Golden Disk Bonsang and it would be repetitive”. Although Yesung is Super Junior’s main vocalist, this OST is Yesung’s solo, and it does not include Super Junior.

And this bonsang also brings us back to the previous point where “Other than rock and hiphop awards, other awards can be given to the same groups repeatedly.”

Regarding this year’s GDA, fans are not only concerned about their own idols that weren’t able to receive the awards. There were many reasons for their protests and one of them was the financial issue, which would bring about a greater problem.

Through the committee, a 1 month-long voting phase was held with phone votes costing 500won and ARS popularity voting with first 30 being 300won.

To support their idols, fans continuously spent money voting. So when the results didn’t turn out as expected, they would naturally protest.

Also, over the 1month of voting, they received tens of thousands of votes and received a great deal of profit. Now fans are unhappy with the GDA organizing committee for not stating clearly the judging criteria beforehand and fans feel that they should take responsibility.

Because of their protests, the image of being the most just award ceremony was greatly tarnished, with popular Korean-pop idols Super Junior and SNSD as the greatest victims.

Although the award ceremony have ended, nothing was made clear in this messy situation.

If there were any misunderstandings, they should clear it up, and if there is any unfairness in the awards, they should compensate and take responsibility for the fans and singers.

In every music award ceremony, we all hope for a fair competition. Hopefully the award ceremonies will be more just in future.

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[101213/TRANS] Ryeowook’s Twitter update || 5 tweets

13 Dec

@ryeong9: @jinieyayo ???

@ryeong9: 겨울이 확실히 왔구나.. 귀찮아서 꺼내지 않았던 가습기를 꺼내고야 말았다~ 목이 정확하단 말야~^^; 아이쿠 하나 둘~♬
[TRANS]  The winter has come.. I took out the humidifier which I never used before because it’s so annoying~ to cure my sore throat~^^; Aigo One Two~ ♬

@ryeong9: <괜찮아 아빠딸> 본방사수중^^ 모두들!! 봅시다~~~ >.< 욱기 완전 멋지다!!~~ㅋㅋ
[TRANS] <It’s okay Daddy’s girl> is broadcasting now^^Everyone!! Please watch it~~~ >.< Wookgi is so handsome!!~~ㅋㅋ

@ryeong9: 드라마 풍년이로구나^^ <아테나;전쟁의여신> 에스비에스에서 바로 볼 수 있네~~캬캬~ 본방 사수 합시다~~ ㅋㅋ 아~~ 드라마력으로 태어나다니~~ㅋㅋㅋ
[TRANS]  That drama is good ^^ We can watch <Athena; Goddess of War> on SBS~~Kya Kya~It’s broadcasting now~~ㅋㅋ Ah~~The drama is released~~ㅋㅋㅋ

@ryeong9: @kijung0805 잼있죠★난 영화보는줄^^! <아테나> 오리지널 사운드 트뢕도 넘 좋고~~ 캬캬 수요일엔 <프레지던트> 성민이형 등장 ㅋㅋ 저희 O.S.T.엔딩테마도 불렀어요 두둥>∇<
[TRANS]  Funny★ I want to watch movie^^! <Athena> original soundtrack is awesome~~ Kya Kya on Wednesday <President> Sungminnie hyung will appear ㅋㅋWe sing O.S.T. for ending theme>∇<

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[101212/TRANS] Ryeowook’s Twitter update || 3 tweet

13 Dec

@ryeong9: @jinieyayo 갤럭시로 결국,,,ㅋㅋ
[TRANS] Finally galaxy,,,ㅋㅋ

@ryeong9: @beigeluv 엉 누나 ^^! 날씨추운데 감기걸리지않게 조심하구!!~~~
[TRANS] Noona^^! The whether is cold (,) dont catch cold(,) Take care!!~~~

@ryeong9: @2in2 엉 선미콩 울다 사라졌어 ㅋㅋ
[TRANS] The staffs cry and goneㅋㅋ

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