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[101215] Super Junior – Biting My Lips (President OST) MV Teaser

14 Dec

Credit: Raibaka @ Youtube

[101214/TRANS] Ryeowook’s Twitter update || 3 tweets

14 Dec

@ryeong9: 제 자리를 찾은듯하다.. <김종욱 찾기> 를 보구 가뭄이었던 내 맘이 말랑말랑해졌다.. 고마워.. 보고싶다..
[TRANS] It seems that I can get the ticket now.. I’ll go to watch <Looking for Kim Jong Wook> Now, my hopeless heart has become hopeful.. Thanks.. I really would like to watch it..

@ryeong9: <프레지던트>가 드뎌 낼로 다가왔네요!! 여기마저도 센터려욱>∇< 제이형과 성민이형,최수종선배님 세분. 묘하게닮았네~^^
[TRANS]<President> Finally, the poster came out!! Even to this time, I’m in the middle (of the poster) too.>∇< They 3, Jay Sungmin and Choi Soojong are around me. (I think) it’s strangely resemble~^^

@ryeong9: ☆오늘 크리스마스 특집으로 슈퍼주니어의 <선견지명> ‘어린왕자’ 이승환 선배님 편을 녹화했어요~~진짜 좋았어요~ 정말 좋은말씀해주시고 라이브도해주시고~!!최고><려욱이도 특별 MC였는데 방송꼭보기오^^!
[TRANS]  ☆Today, (we) recorded the special Christmas episode of Super Junior’s foresight with ‘The young prince’ Lee Seunghwan~ It’s really good~ I really would like to tell you guys that it’s really good and there’s live broadcasting today as well ~!! So good>

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[NEWS] The darkness of SM and GDA is revealed!

14 Dec

K-ELF have enough evidences revealing the unfairness of GDA, but SM has erased lots of news which discloses the scandal of it!(What a terrible agency!How can they treat their artists like this!)

GDA claimed that popularity award is 100% based on voting, but it gave the award to another group! This was the behaviour of getting money by fraud!K-ELF will send a petition to the consumer center and get their money back! (Since ELF paid for the vote)【

SM can block Korean news, but what about international news? Remember the last time, we trend #kimheechul on twitter, then everyone was asking “who’s kimheechul”, finally the journalists reported this simply because his name was on the chart for few days.

See, this is the power of twitter. Please make good use of it and do something for SJ!


NOW go trend (#SJwinner) , let the world know what bad things SM did!

Put only 1 (#SJwinner) in your tweet,and no other keywords, otherwise your tweet won’t be counted! You can put anything you like behind the (#SJwinner), but no offensive words please.And REWEET to make it count!!

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[INFO] President OST “Biting My Lips” By Super Junior To Be Revealed

14 Dec

The title song “Biting My Lips” by Super Junior from KBS2 new Wednesday Thursday miniseries President’s OST will be revealed on December 15th at 12AM.

The song “Biting My Lips,” sung by Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, and Sungmin was played in the highlight video that was shown during the drama presentation. The song has already received favorable reviews from representatives of the entertainment industry. The song was written by a hit composer Oh Seungeun who previously worked with Brown Eyed Girls and Tony An.

A rep for the OST’s production company, Achieve Group DN said, “Super Junior Kyuhyun and Ryeowook decided to participate in the OST despite their busy schedule because they wanted to support their member Sungmin. Sungmin showed his enthusiam by participating in the recording during his busy filming schedule. Even though they are already the best group in Asia, they showed their modesty and had the ability to accurately analyze the guide song. We could not help but acknowledge their talent as musicians.”

Meanwhile, the drama President has already received overwhelming response by the fact that that a real life husband and wife Choi Soojong and Ha Heera, Super Junior’s Sungmin and Trax’s Jay have been cast in the drama. The drama based on the comic Eagle will air its first episode on December 15th.

Source: Asiae
Translated by: Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM
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