[News] SJ Consecutively Reigns as Bestselling J/K-Pop Singer in Taiwan:

18 Dec

[Ying Chen, Wei-quan Su/Taipei] Korean idol group Super Junior (abbreviated SJ) became the best-selling J-Pop/K-Pop* artist in Taiwan with their album “Bonamana”, selling 57,000 copies, making the girls of Wonder Girls and Girls’ Generation bow out.** Among Japanese singers, Hamasaki Ayumi beat out Amuro Namie to take the crown, but neither sold over 10,000 copies in Taiwan. SJ’s “Bonamana” sold 7000 more copies than Wonder Girls, and third place among Korean album sales was the Korean drama OST for “You’re Beautiful”, arguably a black horse.

2010 Korean Album Sales in Taiwan***
1. Super Junior “Bonamana”, 57,000 copies sold
2. Wonder Girls “Wonder Girls Super Hits CD+DVD” 50,000 copies sold
3. Korean Drama OST “You’re Beautiful” 40,000 copies sold
4. Girls’ Generation “Oh!” 37,000 copies sold
5. SHINee “Lucifer” 30,000 copies sold

Period of calculation: January 1, 2010-December 15, 2010
Source: Major CD vendors/data organized by Apple Daily

*Taiwan’s charts group J-pop and K-pop together into what they call the dong yang (literally, “East ocean”) charts, so there’s no real direct translation.
**It’s an idiom that basically means to bow and admit defeat, in this case it’s not literal of course, but pointing to the fact that WG and SNSD’s sales were lower than SJ’s.
*** I believe that this is combined sales of all versions, including B and repackages.

Original source: link
Translated by: kaorupanda @ sj-world.net
Shared by: Gina @Dkpopnews / @iYesungieELF


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