[101226/News] Jay Chou composed a song for Super Junior M?

26 Dec

According to @hohojm (@ Twitter), Jay Chou composed a song for SJM. This is part of the translation in his tweet “This year’s last job is to arrange the song composed by China’s best artist Jay Chou’s for SJ-M”. Translated by @dumbelling (@ Twitter)

Lee Jae Myoung is a composer in Korea and arranges music. (Example: SJ’s “Marry you” and SJM’s “You and Me”.) Unless this twitter account is fake, I guess we have something to look forward about M’s album~

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2 Responses to “[101226/News] Jay Chou composed a song for Super Junior M?”

  1. Shynta December 27, 2010 at 7:43 AM #

    I hope that’s not a fake.. Jay chou is the best musician in China and Taiwan so far, he is not only the composer. He has great ability in playing musical instrument especially piano. He is great in acting. He becomes a new comer in Hollywood industry. Even He is the producer as well as the director for box office movies. Just say, casts in secret, kungfu dunk, pandamen, treasure hunter, a true story, initial D, hidden track, and many other. He is ‘Debag’. So it will be great if SJM can have collaboration and work together with him..

  2. lennie December 27, 2010 at 9:54 AM #

    Jay chou is from taiwan. NOT CHINA

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