[101229/TRANS] Ryeowook’s message “2010 has passed”

30 Dec

Ryeowook’s 24th year is so good~ Gotten more mature.. look young all these things do not matter. I only wish to be Ryeowook, only wish to look more like my age. Are my expectations too high? All the things that I wish for and I want to do are the same. This year is a year to be proud of. What will 2011 be like? I’m anticipating it ^^ Lots of people came here because they want to help.. I will become a “more hardworking Ryeowook” for the people around me~~The one whom I felt that I have let down the most is my grandmother as she have pulled through many difficult times but each time I could not help her at all. I am sorry for not seeing my parents often too. Compared to going back to reunite with my family, I have too many things that I need and want to do. Even though I regret about those things, in 2011, I will become a more filial person towards my family~~ I wish that everyone’s 2010 will be over smoothly.~The weather this few days have been really chilly,everyone please take care of yourselves and try not to get sick. Please love me more in 2010 ^^. I love you guys. ♥

Credit: TR with Ryeowook
Translated by: Ger @ iRyeowookELF.wordpress.com

.:Please take out with FULL CREDIT:.


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