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[110102] iRyeowookELF 6th monthsary! Thanks note for..

2 Jan

To iRyeowookELF’s followers

Thanks for following iRyeowookELF!

Sorry for the mistake I did in 2010.

Hope you’ll support iELFamily and iRyeowookELF =)

Enjoy your stay ~

To my friends

Wenhui, thanks for creating iELFamily with me xDDD

Haana unni, thanks for teaching me many things man~<33

Sheree unni, thanks for making the cute iELFamily avatars ❤
If your client dont appreciate your work,
It’s okay! iELFamily admins love the avatars u made =)

Agnes unni, thanks for everything man..Hope your appa will get well soon

and my man fam! <33 Thanks for supporting iRyeowookELF

To Sakurako unni, Jacob oppa and Manto unni (iRyeowookELF’s staffs)

Unni and oppa~~
I wanted to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to all of you

for all of your hard work within your role as a

Chinese/Korean/Japanese translator in iRyeowookELF.

Thank you for helping iRyeowookELF for 2~4 months!

Within these few months, iRyeowookELF has gained many followers,

without your help, iRyeowookELF will not gain so many followers in a short time.

I really do appreciate all the hard work (translation,news,update) that you have done. ^^

To Pia tan unni, Ger unni, Eunyeon and Nicole unni (iRyeowookELF’s staffs)

Thanks for being a part of iRyeowookELF =D

We’re pleased to have you in iRyeowookELF.

Let’s work hard together in the 2011 for iRyeowookELF’s followers

and our dearest Ryeowook oppa. Hwaiting!!!


Once again, a big thanks to all of you.

ありがとう!! ขอบคุณ!!  謝謝!!  Salamat!!  Thank you!!  감사합니다!! Terima kasih!! xD

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