[110104] ELF demands an apology from “him”

4 Jan

Yesterday (3rd of January 2011) , when we know Ryeowook oppa’s Grandma has passed away and we started to trend #BeStrongRyeowook, but someone ( @SteveLovesJoy ) , tweeted that Wookie oppa is too much of a pussy to be strong of himself. And some of the ELFs replied him and asked to shut up if he do not know anything about oppa. And he is being rude to ELFs and scolded us. I believed some of you knew this incident. After that, he deleted all his rude tweet towards ELFs and he denies that he tweet anything rude to anyone. When some of the people (including me) try to question him in the Formspring but he denies everything and insisted that he did not tweet those tweets at all. After that, we sent him proof of the rude tweets that he sent to us and wanted him to apologise for bashing oppa , being rude to ELFs and for lying. But he did not respond at all and after that, his mate create an account and start to bash my friends and me.  And all the reasons that he/she gave it to me are @SteveLovesJoy just lost his dad and pussy is not an insult, is a compliment.  But ELFs, he should know that what is oppa feeling now  instead of laughing at him or bash him. It is not that I don’t sympathetic him. Just that everyone has their own sadness/problems and we can’t because of that and go to bash/scold people.  And for pussy, I believe most of us will know that it is not a good word to use.

I know that if Ryeowook oppa see this post, he will not be happy because he is such a polite and nice guy. But ELFs mission is to protect all of them from being hurted. They(bashers/antis) don’t understand how much does Super Junior oppa(s) meant to ELFs.

And I admitted that some of the  ELFs (including me) are being rude to him too but he should not use the F*** word to us.  All I want from him is an apology to Ryeowook oppa, ELFs , for lying and admitted that he is like a pussy since they said pussy is a compliment.

Thanks for spending your time reading this and please help me to spread. Thank you.

There are some of the proofs below:

The Tweet that bashed oppa

To me, he means Ryeowook oppa is too weak to be strong by himself.

Ryeowook do not tweet anything about his granny passed away and he did not know we trend this.

How he can said that about oppa when he did not know about oppa and he take our regards/love for Ryeowook oppa as a joke.

These are the tweets that he said about the trending things

Below are the proves which we found from his mention box and his tweets earlier before he got it deleted. Since some of us are an i-Phone user, we are still able to see the tweets which are deleted before we refresh the Twitter apps for i-Phone.

Below are the questions that he answer in Formspring

The one that I stroke is his reply and the one that above the square is the question that asked by someone.

Below is the latest tweets.  He is still lying. He tweeted at 4th Jan around 5pm KST.

He is still lying. ELFs, do you think we need to teach him a lesson by get him reported for spam?

Those screencaps are took by me and my friends in twitter and iPhone. Sorry for those who appear in the caps as I did not take permissions from you.

And I do not want to put my username over here but I believe many people already know who am I. I don’t put my username is not because that I don’t dare to show my name. is because I don’t want to use this opportunity to get famous.



Twitter  –  @SteveLovesJoyhttps://twitter.com/#!/StevelovesJoy ]

Springform –http://www.formspring.me/StevelovesJoy

Source – agnes
Shared by: Munny @ iRyeowookELF.wordpress.com

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9 Responses to “[110104] ELF demands an apology from “him””

  1. QY January 4, 2011 at 8:12 PM #

    That guy is one big idiot.

  2. bella January 4, 2011 at 8:27 PM #

    ohh. white kid. did he mean asians are scary? yeah. don’t mess up with asian.

  3. Ciahae January 4, 2011 at 8:57 PM #

    ELF’s calm down… hehe.. ^^ we already know that he’s still lying and denying the fact that he write all those tweets… so, just ignore him and don’t waste your time up on him.. he might get famous because of that.. He’s really insecure because Super Junior does exist and may it be internationally, national or locally known.. what about him??? well, he’s just an ordinary person who wants to get famous… hehehe.. ^^

  4. Ily January 4, 2011 at 9:08 PM #

    Dun mess with SJ!!! ELF will come bash you up!!! D:< how bout your family member died? and you're mourning over their death and people call u a pussy. ARRGGGGHHHHH!!!

  5. ain January 4, 2011 at 9:50 PM #

    yeah! lets report him for spam!!!

  6. Kit January 5, 2011 at 4:35 AM #

    I found something new. I already made a pic of this. and i uploaded it at twitter:

    for the people who can’t see it:

    Q: sorry for asking this but are you a Anti-Super Junior? I know you don’t like Justin Bieber. But why don’t you like Super Junior or more hate them?

    A(of the guy): I don’t hate Super Junior, I hate the fans. I tweeted something in support of Super Junior as well as everyone else who has had relatives who passed away. And then loads of crazy fans started accusing me of being hateful towards Super Junior. Idiots.

  7. Rachel January 5, 2011 at 8:08 AM #

    He obviously didn’t watch and think what he was saying and didn’t bother minding his own business. He’s a nosy coward. He doesn’t even know ANYTHING about Ryeowook and Super Junior ELF whatsoever, yet he bashed one member for basically no apparent reason.
    And uh… I remember putting up a comment here(I’s gone for some reason), but at the time I was writing it, I was in a bad mood. ><;;;
    I reported him twice on Twitter. He's taken a big risk on Twitter… Bashers need to chill and not stick their faces or treat others like garbage. Actually, they shouldn't bash at all!

    Why couldn't you at least treat others with respect, especially to things you don't even know? This guy sounded like a racist! D:

    Good news! Ryeowookie's good today. Have you watched SuKiRa yet? He's on there!

  8. random_anon January 5, 2011 at 6:38 PM #

    AFAIK… he has apologized, but he kept receiving angry tweets from some ELFs so he took back his apology and started to bash ryeowook again…

  9. 크리스틴 January 7, 2011 at 6:24 AM #

    haha what a stupid idiot. I wonder if he saw these snapshots. Its true, hes probably more jealous that without asking, many fans are supporting wookie for the passing of his grandma, but for him he cant compare to wook, so he says things out of anger/jealousy. I hope someone will step up to him and throw all these into his face. Thanks for sharing munny!:)

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