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[110115] Ryeowook at SS3 Bangkok Part 1 | 9P

15 Jan

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[110114/TRANS] Ryeowook’s Twitter update || 2 tweets

15 Jan

@ryeong9: @86o7o2 완전 맛있겠다ㅠ 난 태국에서 고기엄청 먹을거다!! ㅋㅋ 우리팀 복귀해 빨리~!!
[TRANS] It looks deliciousㅠ I want alot of meat in Thailand!! ㅋㅋOur team will quickly return~!!

@ryeong9: 학교 다닐 땐 *친구들과.. 학년, 반이 바뀌고 전학 등의 이유로 헤어지고.. 또 새로 사귀고 하는것에 어려움이 없었는데 시간이 흐를수록,, 한살한살 나이가 들수록 점점 어려워지는것같다.. 안 그래야할텐데.. *_*
[TRANS] When my friends and I was in school.. because of  separations..I’m getting older and older , seems to become difficult..Should not be..*_*

[NOTE] Sorry if there’s mistake/wrong translation. It’s not 100% accurate

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[110115/TRANS] Super Show 3 in Bangkok Press Conference

15 Jan

△How do you feel about returning back to Thailand again?
Yesung: “I really miss Thai fan. I have often been to Thailand. First time is holding a concert. And this (coming) is the third time. I’m very glad and miss everyone.”

△Is there anything special with concert in Thailand (SS3) ?
Siwon : We usually prepared the special thing but this time we worked harder for all (Thai)fanclub.
Sungmin : This time, Eunhyuk prepared special able-to-see-a-gum smiling to show to everyone.
Eunhyuk : We try to meet fanclubs with the best work and image. Because Thailand is the first country we did performance in oversea. And this makes us feel very glad that (we can) hold a concert today again

△Do you prepare Thai word for Thai fan?
Sungmin : I’ve learnt a lot of Thai word but I choose (this word to say to you) ‘ผมรักคุณ(I love you)'”
Eunhyuk : I’ve learnt a lot of Thai word. (Even if) I’m in Korea (but) I’m trying to practice my Thai as well. But coming to Thailand in this time, I learnt some word ‘Where is the toilet?’
Yesung : ‘เอลฟ์สุดยอด น่ารัก สวยสุดยิด (สุดฤทธิ์)’ (ELF is the best, cute, extremely beautiful.) (Those are) for all ELFs.

(Staff of Pingbook: We are not sure with the last word.)

Siwon : ‘Would you like to see my six packs?’
(MC) Do you know that it’s the question. If fans said they would like to see, what should they do then?
Siwon : Just go to the concert.
Ryeowook : ‘Let’s play’
Sungmin : “I’ve just known แต่งงาน (marry) word in this time”
Donghae: ‘I want to stay at Thai with ELF’
Kyuhyun : ‘Thai [girl] is very beautiful.
Shindong : ‘Happy New Year’
Siwon : ‘Happy New Year’ [in English]
Sungmin : “What does รักนะเด็กโง่ (Love you, silly girl*) mean? I’ve been curious what it means, please tell me its meaning” then ELF who are on downstairs shouted “사랑해 바보야!”

*It’s way to say to someone whom you love or feel loving to in Thai. It doesn’t mean speaker is bashing that someone is silly or stupid ^^

Translated by: @randomhaengbok/ Jacob @

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[110114/INFO] Radio live streaming for SS3 in Bangkok, Thailand

15 Jan

唯爱之家 and SF Radio will be streaming live from the SS3 Bangkok via YY.

Broadcast time: 15th December 2010, 7pm (9pm KST)
.                              : 16th December 2010, 7pm (9pm KST)
Channel: 188537 [唯爱之家]
.               : 41928 [SF Radio]

For YY Live Radio Streaming Tutorial , please Click Here

Source: 唯爱之家
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