[110117/TRANS] Ryeowook’s Twitter Update | 3 TWT

17 Jan

@ryeong9:*콘서트할땐 미친듯이 놀고~! 웃고~! 울고~! 춤추고~! 노래하고~! 감동받는다~! 늘 감사하다~! 달려보자~! 날아보자~! 아자아자~! 슈퍼주니어 화이팅~!*
[TRANS] At a concert, I play like a crazy~! I laugh~! I cry~! I dance~! I sing~! I’m moved~! I thank always~! Let’s run~! Let’s fly~!Go Go~! Super Junior Fighting

@ryeong9:중국에서 엄마를 보자마자 울음을 참지못해 공연도중에 울었던 기억이 나..형이 안아줬을 때 되게 고마웠고~우리 슈주도 가족인데,,하는 생각이 새삼 들었어~ 추운데 고생많다!! 생일 축하해 형~♥
[TRANS] When I was in China, I cried as soon as I saw my mother..I’m so happy when my hyung hug me~ We Sujualso family,,The weather is so cold!!Happy Birthday Hyung~♥

@ryeong9: http://bit.ly/hUzwHo 탄수화물의 취약한 한국여성이라는데,, 여성뿐만아니라 남성들도,,~ 탄수화물을 너무 안 먹어서도 안된다는거!! 균형있게 식사해 몸을 지킵시다>∇<
[TRANS] http://bit.ly/hUzwHo Korean women who need carbohydrate,, Not only women but men as well,,~ (But I) would never overeat a lot of carbohydrate thing!! To defend (the fat) and make the body balanced>∇<

Translated by: Sakurako + Munny + Jacob@ iRyeowookELF.wordpress.com

.:Please take out with FULL CREDIT:.


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