[110121/TRANS] Ryeowook’s Twitter Update | 3 TWT

22 Jan

@ryeong9:@jinieyayo 곧 일본 갈거얏!!! 누나 기다려요^^! 콘서트 말고도 갈거니ㅋㅋㅋ
[TRANS] Go to Japan now!!! Noona wait for a while^^! Go (to Japan) eventhough it is not for the concert ㅋㅋㅋ

@ryeong9: 여기가 어디게~~~~~>∇<
[TRANS] Where is this~~~~~>∇<

@ryeong9: <괜찮아 아빠딸>이 끝이 났네요!! 흑흑 연기자의 모습도 멋지게 보여준 우리 동해형~~^^ 멋지다!! TV속 욱기와 실제 욱기 웃기다 ㅋㅋ 몰래찍은 컷인데 보세요>∇<
[TRANS] <It’s Okay, Daddy’s Daughter> has ended!! Heukheuk our Donghae hyung has a handsome actor look~~^^ Cool!! It’s funny to see Wookgi on TV and the real WookieㅋㅋTook this photo secretly

Translation  for the speech bubbles in the photo:
[Left] Wookgi says: This is the script~^^~~.

Translated by: Munny @ iRyeowookELF.wordpress.com

.:Please take out with FULL CREDIT:.

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