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[110126/Notice] SS3 Singapore Mosh Pit Notice

27 Jan

1. Queue to enter the concert starts at 9 am. Please queue in an orderly manner. Running Into The Sun (RITS) reserves the right to ask people to leave the queue if they cause disruption.


2. The first 625 people in the line for Pen A and B will be tagged respectively. (Total of 1250 fans)


3. Once tagged, you will be allocated to the Pen nearest to the main stage.


4. Only wrist-tagged people are allowed in the queue.


5. People in the mosh pits are highly recommended to go to the washroom before the start of the concert.


6. Mosh pits are closed 15 minutes before the start of the concert. This means that people are not allowed to enter or leave their respective Pen until the end of the concert (3 hrs long).


7. If you need to go to the loo, let our coordinators know. Breaks are restricted to 15mins to ensure fairness for others in the queue. People not back in 15mins will have their places forfeited.


8. Let our coordinators know if you’re not feeling well or if you have any questions.


9. Photography and/or videography are strictly forbidden. These are the wishes of the Korean management. Bag checks will be done at the entrance and anyone found recording and/or taking photos of the concert will be asked to leave the premises.


10. Please also take note that the following items are strictly NOT allowedinto the mosh pit:


• Bags, especially BIG ones

• Plastic bottles

• Handheld LED or cardboard displays

• Whistles

• Light sticks longer than 30 cm

• Cameras

• Outside food and drinks

• Laser pointers



11. Do not try to chase Super Junior as it will be impossible to see them anywhere outside the concert stage. You will definitely get to see them upclose at the concert.


This is to ensure safety for yourselves, others around you, and Super Junior. Please comply with it. Enjoy the concert! 🙂

Credit: Running Into The Sun Facebook Page
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