[110209] American ELF can now listen to Super Junior @ Comcast On-Demand!

8 Feb

Hey everyone! Great news for all you Kpop lovers in America!!!

In case you didnt know yet, Kpop is now on Comcast demand!! I found this news at K-popped.com and couldnt believe what I was reading, so I quickly ran to the T.V and follow the directions, and there it was!! Artists such as 2NE1, Girls Generation, even SUPER JUNIOR!! But theres a little problem, the only song thats on comcast from SJ is No Other! Hey but thats better then nothing.  Am I right?

Either this news hasnt been heard among ELF America or it has, but Im just not updated… either way, its freakin great to have my favorite artists on my TV. It makes me feel like Im living in Korea. lol

You know what else would be great?  if they started showing K-dramas!.. omg.. Im getting excited just imagining it!! Then soon as I know it, Ill be watching Super Junior on stage live from America! OMO!!!

Anyways, the service is at no additional charge, as long as your subscription covers On Demand >Music >K-pop.

Enjoy^^ Better come back and thank me keke.

Shared by: Cris @ http://iheart5uperjunior.com
Reposted by: Munny @ iRyeowookELF.wordpress.com

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