Bring SS4 to you!! Participate in this Survey!!

8 Feb

Dear ELFs,

Hey guys, we all heard about Super Show 4 and how Super Junior are considering to visit countries beyond Asia and across the world.

We were all so happy and we trended it on Twitter that day. But in order to help Super Junior, we should give them an idea of where they should go exactly.

Through this statistical study, we aim to give SJ and their management an insight on the demographic distribution of ELFs across the countries of the world. This might influence their decision on which country to conduct their concert in, since they have no solid data to refer to outside of Asia.

So ALL ELFs out there, PLEASE do participate in this Survey since it has a great importance and service a necessity for SJ.

The Link to the Survey is here:

Survey Update: so far we got 90 people answering the Survey. Those where all from different parts of the world, such as Asia, Europe, North and South America, Australia and the Middle East.

– we got no one answering the survey from Africa (I’m like 100% sure we have ELFs from Africa and I met several of them on Twitter 8D)

– we’ve got ONLY 2 people from the Middle East (now this really shocked the daylights out of me O__O… I personally have most of my fellow friend ELFs from the Middle East.. there are SO MANY of you guys out got to answer this.. you need Suju to come right :D)

– All those who participated in the Survey are GIRL ELFs (where are you my fellow fanboys.. I know several of you and I know there are more of you out there.. we want you to voice your opinion too and tell us where you want Suju to vist)

In our first Suju-Global-ELFs project (Translating a letter for Suju in 40 different languages) we Successfully made Leeteuk (and Ryeowook, not very sure though) read the letters and thus served our purpose. BUT, this was all done by YOU guys, you spread it and helped us with everything. These Kinds of projects are made by YOU and are for YOU & SJ.

So we need you to participate and not only that. We need you to spred the link of the Survey EVERYWHERE (go crazy ;D).

ELFs are not only on Twitter, try to reach them in other places such as FaceBook, LiveJournal, Tumblr, e-mail or if they are your friends just give them the link (or force them to set down and complet it xD). In Short, Spread, spread and spread.

This needs to be done as soon as posible, PLEASE DO PARTICIPATE.

This is the time where ELFs have to work together to produce something that will benefit them and SJ.

ELFs you wowed the world with your devotion, work and support. Lets work together and accomplish this thing.

ELFs Fighting!!!

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