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[110214/NEWS] Super Junior M releases new Chinese-language album; Taiwan gets sole first-look of ‘Too Perfect'”

13 Feb
Super popular Korean idol group SUPER JUNIOR will be coming to Taiwan next month to perform, but their subgroup SUPER JUNIOR M will be presenting their sound in Taiwan first! Carrying with them the prestige of a Golden Melody Award nomination last year, SJ-M has scheduled the release of their new mini-album “Too Perfect” for the 25th. Not only will it be issued first in Taiwan, but fans will be able to hear the song on Western Valentine’s Day on the 14th.

With this new release, there is also a brand new lineup of members, Eunhyuk and Sungmin have been added to assist with the sound, so that the new lineup numbers eight people. The record company has already made public their new comeback concept on their official website, which totally jammed up up the site network for a while. After seeing their costumes, the Western-style coats and gorgeous hats of the European aristocracy, one by one the fans were electrified silly, praising it as “too perfect.”

Because of a considerable respect for the Taiwanese market, SJ-M’s mini-album and single, both named “Too Perfect,” will, for three days in a row beginning on 14th, premiere on HitFM Radio. Avex Taiwan will begin preorders on the 17th. The Taiwanese first-press album will be released on the 25th. We await with expectation for what the Super Junior franchise, which never ceases in bringing so many pleasant surprises to its fans, does next.

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[110213/TRANS] Ryeowook’s Twitter Update | 3 TWT

13 Feb

@ryeong9: 오늘도 감동의 도가니로 콘서트를 무사히 마쳤습니다~ 와주신 분들~너무 감사드리구요~!!! 내일 공연까지 잘 마칠수 있게 기도해주세요♥내일도 좋은 컨디션으로 좋은소리 들려드릴게요>∇< 내일보ㅏ^0^
[TRANS] Today, concert safely and impressively ended~I am really thankful~ to everyone who come~!!! Let’s pray the performance to be ended well tomorrow♥Tomorrow, I also want to hear a sound of good feeling.


@ryeong9:’신동’이형이 콘서트에 왔었답니다^^ 스케줄때문에 인사만하고 갔지만 큰힘이 됐어요 ~~진짜 고마워 형^^♥♥ 우리 먹으라고 먹을거사왔음~맛있어 보이져!!진짜 맛있었음~거하게쏜!!!!!신동최고~
[TRANS] ‘Shindong’ hyung came to concert last night^^ Due to schedule, he could only greet me and went but it became my big strength ~~Really thank you hyung^^♥♥ we went to eat~seemed delicious!!Really delicious~really


@ryeong9: 탁사마 형님>∇< 결혼 축하드려요♥♥행복하게 예쁘게 사세요~~~!!!!! 모두들 축하해주세요^.~
[TRANS] Taksama hyung-nim >∇< Congratulation to your marry♥♥I hope you’re happily your life together~~~!!!!! Congratulation to everyone^.~

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[110212] Super Junior KRY 1st Concert, Preview | RYEOWOOK

13 Feb

Credit: Daksu20 @ Twitter
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[UNPIN/110211-12] Ryeowook at Super Junior KRY Concert at Seoul Compilation

13 Feb

Press Conference

News related to KRY Concert at Seoul

Fan Account



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[110211/TRANSCRIPT] Super Junior K.R.Y 1st Concert at Seoul – talking segments

13 Feb


K: First, let us greet everyone! 1, 2, 3.
All: Hello everyone, we are Super Juni~or! (We are ELF~)
R: Hello everyone, I am Super Junior’s maknae Ryeowook! Ain’t I the eternal maknae? (Yes)
We had this concert because everyone said that they wanted to see K.R.Y’s concert.
I think everyone waited for a very long time right? (Yes)
That is very good, we are really thankful too! Thank you everyone!
K: Hello everyone, I am Super Junior’s Kyuhyun! First, we were unsure if we could hold our K.R.Y’s concert in Korea… But we never thought that we would actually hold it… We also thought that the concert this time was very small scaled… Because there are so many fans who wants to watch it, how is it possible to hold it here? But although we say it like that, but I still see so many empty seats today… it looks like I am not right… isn’t it true? But no matter what, this is not bad… This atmosphere will last till the ending! Please understand us, and we hope everyone will be able to watch our concert happily. Thank you, everyone!
Y: Hello everyone! I am Yesung. I’m very happy to be able to meet everyone. Finally, we are meeting everyone here. Actually, we first held a concert in Japan. But because of everyone’s love for us, we wanted to hold another concert in Korea, thanks to everyone. But actually, no matter what, we are about to begin now!
What song are we going to sing, Ryeowook?
R: Sing?
K: The first song will be a song from our third album, a song Yesung likes very much… (KyuSung xD)


K: “Secret Garden”‘s OST
Then now, I want to become this person…

When I am preparing for this solo stage… I am not that type of men, because I didn’t only prepare for this performance…
The song that I am going to sing below… is something that I sang from Japan K.R.Y’s concert to Taiwan’s K.R.Y’s concert… I used Japanese and Chinese to sing this song before. If I don’t use Korean to sing it for at leasst once, it will feel wrong… right? But the two songs that I sang is quite tiring… if I don’t sing it well… the whole world might be saying it on twitter…

Y: Thank you. Keke. Actually… Today is the first time I am singing this song… It is the television drama, “Paradise Ranch”‘s OST Not everyone might know this song… (We know~)
Everyone… What I want to say just now… is actually when we started out as K.R.Y, we almost could not work together properly… Hence, being able to hold a concert like what we are doing now, makes me feel really happy, I almost want to cry…
Because of everyone’s love, I only wish to tell everyone this… This is something that might be familiar to everyone, a song that everyone knows – .

K: This is sweeter than what you have imagined, right? Keke, I feel like sleeping. Let us continue to sing the ballads like that…
R: Kyuhyun, can I say something? Actually… I don’t have any solo-talk time… that is why I am feeling a little upset in my heart…
K: Is it because of me, Ryeowook?
R: Wait a minute~ That… How is the song? (Very good~)
Y: Really? Really?
R: I… actually wanted to sing in Korea’s K.R.Y concert…
K: So what if you sing ?
R: I’m just happy that everyone is satisfied with it… The next song… is a song that we bought over from Taiwan. We think that this song is very good, that is why three of us wants to sing it for once.
K: This is a song that we sang in Taiwan K.R.Y’s concert… Although it is a very good song, but actually, this is a song which that person sitting in the last row of the audience, likes a lot. (Refering to Siwon)
R: That is why we translated the lyrics and sang it…
Y: This song… is actually a Taiwan song. Although SJ-M also has Chinese songs, but I really like this song. That is why we have prepared to sing this once. Actually, my body condition isn’t very good today… That is why I sound a little weird when I am speaking today. Everyone… Ah~ I don’t feel good today… (my OT3 YeWonKyu *w*)
R: What are you saying?
K: We should just start to sing…
Y: I can’t hear you… What did you say just now? Really…
R: For an easy introduction, let us start with Kyuhyun! Please applaud him.

Sungmin and Donghae on the stage

K: Now, let us greet everyone! 1, 2, 3!
A: Hello everyone, we are Super Juni~or! (We are ELF)
S: Why are we only greeting everyone near the end?
R: Actually we are supposed to come out together when three of us (K.R.Y) first greeted everyone…
K: Sungmin, please greet everyone…
S: Hello everyone, I am Sungmin!
Y: What did you say? (After hearing S complete his sentence) Ah~ Yes. (Hugging Donghae) My cutie (jjongkkeumani)~
K: Ah yes. Yesung and Donghae~
D: I am Yesung’s cutie, Donghae. Hello everyone!
I think K.R.Y is dangerous…
Y: Why?
D: There are a lot of fans… Yesterday, I met ELF in Thailand before I came back… But…
Y: You did a solo because K.R.Y wasn’t there?
D: What?
Y: You did a solo because K.R.Y wasn’t there?
S: You could only do a solo because I wasn’t there!
D: I think that Thailand fans are very dangerous… Now, it looks like Korean fans are also dangerous…
R: What?
Y: Aish (Kidding) Is Taiwan’s 金城武[Takeshi Kaneshiro] here? (lmao Yesung you call Siwon Takeshi Kaneshiro?)
R: Siwon, please come up to the stage~
D: Siwon! Siwon, just come out from there!
R: Faster, faster!
Y: Just like me, Siwon… and I are the ones in charge of Super Junior images. We are the miracle-pair! (Yes you two are ;__;)
Y: Super Junior K.R.Y has sang the few title songs which represents SJ. How does everyone feel? (Good!) Did we sing well? (Yes!) Really? (Yes!) Thank you.
Now, it is really the last song already… Although it is very pitiful, but because we are able to see everyone’s eyes now, we will be singing for you!
R: Everyone, please join us!

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[110222] Super Junior M Flight schedule

13 Feb

Asiana Airlines OZ335 Seoul 13:20——Beijing 14:30 Feb24th
AirChina CA185 Beijing 8:35——Taoyuan(Taiwan)11:45

Now only booking status,SUBJECT TO CHANGES.


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