[110215/NEWS] Super Junior – M Will Release New Album “Perfection” Recording Special Programme in Beijing

15 Feb

Korean idol group Super Junior’s Chinese sub-group Super Junior-M will commence the release of their new album “Too Perfect” across all parts of Asia on 25 February.

In April 2008 Super Junior-M brought their first Chinese album to debut and gained great success, not just sweeping China and every big music chart and end of year music award, they also became the first Korean artists to feature on Chinese postage stamps and appearing in many CFs of well-known brands, so their soon to be released new album has also received lots of attention.

According to reports, Super Junior-M’s new album “Too Perfect” will be based on their original line-up, also inviting Eunhyuk and Sungmin, both members of Super junior as support, they will present even more splendid and beautiful music to the numerous fans.

Super Junior-M will be recording a special CCTV Super Junior-M program in Beijing on 22 and 23 February, they will also hold a new album press conference in Taiwan on 24 February, their new album “Too Perfect” will commence its successive launch across all parts of Asia from 25 February.

Source: Sohu & My Daily
Translated by: purple_princess@sapphirepearls.com
Shared by: Pia tan @ iRyeowookELF.wordpress.com

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