[TRANSCRIPT] Ryeowook cried while talking about his wish.

15 Feb

[Click here for audio with english subtitles]

ㄴRyeowook: Kyuhyun ssi, can I have a word too?
ㄴKyuhyun: ah here, have two words.
ㄴRyeowook: yeah, while doing the concerts recently, actually you know we first did them in Japan and Taiwan..
ㄴFans: yes
ㄴRyeowook: my heart was filled with want of showing them to all of you national fans too, so first of all I feel so sorry.
ㄴFans: no, it’s okay!
ㄴRyeowook: next, Super Junior’s image is.. eh.. that of entertainers… the image of being very funny.
ㄴ(Yesung mumbles something)
ㄴFans: no, it’s not true!
ㄴRyeowook: But truthfully I..
ㄴFans: ooh don’t cry, don’t cry! Don’t cry!
ㄴYesung: why do you cry over and over again!
ㄴFans: don’t cry!
ㄴRyeowook: I think it’s significant to obtain a singing image too. We are here because of you, and that’s whyㅡ
ㄴFans: (shout)
ㄴRyeowook: ㅡwe can hold concerts. We will put a lot of effort into becoming the Super Junior who can hold a lot of concerts too.
ㄴFans: (shout)
ㄴ(Yesung mumbles something)
ㄴKyuhyun: This kid is really like an angel
ㄴFans: (laugh)
ㄴYesung: what about you?
ㄴKyuhyun: Me, I sing like an angel.
ㄴYesung: ..what
ㄴRyeowook: Sorry….!
ㄴYesung: then considering what Ryeowook said and the people who came to see the concert, what song shall we sing?
ㄴKyuhyun: Angel.

Translated by: GAIA @ SJ-WORLD.NET
Audio source: YSOO0607 and S.Jr Holic


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