[110215/TRANS] Ryeowook’s Twitter Update | 2TWTS

16 Feb

@ryeong9: “@dalma516: 빵짱맛잇어요꼭가보세요!! 라고말하려햇는데 빵집이름도안보고왓어ㅠㅠ 빵한개만먹자, 이래놓고 고르다보니 저리.. 넘쳐나~(> <ㆀ )/ http://t.co/xtPj1A5http://t.co/Gon9b3h” 최고야^^!
[TRANS] I have said Bbang Jjang is delicious, shall go to try it!! But it seems there’s nobody come here (to the shop) ㅠㅠ

Translated by: Jacob @ iRyeowookELF.wordpress.com

@ryeong9: @kijung0805 시네시티쪽에 홈스테드커피있잖아요 그 앞 미니스탑편의점 골목으로 쫌만들어가면 알래스카라고ᆢ 빵집있어요~! 참 고런데 많이는 안가봐서 빵고르고~ 우유시켜먹었어 ^.^;ㅋ ~ 유기농 빵들이라했나?!난 거기서 틀어준 음악이좋았으>∇<강추
[TRANS] Around CineCity, there is a Homestead Coffee right. In front (of Homestead Coffee), there is an alley along MiniStop Convenience Store. When you just enter the alley, you see Alaska and the bakery* is there~! Haven’t really been gone there often and so chose (some) bread~ Ordered their milk too^.^; K~ I heard it’s organic bread?! I liked the music they played there >∇< Kangchu**

Translated by: @sujutr4ns @ Twitter
Shared by: Munny @ iRyeowookELF.wordpress.com

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