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[110220/NOTE] Super Junior – M’s Perfection CD Details

20 Feb

1. 8 random cards –

The view and style same as BONAMANA small card
( Not sure about Zhoumi and Henry:)

2. Gifts –

a. Poster is same with the CD cover, as you can see this

b. Folder have double side

One is same with CD cover

and the other one is kinda similar with the CD cover but they have change the position (Back cover of the CD)

3. Back cover of the CD –

The same as CD cover as 9 style box but the position and view is different

Min is in the center and Siwon is on left side
Others are not sure

4. 35 inside pages

2 pages of each members

The first page is the album cover

1st to the end: Min → Kyu → Henry → Hae → Hyuk → Wook → Won → Min (Not 100% sure)

Inside the album will have 1 special receipt (paper)
Avex announce that after SJM’s performance, if you have this receipt, you will attend but its for ballot

PS:Don’t throw the paper if you want to meet them
* Not sure its true or not, will announce it later

Source:avex Taiwan / oilsummer.pixnet / tiffanyco23.pixnet
Translated by: manto03 @ TaiwanKuvSJ / iRyeowookELF
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[110220/TRANS] Ryeowook in Jongseok’s Twitter Update | 1

20 Feb

@nae1004: 관광객들만 찍는 단체사진을 우리가 ㅋㅋ 요코하마 퀸스 스쿼어 문앞에서 려욱 종석 은혁 조미가~~~
[TRANS]  We are taking a group picture that only tourists take ㅋㅋ In front of the Yokohama Queen’s Square with Ryeowook Jongseok Eunhyuk and Zhoumi~~~

Translated by: Pia tan @

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[110220/NEWS] Super Junior is popular in Japan despite no official debut

20 Feb

Super Junior visited Japan on February 18th as their Japan stop for their “Super Show 3″ Asia Tour concert. The male group were given a warm welcome when they landed in Japan. Crowds of fans followed the members in their cars to their destinations.

Super Junior’s first performance was at the Yokohama Arena on February 18th and fans were seen early at the concert hall to buy the idols’ merchandise. Fans also flocked a truck bundled in Super Junior images, to take a commemorative photo to remind them of this event.

Despite not having made an official debut in Japan, Super Junior is popular there. Their Japan stop was originally scheduled for a two-day concert, but due to the massive response of Japanese fans, a third concert was added.

To celebrate their days in Japan, Super Junior released “Super Junior Japan Limited Special Edition ~ Super Show 3″ on February 16th. The album managed to chart 8th on the Oricon Daily Chart.

Super Junior have already completed their first concert in Japan, and will be holding two more on February 19th and 20th at the Yokohama Arena.

Source: OSEN
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[110220] News from AVEX Event Regarding SJ-M’s Mini Album – Perfection

20 Feb

Parts AVEX Mentioned:

1. That’s right, the first broadcast of the MV in Taiwan is for the Golden Melody Awards.  Hope this time they will get an award^^

2. At the broadcast press conference on 24 February it will mainly be for the media and will not be open to fans.

3. This time SJ-M will be using the form of 6+2, in the future it will also be maintaining 6 people and above, 6+ how many is not certain, but the members who will be added will all be people we like^^

4. SJ-M might hold a Fan Party but it will not be held that quickly.

5. SJ-M’s promotions hope to be held in Taiwan but still to be confirmed, it should be flying back and forth~

6. Ryeowook’s Chinese version of “One Fine Spring Day”, also other Chinese songs sung by Kyuhyun, at present there is no plan for these to be released><

After the Event:

1. 太完美 (Perfection) Tai wan mei (Perfection) → Tai wan mei (Perfection)

2. 命運線 (Destiny) → AKPOP team publicly acknowledge this is extremely nice

3. 幸福微甜 (Love is sweet) → Song by Jay Chou and lyrics by Fang Wenshan, the style of the song is very Jay Chou.

4. 表白 (Off my mind) → Lyrics and music by Henry / Henry’s solo.

5. True Love → Lyrics by Zhou Mi, like it a lot.

6. 吹一樣的風 (My all is in you) → “My all is in you” from 4jib.

Album Contents:

1. The inside pages of the album were shown to us to see, when it was turned to Donghae the screams were the loudest, this proves him to be Taiwan’s number one.

2. The style of the random small card is the lifestyle type of picture.

3. Pre-order goods: Poster is the same as the album cover; the folder is all color on both sides, one side is the same as the album cover and the other side is very similar to the album cover but with a change in positions.

Source: Tiffany@痞客邦 and Lee Donghae Baidu &
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[110220/NEWS] 90% of tickets for Super Junior’s Malaysian Concert sold within 4 hours

20 Feb

After a gap of 364 days, Super Junior will be holding a concert in Malaysia once again, and the fans started another ticket-grabbing fever! 90% of the 9500 which the organiser had allocated as sold within a short span of 4 hours, and it is believed that during the period of the pre-sale (until 10PM on February 19), all the tickets will be completely sold out! Even so, the organisers have reiterated that they will not seek extra sessions!

Almost 2000 fans who came from far and near were already cramming into the Sungei Wang Plaza’s 6th floor on Saturday morning, in order to purchase the tickets for the Super Junior 《Super Show 3 in Malaysia》! When some of the Malay fans knew that they managed to grab tickets for the first row, they immediately burst into tears at the scene!

Although the ticketing session was originally set to begin at 10am, but because of the amazing situation under the presence of Malaysian, Indonesian, Thai and Singaporean fan groups, the time for the ticketing sales was brought forward to 9.45am. Among them, the most expensive tickets which costs RM486 was selling out at the fastest rate, and 1400 tickets were already sold within the first hour for the whole venue.

Although the online ticketing was set to begin on the 20th, but from the 18th, there were already some people selling scalped tickets for the VIP area on the internet, inviting heated discussion. The organisers immediately stood out and clarified that the VIP tickets are strictly not for sell. Apart from that, the tickets for the VIP area will only be released after the Korean officials (for the concert) verifies the namelist. The SS3 concert in Malaysia’s production fees is up to more than RM 3 million, and would have a four-sided stage just like in Korea.In order to grab tickets, fans brought food along and didn’t dare to use the toilets

Although the organisers were concerned about the fans’ safety on Facebook, and “disallowed” them from queuing overnight, but in order to grab the tickets for the best seats, the fans still came up with various ways.

It is understood that the hotels which were close to the Sungei Wang Plaza was already fully-booked by the overseas fans and also fans from other locations (in Malaysia), and quite a number of fans have been queuing up since 10am on Friday, but because they were driven off (by the security personnel) they were forced to loiter around the shopping complex. Since the 6th floor of the Sungai Wang Plaza would only be opened at 8am today (Saturday), a lot of fans who could not wait to get their tickets have already begun to loiter around the complex since yestereday night, and for the sake of queuing up, they even bought solid food along and didn’t dare to use the toilets. There are about 50 fans who indulged in an overnight karaoke session until 4am, then hid themselves within the shopping complex’s fire escape routes to avoid being chased out by the security personnel, all in order to “book” their places first at the main sales area on the 6th floor to grab their tickets.

However, before the fans fell into line, it could be said that the 6th floor was completely filled to the brim, eliciting complaints from the shopkeepers around, as they couldn’t even open up their shops to start off with their business. Nonetheless, under the instructions of more than 50 staff members and security personnel, the crowd was finally separated into two lines. Not only did they fill up the whole 6th floor of the shopping complex (up until the elevator doors), but the stairs next to GreenBox* was also full with people who were queuing up.

* GreenBox is the name of the karaoke outlet.

Source: Sinchew (local newspaper)
Translated: by eternalsnow @ SJ-WORLD.NET
Shared by: KyU Is L♥Ve @ SJ-WORLD.NET
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[February/SCANS] Super Junior in YG Magazine Issue 366 | 6P

20 Feb

Poker cards [SJ Cover]

Young magazine [the small book inside YG magazine]

Scanned by: Munny @

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[110219] Super Junior M Too Perfect Album Cover

20 Feb

SJM Too Perfect Album Cover

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