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[110325/SCAN+TRANS] Chinese EPOP Magazine Issue 303 | 3P

31 Mar

Date : 19/3/11 Time : 6:05pm
Venue : Putra Indoor Stadium, Bukit Jalil
Activity : Super Show 3 Live In Malaysia
Photo taking and interview by : 小白/Engko/玉容/Jess

Sapphire Blue Sea finally appeared in Super Show 3 Malaysia!

Liberating Super Junior interacted and played with fans!

Leeteuk、Siwon : I Love Malaysia!

Song List:
Sorry Sorry – Super Junior
Super Girl – Super Junior
Don’t Don – Super Junior + Henry + Zhoumi + Jungmo
No Other – Super Junior
Confession – Super Junior
Good Person – Super Junior
Rokkugo!! – Super Junior-T
One Fine Spring Day (Bomnal) – Ryeowook + Sungmin (guitar)
New Endless Love – Kyuhyun
I wanna Love You – Donghae + Eunhyuk
Kiss Goodbye – Leeteuk
Looking for the Day – Siwon
Baby – Henry
If Your Leave – Sungmin
Intro + Down – Eunhyuk
Tok Tok Tok – Super Junior T + Donghae
You and I – Super Junior
Song For You – Super Junior
Miss Chic – Zhoumi
Shake It Up – Super Junior
Twins – Super Junior
Hate U Love U – Super Junior
In My Dream – KRY + Donghae + Sungmin
Rinaldo – Super Junior
All My Heart – Super Junior
It Has to be You – Yesung
Perfection – Super Junior M
Bonamana – Super Junior
A Man In Love – Super Junior
U – Super Junior
Dancing Out – Super Junior
Cooking? Coking! – Super Junior
Way For Love – Super Junior
Wonder Boy – Super Junior

Text in circle :

Even thought the concert was scheduled to start at 6pm on that day, there were many groups of fans waiting outside Putra Stadium already before 3pm! There were many booths selling official fan good, unofficial fan goods were sold as well, everyone bought them, and to show them some support at the same time~~

Outside the stadium, quite a lot of ELF promoted their “project!” : such as Kyuhyun’s Bubble Project, Super Junior-T Tok Tok Tok Project, and of course the most important one “Only Blue, No Colourful” plan! Everyone followed the rule well, no matter official light sticks or unofficial ones, fans all brought blue light sticks!

Text at the bottom :

Concert started at exactly 6.05pm, Super Junior members came out one after another. First, it was Donghae who hung on wire for the intro! When the round-shaped screens rose up, all we could see were members kneeling down on the stage, the song ‘Sorry Sorry’ remix version started after that! When they’ve sang half of the song, the members started heading to their “position”, then went back to the main stage to perform in group. Later, they performed ‘Super Girl’, Henry and Zhoumi joined too!

When singing ‘Don’t Don’, Heechul, as the drummer, appeared in the middle of the rotating stage; Zhoumi handled the Rap, Henry played violion, and special guest – Jungmo from TRAX was on his electronic guitar. Donghae and Sungmin then hung on wire, flew up with fireworks in their hands, very handsome! When the song ends, there were stage blasting effect, making the whole stage filled with passionate!

A few VCR were shown in that night’s concert, the first one was Leeteuk blowing sapphire blue balloon, with a little kid on bench beside him. Fans of course predicted the next song right, its ‘No Other’! SJ started to play on the stage, the project in the middle of the stage showed scenes of playgrounds, adding with a few rainbow-like animation! Members were moving around that time, singing to ELF from 3 areas, and everyone must have seen the scene of magnificent “pink“***! They gathered at the middle of the stage at the end, the stage started to rotate. Leeteuk and Sungmin flew up while holding balloons, they started to throw blue confetti, the stadium was filled with blue confetti in a blink of an eye, as a “blue snow” just fall from the sky!

NOTE : “pink” – close contacts between members, or fanmade couples

Texts in first box :

After that, a video of Super Show 3 Kuala Lumpur was played, with introduction in English, Chinese and Japanese. This mean the members’ ment introduction section is coming up next! When Heechul appeared, ELF shouted “Wu yu bi ka Kim Heechul, Saranghaeyo Kim Heechul!” (Milky white skin Kim Heechul, I love you Kim Heechul) He playfully answered “I love to play in Malaysia. Kiss me baby!” Siwon who was wearing matador outfit came out next, he was totally handsome! Each members introduced themselves in different funny outfits one by one, and our leader Leeteuk greeted “Apa khabar Malaysia!” (Malaysia, how are you!) while smiling, he even repeated the sentence thrice. Super Junior also said its been long they last came to Malaysia, finally they are here now on stage! “Thanks to everyone who gave us the biggest welcome and support, we prepared a great show for tonight, so please enjoy our performances!”

When performing the song “Confession”, members started to run around the stage and played with each other! Eunhyuk and Leeteuk who were wearing large black coat, started to squat up and down, then played the “outstretching neck” moves, Ryeowook too joined them! Member Siwon who superb love hugs went to hug Eunhyuk, and shook hands with ELF. No doubt he is another SJ’s diplomatist~ Fan service that night were awesome, Donghae ran to the side of the stage, used an ELF’s camera phone and took selca with her! Sungmin even took an ELF video camera and recorded a short Leeteuk’s cute dance, then handed the camera back to the ELF. When Yesung was singing in the middle of the stage, naughty Donghae used his microphone to poke his eyes which made Yesung almost went out of tune. The atmosphere got livelier during the song “Rokkugo”, Donghae’s body lied on the stage and Heechul joined the song once again! Leeteuk, Sungmin, Eunhyuk lied on the stage in a row, singing to lucky ELF! Shindong then lied on the three of them, Heechul lied on top of the members horizontally at last~

Text in second box :

When it reached SJ members’ solo stages, the screen begin to play Ryeowook, Kyuhyun and Yesung’s childhood VCR. Ryeowook and Sungmin slowly rose up from the stage first, Ryeowook performed “One Fine Spring Day” with Sungmin playing the guitar. His pretty voice made the stadium filled with silence instantly. Followed by the song performance “New Endless Love” by Kyuhyun which almost everyone knows how to sing, his proper Chinese pronunciation and strength-full voice made ELF clapped with their hands almost becoming worn-out! Next is up with superb dancers Eunhyuk and Donghae’s appearing on stage, they danced sexy dance with a female dancer! Eunhyuk first came out, and danced closely with the female dancer, the girl even touched Eunhyuk’s thigh and lastly an unreal “stayed kiss”, ELF of course screamed~ Donghae then came out, he too had a sexy dance with female dancer. Both Eunhyuk and Donghae started to walk to the rotating stage, female dancer rose up from the stage, Eunhyuk took of his jacket at the same time!

The solo that caught most attention was Leeteuk’s “Kiss Goodbye”, super appropriate Chinese pronunciation shocked every ELF! ELF chanted “Park Jungsoo” to show support to him. He made a flying kiss to the audiences when he ended his song. Kind hearted Choi Siwon performed “Looking For The Day”, the stage was illusion-ally filled with feeling of red color***, screen showed children from all around the world, it was really touching! He said “God love you all, Love Malaysia! Always be with us! Thank you so much Malaysia!” at last.

NOTE: red color – love

Text in the bottom circle :

SJ-M’s “maknae”, Henry, lighted up on stage with piano performance, he played a bit ballad version of Justin Bieber’s Baby. Then stopped and smiled at ELF, dancers started to appear from both sides of the stage, helped Henry to wear a red baseball jacket and started to perform brisk version of “Baby”. Cute and handsome Henry walked to the rotating stage and showed off his dancing skill, then descent from the stage! Afterwards, it was Sungmin’s solo stage. He was wearing a translucent silk top, danced while having body contacts with female dancers, Sungmin sexily moved his body, showed a perfect S-line. Fans who were there screamed crazily! A dancer wearing a mask was brought up on stage next, he danced forceful choregraphy, ELF were chanting “Lee Hyukjae! (Eunhyuk)! Then, with a black shades, he appeared on stage danced and sang “Down”, he is undoubtedly SJ’s dancing machinese, Eunhyuk!

The screen continued to show VCR with SJ-T and Siwon, it was a story about the formation of SJ-T! When VCR ended, SJ-T members wore shiny outfits and sang “Tok Tok Tok” on stage, it brings out a retro FU***! Love SJ members playing on stage the best! From the beginning of the song, Leeteuk held his microphone up side down, pretending that he was recording a song, he sang until he knelt down at last, then the other members held their microphones against Leeteuk’s lip, Heechul placed his microphone near Leeteuk’s throat! SJ-T knelt down to than everyone when the song ended, Heechul even hit Leeteuk’s butt for countless times~

NOTE : FU – feel/feeling

Text in the first box :

Next is Zhoumi’s turn to perform his solo stage, he appeared at the middle of the stage, performed Elva Xiao’s “Miss Chic”, his flirtatious dance movements were good, ELF supported him by shouting “Zhoumi! Zhoumi!” A VCR shown up again, with 5 handsome SJ members Leeteuk, Yesung, Sungmin, Shindong and Donghae fighting like gangland action scenes. The concert continued with SJ performance “Shake It Up” ; Heechul appaeared again during the song “Twins (Knock Out)” and rapped handsomely! Again, SJ provided 100% fan service during the song “Way To You”***, they ran around the stage while passing little balls to ELF.

The screen was showing a girl who was in illness, staring at a goldfish in a fishbowl, seemed like she wanted to see ocean? Lovely SJ used projector making the little girl’s room into a sea of ocean, giving her a chance to wander around the “ocean”! SJ continued to sing some ballad songs, like “Hate You Love You” and KRY’s “In My Dream”. Until the most touching part of the concert, SJ started to played invisible instruments, some played violin and cello, blew trumpets, flute and more with Kangin appearing on the projector! Confetti in heart shape started to fall down~ everybody were crazily screaming, some ELF shaded tears! Lastly, Kangin took off his hat and gave a salute to ELF, the scene was very saddening~ Another VCR showed SJ at home doing their own things freely, the song played in the VCR was specially written by “Sorry, Sorry” lyricist Yoo Young Jin! Heart-moving sentences appeared at the end : What I have all now, is all because of you — E.L.F, thank you!”

NOTE : Way To You – Song For Love

Text in first circle :

Yesung performed Cinderella OST “It Had To Be You”, everyone are very familiar with this popular song, and sang along together! After Yesung’s solo, the atmosphere totally changed, SJ-M performed their new song “Perfection”, they performed this song first time in Malaysia! During encore, members started to run around the stage again, all we can see is close interactions between SJ and ELF, picking up gifts, taking selca, shaking hands. Heechul got really near with ELF, and let them touch his face! Last VCR showed cartooned vegetables, this mean that “Vegetable SJ” are going to show up soon with the song “Cooking? Cooking!” A group of vegetables played on the stage, evil Kyuhyun even kicked Eunhyuk for times!

Text in bottom circle :

When the concert was almost ending, SJ spoke out their thoughts. Leeteuk didn’t stop making heart sign above his head, and said “I Love Malaysia! Thank you for your support and love, we are preparing 5jib!” Talking about Twitter, Henry excitedly revealed 70% of his tweet mentions were from Malaysia ELF, he is very happy about it! Donghae and Henry said that they will tweet in Twitter later on~ Siwon used English language calling everyone to pray for Japan’s eartquake victims, and donate to them, lend them a hand to get over these hard times. Super Show 3 Malaysia ended with a happy mood~

Scanned + Shared by: Munny @
Translated by: Elly @

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[110329/SCAN+TRANS] YG Magazine Mid – March Issue 368 | 6P

30 Mar

Translation for page 6: –

Super Junior – M continues…their perfection!

Oh ~ Perfection …… how can anyone not let them continue to be perfect! Super Junior-M, after a long absence, is now on Main Characters (主流人物)!
We can say that Super Junior M’s comeback is a better new start~ with ‘new members’ added – Sungmin and Eunhyuk, the group of course will have different big hit! We believe that there’s a lot of people wondering about the feelings and moments between the new combination of Super Junior M. Without further ado, lets’s bring ‘Perfection’ and ‘Love is Sweet’ to read the stories that Super Junior M share with us!

Translated by: Elly @

Translation for page 7: –

1. Kyuhyun admitted that Super Junior M is PER-FEC-TION! – The album is named “Perfection” which is a really great album title! As this is a new start, of course we should start with a perfect impression~ The album is perfect, performances are perfect, members showing off their perfect unique outlook too. But there are a little bit of sacrifices behind all these perfections!

2. Kyuhyun and Siwon : “The ‘new members’ can’t be left out!” – “Newly added members”, Sungmin and Eunhyuk, had been praised by “old members” Donghae, Kyuhyun, Siwon, Henry and Zhoumi that with them joining in Super Junior M had helped a lot!

3. “New members”, Sungmin and Eunhyuk, envy Super Junior M! – Sungmin and Eunhyuk, as new members of SJ-M, have a lot of share with everyone about being a part of Super Junior M. Especially on challenging singing Chinese songs, have they met any problems when singing before? While facing the “older members'” praise, how will they reply?

4. Kyuhyun, Henry love Jay Chou the most! – A popular topic was created because of a Chinese song “Love is Sweet” in Super Junior M’s mini album this time, which was written and composed by Jay Chou and Vincent Fang. At the same time, many netizens are curious about how Super Junior M perform the song Jay Chou wrote! Among the members, Kyuhyun and Henry are the two who really like Jay Chou. When asked about the collaboration with Jay Chou everyone, Kyuhyun always excitedly share his thoughts about it.

Translation for the white chat bubble:-

1. Kyuhyun : The album “Perfection” has two different versions, there are Chinese and Korean version respectively. Due to this, our MV shooting duration were doubled than usual. We almost didn’t sleep well for 2-3 days, it was more tiring. But when the MV came out, I think us 8 members are really “too perfect”!

2. Siwon : Sungmin is like the Liu Bei from the story ‘Three Kingdoms’, he is really merciful and kind, is full of knowledges too. I want to continue work hard and become a man like him!

3. Kyuhyun : Eunhyuk is a person with positive and cheerful personality, he really like to make joke and frequently bring the mood up among us. This makes him an essential member in SJ-M!

4. Sungmin : During the old times, when SJ-M came back to Korea after promotions overseas, they will always show off about how nice the fans were and how delicious the food were in other countries, to be honest, I felt a little envious! Now, I am SJ-M’s maknae (refers to the timing of when he join SJ-M not literally the maknae cuz he joined the last so he is the “maknae”), I will learn more from my ‘sunbaes’! This is my first time trying Chinese songs, the pronunciation were really difficult for me, that’s why Zhoumi always help me. Actually, I was worried before the first recording, but the members said my pronunciation were accurate after the song recording has ended, so I gained more confident~ My pronunciation is even better than Henry, hehe! I promised everyone, I will try my best to learn Chinese, I hope I could communicate with fans in Chinese next time, and when that time comes, I guess I will receive even more loves!

5. Kyuhyun : When I first heard about Jay Chou, I didn’t really pay much attention on him~ Until I watched his movie “A secret which can’t be told”, I was deeply attracted into his charm in the movie, and even re-watched it for more than 10 times! After that, our members and I met Jay Chou in real life when he first collabrate with Korean artists in Korea, I thought he was really friendly so I really like him alot!When I first heard the song “Love is Sweet” , I felt that the melody was really nice. I fell in love with the song after hearing it once.  So I kept practicing the Chinese lyrics, hoping to sing the song better, but the lyrics are too difficult for me. I wasn’t really satisfied after listening to the outcome of “Love is Sweet” song recording, honestly, I was very nervous during the recording. I adore this song very much and listen to it frequently.

6. Henry : Even though the song “Off My Mind” is written by me but perhaps listening to it too many times, at times I would feel that it is kind of annoying. Actually my favourite would be “Love is Sweet” written by Jay Chou and Teacher Vincent Fang. Due to the fact that I have been listening to Jay Chou’s songs as I grew older, so I really like his songs but I never really expect that there would be a day where by I would be able to sing the song written by Jay Chou for us.

Translated by: Elly @
Edited by: Germaine @ iRyeowookELF

Translation for page 8: –

5.Siwon and Kyuhyun have some artists that they want to work together with !
Since (SJ-M) already conquered into the Chinese market plus there are numerous singers in the Chinese market, regardless Hong Kong, Taiwan or China, have many outstanding and popular artists. This time Super Junior M has only just released(their) third album but they are alrdy working with Jay Chou and Vincent Fang. If there are more opportunities in the future (I ) believe that they would want to work together with other artists~ Want to know who are they? (I’m) going to reveal now!

6. Zhoumi’s and Henry’s diligent written songs!Super Junior is not a “buy soy sauce group” that conquer into the Chinese Music Industry. (they are also) a group that is serious during performing, singing, dancing, etc, and they are also very serious towards composing and writing of songs. In this album, Henry and ZhouMi’s works can be found. Although there are not many, both of them professed that they are very persistant towards composing and writing of songs.

*[A/N : “buy soy sauce” (打酱油) is a internet slang which mean something like passer-by, none of my business. For more info , please go to ]

7.Time for the “old” and “new” members of Super Junior-M to disclose secrets!
Well Super Junior-M has been rearranged, but the relationship and atmosphere of Super Junior-M is still as harmonious. The 8 members are so harmonious that they cannot wait to disclose each other’s secrets. ~ With addition of the eloquent EunHyuk to the group, the atmosphere has become more lively moreover he is not a person that does not shines.. Even though (his) Chinese is not on par with the “old” members, (he) is able to tease other members constantly!

1st Secret : Are Eunhyuk’s legs more beautiful than ladies’ ?
Eunhyuk : Compare to average girls, my figure is not bad !
Sungmin : Yes~ His legs look very sexy !
Siwon: But if they are compared to normal ladies, his legs would have more hairs only!

2nd Secret : Fan asked Donghae for his autograph in the middle of the night?
Eunhyuk : Well didn’t we have our concert in China? ~ During that time. each member had his own room. In the middle of the night, I do not know how did the fan sneaked into Donghae’s room.~ She continuously called Donghae’s name, finally he stirred and signed for her.
Kyuhyun : At that time I was also in Donghae’s room, the situation occured naturally as I assumed that she was my aquaintance and he thought that she was mine aquaintance.

Eunhyuk : That fan, Donghae might head to your house to look for you for revenge.

3rd Secret : Is Kyuhyun really naughty?
ZhouMi : Actually when I teach the other members Chinese, it is not that bad as they would listen when I correct them about their pronounciation.  Kyuhyun is really naughty as his pronounciation is excellent, so sometimes when I correct his pronounciation and say that his pronounciation is not correct, he will say to me jokingly that it is my pronounciation that has problem by saying that ” hyung, your pronounciation is not good” !

Translation for the white chat bubble:-

7.Kyuhyun : I wish I can work together with A-Mei ( Zhang Hui Mei ), just only me ! Haha~

8.Sungmin: I also realized that the Chinese Music Industry has many outstanding singers, I hope that SJ-M will have the opportunity to work together with many other Chinese artists in the future.

9. Siwon : Actually through this album, I deeply felt that there are many excellent singer in the Chinese Music Industry. If there is an artist that I would especially want to work with that would be the forever older brother in my heart, Mr. Andy Lau!

10. Henry : In this album, there is a song called “Off My Mind” , this song is written by me and my college friends. Truth to be told, the Chinese lyrics  are also written by me but my Chinese is not really good. I worked really hard to write this song, hope that every one will like this song.

11. ZhouMi : Honestly I always have a dream and that is that I wish that in every SJ-M album, I would have a chance to participate in the composition and writing of songs. In the first album, I wrote 3 songs, the second album, I only write 2 songs. I try my best to try out different genres of lyrics example fast songs, slow songs and I would also like to venture into composing~ Hope that I would have the chance to create better music for everyone to listen in the future.

Translation for Photo Captions:-

1. Why are Donghae and Henry’s actions so uniformed?

2. This is how Eunhyuk look like when he is serious3. Is Ryeowook shouting “cut”?

4. ZhouMi’s killer smile!

5. Star-ing~

6. ZhouMi singing affectionately VS SungMin singing with a smile. Which one do you prefer?

7. Always charismatic, Siwon!

8. Look-ing~

Translated by: Atnes @ iZhoumiELF
Edited by: Germaine @ iRyeowookELF

Translation for page 9 :-

Translation for Photo Captions: –
1. Ryeowook leaning on Sungmin’s shoulders!

2. Zhoumi who is enjoying the game!

3.Is Kyuhyun telling Zhoumi to go over there?

4.The confrontation between Sungmin and Ryeowook!

5. Donghae’s little action!

6. Are they punished to dance the cute dance?

2. This is how Eunhyuk look like when he is serious3. Is Ryeowook shouting “cut”?

8. After whispering with Donghae, Eunhyuk continues to listen to Henry’s whisperings!

9. Is Henry drawing hurdles?

10. Henry seems like he has something to tell Eunhyuk ~

11. Is Eunhyuk missing KTR?

12.This is how a gentleman looks like~

13. This is Super Junior-M’s hand gesture!

14.Even with a shock expression, Siwon still looks gentleman!

15. While Zhoumi and Siwon are playing games, the three at the side starts chit-chatting alrdy!

16. Start of interviewing…

17. Siwon continues to be a gentleman!

18. What are Ryeowook and Sungmin whispering about?

19. Omo ~ Sungmin is pinching Henry’s small face!

20. Is Ryeowook daydreaming?

21. While the members are having the interview at the front, Eunhae have their own private conversation at the back!

Translated by: Flora @
Edited by: Germaine @ iRyeowookELF

Scanned + Shared by: Munny @
Translated by: Elly + Flora @ iRyeowookELF + Atnes @ iZhoumiELF
Edited by: Germaine @

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[110330/TRANS] Ryeowook’s Twitter Update | 1TWT

30 Mar

@ryeong9: zhebian shi Wo de fang jian^^ zhen me yang? ~ women de fang jian zhong tai da le hehe suo yi tamen xianmu wo~~
[TRANS] here is my room^^ how is it? ~ my room is biggest among our rooms hehe So they envy me~~
[HANJA] 这边是我的房间 ^ ^ 怎么样?~ 我们的房间中太大了 hehe 所以他们羡慕我~~

:. Thanks Atnes for typing the chinese words for me xD.:

Translated by: Munny @

.:Please take out with FULL CREDIT:>

[110328/AUDIO] SJ-M interview with I Like Radio 娛樂 and 世代 | 6 Parts

30 Mar

Credit: Athenejen @ YT
Shared by: manto03 @ TaiwanLuvSJ (@  Twitter)
.                   : atnes @
.                   : Munny @

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[110323/FANART] Ryeowook @ Hongkong Asian Music Festival | 2P

30 Mar

Credit: mikitachi @
Shared by: Munny @

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[110328] Ryeowooka Splash Page Update | 1P

29 Mar

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[110328] Update on SJM taiwan stay by staff from Super Dome [Update 2]

28 Mar

[Update 2]

Super Dome staff further update on the heaters in SJM dorms. I think this is probably in repsonse about wht SJM manager tweet previously about the heater issue.

Eng Translate –

Dear ELFs,
With regards to the heater issue which some of you are concern about earlier, I’ve checked with the staff and they said that the members room are fine (Timber flooring) whereas the manager room is colder (Tiled flooring) so everybody please ease your mind!

Speaking of the rooms, the members shared a small incident at the Media Tea Session today. For the allocation of the rooms, the members have this practice of playing a criss-cross line game where each member chooses their own line and walk toward the line that led into the room. Whichever room they landed up with shall be the room they will be staying! (All rooms have got different size and its one person to a room)

So the game turned out to be, Henry who has 100kg of luggage choose the smallest room.
(100kg of luggage?? Is Henry really staying for just 2months??)
The member further joke that when Henry return to the dorm, he would hug his instrument and cry…!

Then, Henry “Dream Lover” appeared, Donghae is willing to exchange room with Henry. “I’m the hyung and I’m a good person!” Henry reply with a hand gesture showing “I Love You!”

Donghae may give people an impression of a sweet talker but doing something like willing to change to a smaller room which is of disadvantage to him, he is indeed a thoughtful hyung!

There are some who say they don’t know what is RYEOWOOK trying to express? I think what RYEOWOOK was trying to express was, they took alot of photos in Taiwan but he has not upload onto Twitter at the moment because of the recent earthquake and tsunami disaster Japan had suffered. With so many people who are suffering, they can’t possibly keep posting photos of them visiting the night markets, enjoying delicious food and photos of their life in the dorm! (On general it should be this idea! Please correct if there is any mistake!!)

:.Super Dome Hou Wen Yan 2011.3.28.:

Source: Super Dome
Via: miaoding’s weibo
Translated by: Flora @
Shared by: Munny

.:Please take out with FULL CREDIT:.

[110327] Update on SJM taiwan stay by staff from Super Dome [Update 1]

28 Mar

[Update 1]

Dear ELFs
I rush back from Malaysia to Taiwan just to be in time to attend the Media Tea Session with SJM. The Members of M are happy to have a chance for “a short stay” in Taiwan. M Members are also satisfied with their dorm in Taipei and they felt it’s a pity that they are only staying for 2-3months!

Apart from Donghae and Siwon who will be filming the drama, the rest of the members will be learning chinese, practicing chinese songs, practicing dances and martial arts… (RYEOWOOK wants to learn cooking)!
Of cause, since they seldom have the chance to stay for a long time in Taiwan, they hope to shop, eat and play often!
They also hope that they will not only stay in their dorm to learn chinese but also learn chinese while enjoying in the hot spring and also learn chinese as they shop in the night market…!
(it seems like the members did some homework before coming to Taiwan)
Just that at the moment it seems a little hard for them to go out from their dorm…!

During the night when we gave M members a dinner treat, we also explained to them that 99.999999% of Taiwan ELF are supportive of not disturbing their private life and they had been passing the message around to fellow ELF not to hang around to wait for them or chase them in cars. M member are very understanding and wants us to thank everyone!
“Hopefully after 1-2weeks time we will be able to go out. Although we came Taiwan many times, but other then the airport, hotel, performance venue, we didn’t manage to visit any other places. This time round, during our 2months stay, hopefully we have the chance to go out!”

One of our staff asked M members if they heard the fanchant for Perfection during SS3 in Taiwan? “AMAZING” all the members replied simultaneously. Zhoumi who was appointed as the representative to reply said: It really amazing. Thereafter when we go Malaysia to perform Perfection, the fanchant was also the Taiwan version. This kind of fan support is really a “Perfection”.

In additional, RYEOWOOK said in chinese (in his original words): This time, took alot of photos in Taiwan, but Japan… (he uses hand gesture), can’t post on twitter now but will post it later because we are kind people!
(ELF should understand what is RYEOWOOK trying to express right? His chinese is so good and I got a shocked!)
(Everyone let’s wait for the members to update their twitter. They don’t update twitter not because they aren’t interested in Taiwan but because they are kind people!)

The above is a brief report on the member current situation.

Finally, I would like to talk about the waiting and chasing situation. As I am overseas, my staff had given me a brief explanation on this. The detailed situation is… there are about 20-30 fans idling around M members dorms. Like 2 days ago when the members went out to Carrefour and Ikea, there were about 100 fans following.
After this 2 days of advise from fellow ELF, the number of fans following decrease slightly like tonight’s dinner there were about 40-50 fans in the restaurant (more outside as they weren’t able to come in)

It’s not that the fans are rude, but there were some that pretend to go to the washroom and thereafter stand outside the members private room and stare at them eating…!
I can’t say that these fans are rude but if there is always somebody standing outside staring at the members eating, this meal will be a rather uncomfortable one.

Having said that, we hope everyone understand what the ELF are concern about this moment and we hope that the ELF can use a softer approach to advise each other. I believe it will work! (There is a clear decrease in number today!)

Thanks everyone and especially those that don’t idle around or chase in cars!

:.Super Dome Hou Wen Yan 2011.3.27.:

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[Random/Picspam] Yewook mini picspam for all Yewook shippers! | 56P

28 Mar

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[110327/TRANS] Super Junior on Malaysia Newspaper about SS3: Blue because of SUPER JUNIOR

28 Mar



Super Junior is one of the popular South Korean groups with most superb and agile dance choreography.

EVERYTHING turned bluish. That was the scenery of the Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil last Saturday, which was filled with thousands die-hard fans of this popular group from South Korea – Super Junior – since 4pm.

Even though this second visit (of Super Junior) was only attended by 9000 people, this concert called Super Show 3 is still eye-catching. The evidence is the stadium – which was opened since 4.30pm – was crowded with females of all ages, mostly teenagers.

It was like an odd phenomenon hearing the screams of the suddenly united fans echoed inside the stadium. When observed, it turned out there were groups of fans holding up banners with Suju members’ names.

It was just like a game; if a group of fans held up their green banner, the other fans will cheer happily for them. This is followed by another group of fans holding up a white banner with different member’s name, and the same phenomenon will be repeated again until they (the fans) had enough of it.

That was how it went until the stadium lights were turned off at 6pm sharp.

Once the huge screen at the end of the stage was done playing the introduction video, 10 handsome lads appeared on the round stage at the centre of the stadium.

Futuristic-concept Concert

All the waiting felt worth it when seeing the appearance of Heechul, Leeteuk, Yesung, Shindong, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Siwon, Ryeowook and Kyuhyun right in front of the eyes.

Appearing with style on the futuristic stage, they wasted no time in starting their performance with their killer song, Sorry Sorry Remix.

Performing energy-filled performances with brilliantly choreographed dance made Suju looked great in the eyes of their die-hard fans.

The performance was carried on with other hit songs including Super Girl, Don’t Don, No Other, Rokukeo (Rokkugo), Good Person and Tok Tok Tok. Other than that, sentimental and romantic songs were also sung individually by the Suju members.

Among the songs were One Fine Spring Day by Ryeowook, Shinbulryojung b Kyuhyun, Looking for the Day by Siwon, If You Leave by Sungmin and Kiss Goodbye by Leeteuk.

Meanwhile, Henry who showed his talents by playing the piano, received a round of applause when performing Baby (originally by Justin Bieber) in his own style.

The situation got hotter when he, who was wearing a red Bieber-like jacket, danced aggressively while singing the song specially for the fans. Besides that, other performances were also performed by duets.

It can be experienced from Ryeowook and Sungmin’s Bomnal and Eunhyuk and Donghae’s I Wanna Love You.

Super Show 3 was also an easy platform for all Suju’s die-hard fans to see the performance of Super Junior’s subgroup, that is, Super Junior KRY, Super Junior M. Also performing are Super Junior T and Super Junior H.

But there is one thing worth complimenting. Their lively performance on stage seemed like never slowed down even after few hours of performing.



Article by: SITI ATHIRAH DZULKIFLY @ Utusan ( Malaysian Newspaper)
Translated by: honeysweetFatim @ iHenryELF
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