[110301] Ryeowook’s Thanks To~ Messages in Super Junior M Album ‘Perfection’

3 Mar

Ryeowook :
The God who has always been taking care of us, thank you! My family who I can’t meet often!! Father and mother I love you~ It must have been hard to meet your son right.. I’m so sorry! I will work harder.. My grandmother, who had been praying for me even before she passed away.. Just as what grandmother hopes, I will become the healthy Ryeowook that pursues victory~!! My brother Jungwook, who would work hard no matter where he is~ You have to learn from me!! Hehe brother I love you~ Grandmother also told me to take care of you~!! You racal, treat me better! My Super Junior members whom I’ve become one with!! I cherish each and every one of you~ I really love all of you^^ Our manager hyung and noonas, HEE STORY’s noonas and workers at the beauty shop who had been working hard everyday because of us, thank you. Yoonjung noona, you have to work hard~!~^^
I’ve always been very thankful towards you, you know that right?^^ Jongseok hyung who rectified me from my body to my spirit, thank you~ really*. If there isn’t SM, a lot of people won’t know Ryeowook~ I’ve always felt very thankful~I will repay you!! Teacher Lee Sooman (,) I wish you good health~Our dearest E.L.F!! I will love all of you forever >o<

Translated by kaorupanda & ★//囧酥餅 @ SJ-WORLD.NET
Shared by: Munny @ iRyeowookELF.wordpress.com

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