[110305/NEWS] Super Junior-M discusses women they find to be “Too Perfect”

6 Mar


Super Junior-M recently visited Taiwan, where they held a press conference on their new album and attended an interview with Hit FM. During the interview, they revealed the true meaning behind their album title “Too Perfect” and their own ideal types.

Siwon explained that the reason why their new album’s title “Too Perfect” has a similar pronunciation to “Taiwan Girls” is because of their manager. Aside from the different tones, the two phrases are both pronounced “tai wan mei” in Mandarin. According to Siwon, it’s “because our manager had always wanted to marry a Taiwanese women, thus this album/song name was used.”

The members were asked to name the type of girls they consider to be “Too Perfect.” Siwon answered, “The first glance must always be the eyes of the other party. I think that sincerity is shown in the eyes; any woman who has a pair of pure looking eyes is a perfect woman.”

Ryeowook, on the other hand, melted hearts with his answer, “My fans are all perfect women.” New SJ-M member Eunhyuk drew laughter when he answered, “Women who love me, regardless of who they are, are all too perfect!”

What do you think of their answers?

Sources: Yahoo! Taiwan and SJ-World
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