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[110307] Ryeowook at SJM CCTV ‘The Avenue of Stars’ Recording Part 3 | 6P

10 Mar

CCTV ‘The Avenue of Stars’ Recording Super Junior M | Ryeowook BIAS – From 110307 [15P]

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Part 1 | Part 2 |

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[110223/NEWS] Super Junior-M: Performance on a China TV show is the ‘start’ to promotions

10 Mar

The new mini album, “Too Perfect”, which revealed itself through a series of photo stills and then the music video, has wowed netizens and fans alike in Asia. Super Junior’s mandarin sub-unit, Super Junior-M, appeared in a China program on the 22nd, kick-starting their promotional activities in the Chinese industry. With the start of promotions, in order to perform in a Chinese TV program, on the afternoon of 22nd of February, Super Junior-M arrived in Beijing, with about 1000 fans there to welcome them. However, because of the fans enthusiasm, and for the safety of both the members and the fans, the members were taken out of the airport through another route. On this day, which Super Junior-M will appear on TV around 100 stations, including the “Ying Yue Feng Yun Bang”* and BTV, along with a few other channels. The show, “Yu Le Xian Chang”* which invites guests over, will introduce their new mini album “Too Perfect”, marking the start of all promotional activities. On the 23rd, there will be a CCTV entertainment show, “Happy Fan Meeting”, where it will the first time they will being going to as special guests. Being the first show Super Junior-M recorded, the starting was the song from their new mini album, “Too Perfect” and the solo “Destiny”. Other songs performed include “Super Girl” and “At Least I Still Have You”, making the Chinese fans go wild with excitement. The title song, “Too Perfect” is a product from the same producers which brought you BoA’s Eat You Up, Remee and Roelsen. Accompanied with a melodious tune and catchy lyrics, is the catchy dance move. Releasing the MV on the 21st, it became a hit among internationals fans, and thus the birth of another hit song. China’s biggest website, “Xin Lang” also had Super Junior-M’s “Too Perfect” MV on their website, catching the attention of those fans who resides in China. This time, the mini album will be launched in Taiwan’s market on the 25th, followed by the Asia market. The Korean version of “Too Perfect” will be released in Korea on the 28th and many websites and shops have already had the albums stocked for the market, showing the enthusiasm for these people. On the other hand, Super Junior-M has finished the recording of CCTV “Happy Fan Meeting” on the 23rd, and will being going to Taiwan on the 24th for their album release press conference. *: both shows are music programs

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[110310/SCAN] Super Junior in Bintang Special Collector’s Issue

10 Mar

This magazine actually consists of 82 full-color pages about SS2 Malaysia, Indonesian ELF, SS3 Singapore, the absence of Kangin, Kibum, Hankyung, the introduction of each sub group, etc. However, some of them had been posted on SJW and others are just trivial information most of us already know =) so I omitted them. And, sorry for the LQ pics; don’t have scanner here

SUPER SHOWSuper Junior’s & ELF’s Great Performance

Super Show, Super Junior’s tour concert has begun in 2008. When Super Junior started their first Super Show in Korea, they just released two albums, plus the mini albums from their sub-groups, K.R.Y, Super Junior T, and Super Junior M. In Korea, the first Super Show was held in Olympic Fencing Gymnasium, Seoul, on January 22nd and 28th. Because the first and second concert’s tickets were sold out in minutes, the management and event organizer added another concert on February 22nd with 120,000 tickets sold out in five minutes. The success of Super Show in Korea encouraged SM Entertainment to expand the concert to Thailand, Shanghai, and Nanjing, China. Some cities like Hong Kong, Taipei, and Takyo* also made a request to hold Super Show, but their requests were refused due to tight schedule. The first Super Show ended in Chengdu, China, on March 2009.

With the success of the third album, Sorry Sorry, Super Junior held the second Super Show on July 2009. The song “Sorry Sorry” which was booming made SuJu more well-known in various countries in Asia. The request for Super Show increased. Thus, out of Seoul, Super Show 2 (SS2) was planned to be held in 15 countries in Asia. But at the end, SS2 was held in 9 cities (including Seoul); Hong Kong, Shanghai, Bangkok, Nanjing, Beijing, Taipei, Kuala Lumpur, and Manila.

Many Indonesian ELF went to SS2 in Bangkok and Malaysia. Because of the super cool-SS2’s “addiction”, many of Indonesian ELF urged various music group promoters to bring Super Show 3 (SS3) to Indonesia. Unfortunately, even until SS3 begun in Korea last August, there was still no EO or Indonesian promoter who succeeded. Thus, Singapore’s SS3 became the main target for Indonesian ELF. Before Singapore, SS3 has been held in Korea, Qingdao, Beijing, Nanjing, Guangzhou, and Bangkok. After Singapore, SuJu will continue SS3 in Kuala Lumpur, Manila, and Hochiminh City. So, for you guys who haven’t watch SS3, you still have chance!

*should be Tokyo

The most impressive moments in Singapore’s SS3 (second show):
•The tribute moment for Kangin. All SuJu’s members pretended playing the musical instruments, then Kangin appeared in form of 3D video approaching his friends. That scene represented that all SuJu’s members could feel his existence, although he wasn’t with them. The atmosphere became more heart warming when the white confetti flew down with the heart-shaped paper plane. We even shed tears in that moment.
•The funny scene occurred when Kyuhyun shook hand with the audience. Suddenly Shindong appeared from the opposite direction, and Kyuhyun shook hand with Shindong like how he did it with the fans.
•While the members were wearing the vegetable costume, Siwon hit Yesung. Right after Yesung made the sad face. Siwon hugged him soon but he refused.
•The part of Heechul becoming Lady gaga, and Shindong, Donghae, and Eunhyuk becoming Beyonce. Ah, totally genius!
•The performance of Henry Lau with the piano and singing Justin Bieber’s “Baby” is also one of the daebak parts!
•When seeing a scrap book made by ELF for him, Yesung directly took and read it carefully. He looked mesmerized with the ELF’s work. Sungmin also did the same thing. He was so happy to see someone made him a scrap book.
•Beside of shaking hand with fans, Donghae often took the fans’ camera and took picture of him with the fans. Oh right, it’s luckier for the fans who got Heechul’s Polaroid picture. Note, guys: don’t hesitate pushing your camera forward when the members walked in front of you. They like taking pictures!
•Siwon knows for sure how to get women’s heart. One of his actions on Super Show stage, (is) unbuttoning his shirt and showing off his sixpack abdominal muscles. Oh my Won!
•At the end of the show, Eunhyuk got a pack of rice snack. Not only eating it alone, he also shared it with the audience.
•When Heechul ran around the stage while holding a big red flag with his name written on it.
•Leeteuk mentioned Indonesia, one sign of Indonesian ELF’s strong existence.
•Yesung, Siwon, and Eunhyuk wore the gold medals from Indonesian ELF.
•If in SS2 Malaysia last year Shindong was wearing the blangkon* from Indonesian ELF, in SS3 Singapore he wore the blangkon again with Batik** shirt and pants!

* a traditional Javanese headdress worn by men and made of batik fabric
** a cloth that traditionally uses a manual wax-resist dyeing technique

Meeting Super Junior boys for the first time in 2006
In 2006, Korean fever occurred in Indonesia through serial Dae Jang Geum. When that serial came to its tenth episode, I and Bambang (the photographer) were assigned to Seoul for interview with Lee Young Ae and the supporters of this serial. We were accompanied by Hur Young Soon or Ayu who acted as the connector and translator during our stay in Seoul. There was happiness but more anxiousness for the difficulty of seeing and interviewing Korean artists. Moreover in their booming stage like then, you can imagine how difficult it was.
The first day in Korea, we were still adapting to the extremely cold weather. The body felt frozen when the temperature came to minus 20 Celsius degree. The wind seemed like crushing the bone. Although tiring and stressful, I got precious experiences. Getting interviewed by the local media after the Spring Waltz press conference and appearing in local newspaper were awesome experiences. But the most exciting part was the meeting with Super Junior. At that time, Super Junior wasn’t as popular as now. They were still the newbie, the new group under SM Entertainment. Their single, “Miracle” always played in radio and TV but their popularity was still far below TVXQ or better known with Dong Bang Sin Ki.
The foreign reporters didn’t get around them. At least Japanese and Chinese media were still concerning on the other groups. Meanwhile, Indonesian media hadn’t reported about Super Junior and if I’m allowed to feel a bit proud, looks like I’m the first reporter in Indonesia who met and held a direct interview with them. Super Junior’s members were still 12 people. One sure thing is their self confidence weren’t in the same level with the present. They were still very polite and shy when meeting with the media. Their physical appearance weren’t as spectacular as now. They were still skinny and weren’t muscular. Their idol’s aura also hadn’t shined as brightly as now. Lee Teuk as the leader came forward more often as the spokesperson. Maybe it was only Shin Dong who showed the enthusiasm in meeting the media. My journey of meeting Super Junior began when Ayu invited me to MBC’s studio to watch M Countdown. There were many singers who could be interviewed. And for the first time I saw how hilarious K-Pop fans in Korea. The teens in their school uniform filled the parking yard. They didn’t care about the cold weather at all. There was no snow, but the temperature outside wasn’t more than minus 10 Celsius degree. Sweater, jacket, and even the three-layer clothes felt insufficient to fight the coldness. Waiting for one of S.H.E’s members out of her trailer for ten minutes had made me shivering. (But) Those young fans could even stand for more than one hour to come in and watch this music show. Accompanied by Ayu, I could directly enter the artist’s place. Honestly, I didn’t know much about K-Pop. Ayu as my guide and translator also didn’t know much. We were stunned when we saw the duo Fly to The Sky. Naively, I asked how many albums they had released. Fortunately, Brian was very friendly and fluent in English so I felt more comfortable and more excited about K-Pop.
After talking with Fly to The Sky, the show producer poked Ayu and asked if we wanted to interview Super Junior. I and Ayu looked on each other. Both of us didn’t know who Super Junior was. Actually during staying in Seoul, wherever I went, I always heard “Miracle” played. But I and Ayu didn’t know them. Ayu left Korea for such a long time and there were some young singers whom she didn’t know, including Super Junior. Seeing our confused expression, the producer spoke right after. “They are a new group which is going to be famous. They have so many fans. The teens who are waiting outside, most of them come to see Super Junior’s performance,” Ayu told me the producer’s words. Finally I nodded and we were brought to Super Junior’s waiting room. Some fans who accidentally stood near us screamed hysterically when they saw some Super Junior’s members through the opened door. I was shocked and ensured that there was something special with this group’s performance. As I entered the waiting room, I felt a bit nervous because twelve pairs of eyes were directly looking at me. The producer then explained about us and our intention. I couldn’t forget Leeteuk’s face. Since the first time he knew that I was from the media, he seemed leading the other members to greet and bow with greeting. Shindong with the happy face also said something in Korean. Imitating them, I also bowed. To be honest I felt nervous, the same feeling Super Junior’s members also had then.
However, that awkward feeling didn’t last long. Leeteuk, with authority, explained about their background and introduced me to each member. Beside Leeteuk, I could easily remember the sweet Heechul, Shindong who had the biggest body with the gentlest smile, and Siwon who I thought the most handsome one. Heechul just smiled shyly and nodded politely when I smiled to him. Meanwhile, Shindong was far more expressive. Other than bowing, he also smiled widely while shouting, “Annyeonghaseo, manneseo bangabseubnida.” The warm attitude in the coldness of Seoul’s weather could melt out the awkward atmosphere. Slowly, the conversation became more exciting. The other members like Ki Bum, Sungmin, Kangin, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Ryeowook also began to open themselves and conversation built up. These young teens were gathered from few places and since the time they got into the SM management, during the days with no performance, they practiced for hours. From the physical training to dance and vocal training. There was almost no time for personal life. They even admitted that they were all single. There was no time for dating. If they were Indonesian artists, I definitely would admit that I was still single and available. Well, who knows they liked a “little” miss like me. (*
These Super Junior’s kids even stayed in an exclusive complex for SM’s artists. Imagine how interesting to have 12 boys in one house. It had to be crowded and seeing from the way they laughed and their naughty expression, it was expectable how chaotic their dorm was. There had to be conflict and according to Leeteuk, it was the way to know each member’s character. After living, practicing and working together, they felt like brothers. Even the members called Leeteuk Hyung, or older brother. After the interview, the members persuaded me to taking picture together. However, being together with 12 sweet boys like that, I was nervous and didn’t’ have enough self-confidence. Moreover, on that day I had hugged and taken pictures with more than 15 Korean artists. I was afraid to get mocked when I went back to Indonesia. Why a reporter liked to take pictures with artists, just like the new reporter. That was the mocking I would hear when I went back. Afraid of being the mocking target by my friends in office, I refused to take picture together. Although I extremely regret it now. I couldn’t show it off to my friends who are addicted with K-Pop. But fortunately the Super Junior’s members gave me their CD plus signature of each member. Until now, I still save the CD though many of my friends are tempted to get it. This February 2011 I wish I can see and interview them again in Manila. I want to see the more matured Leeteuk, the sweeter and adorable Heechul, the more macho and sexy Siwon with his six packs abdomen, and Shindong who is skinnier but still having that naughty smile. Saranghae Super Junior!

*it’s the writer’s way of showing herself wishing for something which is likely not going to happen. It can be literally translated as (

SuJu’s Fifth Album for this year?
On Singapore’s SS3 stage, Choi Siwon delivered the happy news for ELF. “We are going to release the fifth album, guys!” he said. While audience still clapped and cheered out, Donghae interrupted, “Yes, maybe 4 years more…” and got hit by the others. The rumor about SuJu’s fifth album became the hot topic in internet. There was even gossip about the song’s title. It was said that SuJu’s new song in the fifth album is titled “GotchaNumba” and would be created by American composer, Good Will. On his Twitter account, @goodwillbeats, the man who is New York origin repeatedly tells about his interest in Super Junior. Good Will wrote, if his followers reached 1000 people, he would make a song for Super Junior. “I’ll make u guys a deal: if @MGIproducer & I both hit 1000 followers this week, we’ll make a song for Super Junior fans in February. Deal?” he wrote. “So u know – this song is gonna b for you guys – The FANS  — we already did one for SUJU (#gotchanumba), so this song is gonna for YOU!” We know for sure how ELF around the world exists in Twitter, right? This Good Will’s tweet got a huge response from ELF. Moreover @MGIproducer’s twitter also confirmed Good Will’s statement. But, as there’s still no official statement from SM Entertainment about Good Will’s tweet, it’s better to not be too sure. Just wait for the good news from SuJu and SM Entertainment.

Heechul, the narcissist Cinderella
With his eccentric’s style and attitude, Heechul has special attractiveness in Super Junior. He’s known as a member with unique personality. He can be someone handsome and macho, but he can also play beautiful like a woman, thus one of his favorite nicknames is Cinderella. Heechul also likes to imitate woman’s style. His performance as Lady Heehee-imitating Lady Gaga- in SS3 made the audience laugh till tearing. It’s said that before debut in Super Junior, SuJu’s members ever bet that Heechul could get into the female’s washroom without being recognized. And it’s right. When he entered the female’s washroom, another girl’s reaction was, “Wah, she’s so tall.”
Heechul’s other characteristic is his high level of narcissism and his addiction to internet. No wonder if in the press conference in Singapore, he said, “I’m genius!” In the past, he liked to update his blog. Now in Twitter era, he’s the most diligent member in tweeting and posting his personal pictures. (,) From his childhood pictures to his backstage pictures. So if you’re Heechul’s fan, follow the twitter @heedictator, and you’ll get the unexpected pictures from him, just like these pictures.

Super Junior Loves Their Family
Out of home, they’re idols. In home, SuJu’s members are no different than the children, the older or younger brothers. They are also close to their parents, or playing with their older or younger brother or sister. Except for Shindong, we can easily find the family and childhood pictures of the members. Some members’ siblings are also close with the other members’ siblings. For example, the older siblings of Heechul, Kyuhyun, and Eunhyuk. They’re close because they’re about in the same age. Just imagine if all SuJu’s members gather together with their family. Wow it’s gonna be so hilarious!

Source: Bintang Special Collector’s Issue: Super Junior
Translation by: Tinniet
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[110310/PIC] Super Junior M with Staffs at Rayli Magazine Photoshoot

10 Mar

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