[110223/NEWS] Super Junior-M: Performance on a China TV show is the ‘start’ to promotions

10 Mar

The new mini album, “Too Perfect”, which revealed itself through a series of photo stills and then the music video, has wowed netizens and fans alike in Asia. Super Junior’s mandarin sub-unit, Super Junior-M, appeared in a China program on the 22nd, kick-starting their promotional activities in the Chinese industry. With the start of promotions, in order to perform in a Chinese TV program, on the afternoon of 22nd of February, Super Junior-M arrived in Beijing, with about 1000 fans there to welcome them. However, because of the fans enthusiasm, and for the safety of both the members and the fans, the members were taken out of the airport through another route. On this day, which Super Junior-M will appear on TV around 100 stations, including the “Ying Yue Feng Yun Bang”* and BTV, along with a few other channels. The show, “Yu Le Xian Chang”* which invites guests over, will introduce their new mini album “Too Perfect”, marking the start of all promotional activities. On the 23rd, there will be a CCTV entertainment show, “Happy Fan Meeting”, where it will the first time they will being going to as special guests. Being the first show Super Junior-M recorded, the starting was the song from their new mini album, “Too Perfect” and the solo “Destiny”. Other songs performed include “Super Girl” and “At Least I Still Have You”, making the Chinese fans go wild with excitement. The title song, “Too Perfect” is a product from the same producers which brought you BoA’s Eat You Up, Remee and Roelsen. Accompanied with a melodious tune and catchy lyrics, is the catchy dance move. Releasing the MV on the 21st, it became a hit among internationals fans, and thus the birth of another hit song. China’s biggest website, “Xin Lang” also had Super Junior-M’s “Too Perfect” MV on their website, catching the attention of those fans who resides in China. This time, the mini album will be launched in Taiwan’s market on the 25th, followed by the Asia market. The Korean version of “Too Perfect” will be released in Korea on the 28th and many websites and shops have already had the albums stocked for the market, showing the enthusiasm for these people. On the other hand, Super Junior-M has finished the recording of CCTV “Happy Fan Meeting” on the 23rd, and will being going to Taiwan on the 24th for their album release press conference. *: both shows are music programs

Source: Chosun
Shared by: AYOSHIARI@sj-world.net Korean –
Chinese Translation: SJ’s Baidu Bar Chinese –
English Translation: ミ mholic ★@sj-world.net
Poster by: Pia tan @ iRyeowookELF.wordpress.com

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