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[110315/NEWS] Super Junior “Super Show 3″ attracted the most number of viewers in Taiwan, sets new record

15 Mar

Super Junior’s 3rd Asia tour captivated Taiwan fans.

On the 14th (,) SM entertainment announced “Super Junior drew a total of 30 thousand viewers through . With the title of the first international artist to sell out all 3 arena concerts in Taipei, (they successfully) set a new record.”

For the 3 days from 11th to 13th, Super Junior held a total of 3 concerts consecutively in Taiwan’s largest indoor venue, Taipei Arena, resulting in the enthusiasm of the 30 000-audience. Especially (the fact) that this is the first time a series of 3 concerts were held by foreign singers in Taipei Arena, the largest indoor venue of Taiwan. Super Junior’s 3 concerts were all sold out, attracted the most number of viewers, and also set a new record, receiving recognition.

The concerts (held in Taiwan) included Super Junior’s hit tracks , , , individual members’ performances, sub-group stages such as Super Junior-T and Super Junior-M,
as well as the stage by special guests, The Trax. Approximately 3 hours, 30 songs of elegant and spectacular performances, raised the heat among the audience.

Super Junior took the first place for 36 weeks in Kkbox Korean Japanese charts with their 2009 3rd jib song track , and proceeded on to take the top position last year, with their 4 jib track for a total of 42 weeks in the same chart.

Super Junior is expected to continue in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on the 19th March.
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[110315/NEWS] Super Show 3 3D’ more lifelike, intense and twice of sensation felt

15 Mar

“The sweat on the members’ faces surfaced, their breathing sounds lingering in the ears.”

The media premiere of Super Junior’s first 3D movie was successfully held on the 24th.

In regards to fans who requested to have a first glimpse of Super Junior’s live video, a premiere of was organised on the 23th 6pm at Wangsimni CGV.

On this day (,) before the 3D movie was shown (,) a press conference was held, Super Junior members Leeteuk, Yesung, Shindong attended. Although the other members could not make it due to their schedule, the theatre was still filled with cheering voices when the trio appeared.

Leader Leeteuk shared (his) feelings, “Really very curious, feeling very good (too), (it’s) an experience”, “The sensation in the concert had a lifelike feeling in the cinema theatre.” He too (,) expressed (his) hopes “Super Show 4 which will be held in the future, it’d be good if they are made into 3D movies just like this.”

After which (,) Shindong and Yesung stated, “Being able to view the images shown in the concert, in the theatre, feels really like a dream.”, “(We) feel very proud, it’s blissful to be able to let everyone see our fruitful efforts.”

This day (,) the guests and media proved the popularity of hallyu star Super Junior. (The purpose of) this media premiere is to relive the atmosphere of the concert, (thus) Super Junior 3D light sticks and 3D glasses were provided on a free basis, creating a lively ambience.

was filmed in Super Junior’s 3rd Asia tour held in Seoul Olympic Park Stadium last year in August, using 3D cameras. The special part was, compared to Super Junior’s performance in , (their) elegant looks attracted attention. Adding on to the fact that it is a 3D movie, the image of members hanging in the air using wires and (their) intense performance make it feel just like an actual performance.

Members Eunhyuk and Shindong walked to the sides of the stage director, (and) maintained close distance with a level of fans, the stage settings which were filled with their hard work steered the 3D film.

In the movie (,) Super Junior Heechul and members of The Trax were on the drums, performing , members’ group dances (included) , , Super Junior-T retained the trot stage (with) , (and lastly) Yesung’s solo stage with . Regardless of a solo or group stage, the charm of each member were displayed.

With the orchestra performance version of (featured) in Handel’s opera , the 3D movie which lasted for 80 minutes ended remarkably.

In particular, the video appearance of Kangin (,) who is currently in the army, shook the hearts of fans.

A world-class stage, a 3D concert movie in which the power of Super Junior could be vividly felt. Super Junior’s passionate performance, (together) with fans armed with the sapphire blue light sticks. The sapphire blue sea showed a different kind of impress.

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[NEWS] Super Junior Makes 30,000 Audiences go wild in Taiwan

15 Mar

Male group Super Junior mesmerized Taiwan with their third Asia tour Super Show 3.

Super Show 3 which started in Seoul and was also held in Qingdao, Beijing, Nanching, Guangzhou, Bangkok, Yokohama and Shanghai is receiving overwhelming response wherever they go. This time, Super Show 3 landed in Taiwan and held 3 shows, making 30,000 audiences go wild.
It was a first time for foreign singers to have 3 consecutive shows at Taiwan’s biggest concert hall, Taipei Arena. Super Junior showed off their ticket power by having their 3 shows sold out and mobilizing the largest number of audience for the first time.

Super Junior previously was number one for 36 weeks on Taiwan’s Korean Japanese must chart with the title song “Sorry Sorry” from their third album released in 2009. Last year, their unrivaled popularity was confirmed once again with their fourth album title song “Miinah” becoming number one on the same chart for 42 weeks.

In the concert, Super Junior performed their hit songs including “Sorry Sorry” and “Miinah.” Also, there were performance from various units and individual members. Guest, Trax performed “Oh! My Goddess.” Super Junior presented grand and diverse performances to the audience by singing over 30 songs for three hours.

Taiwanese fans prepared group cheers for this concert using the color blue which represents Super Junior. Taiwanese fans all threw their blue balloons and blue confetti in the air, making the stadium look like a waterfall. They also moved Super Junior members by showing various phrases using light sticks.

Meanwhile Super Junior who finished their Taiwan concert successfully will continue their third Asia tour Super Show 3 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on March 19th.

Source: TVDaily
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[110314/NEWS] Super junior in Philippine Star newspaper

15 Mar

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[110315] Super Junior M (without Siwon) in Cool Music Magazine

15 Mar 石小肥
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[110315/NEWS] Super Show 3 Manila: Every fan girl’s super dream

15 Mar

Super Show 3: The 10 incredibly talented boys danced and sang their hearts out in the three-hour show. — Photos by Revoli Cortez

MANILA, Philippines – Much has been said about Super Show 3, which was held last Feb. 26 at the Araneta Coliseum. Some claimed that it was crazy, others expressed it was the “best show that they’ve seen.” But really, everyone would agree that they got more than what they paid for.

The much-awaited concert was planned and prepared for almost half a year by Pulp Live Productions — the same people who bring us the yearly rock fest, PULP SummerSlam. Indeed, they have proven once again why they’re one of the leaders in the industry with the high production value of Super Junior’s Manila leg show. The quality of the concert is the same quality that fans from across Asia experience. In fact, word has it that many of the equipment and props were even flown in from Korea, Singapore and Bangkok.

Though the concert itself was just for one night, the festivities began the day prior withSuper Junior Fiesta. Fans from different organizations, clubs and fora gathered at the parking lot of Araneta Coliseum in celebration of SuJu’s music and half-a-decade career. There were performances from cover groups, concessionaires selling SJ items and of course, ELFs who proudly proclaimed their love for their biases through their shirts and fan signs. Given that it was organized by PULP, too, it seems like it’s not only Super Junior who knows how to do fan service!

Ten thousand people filled up the coliseum. Those were the same people who fought to get the best seats in the venue, regardless of the cost. And I believe that none of the 10,000 went home disappointed. The show was so visually and aurally gratifying that it was like a cross between Star Wars and The Beatles. The boys were singing in Korean, Chinese and English and some of them performed in drag or while hitched up from the trusses! Everyone was screaming and throwing random stuffed toys and dried mangoes at the boys. It was an insane atmosphere and you wouldn’t understand the level of passion that the Filipino fans have for Super Junior unless you got to experience it first-hand in their Super Show concert.

To say that the concert was epic is an understatement. There were pyro, laser lights, a rotating stage, humongous circular LED screens and 10 incredibly talented boys who danced and sang their hearts out in the three-hour show for the audience. Truth be told,Super Show 3 was every fangirl’s dream come true.

Source: Philippine Star
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[110315/NEWS] SJ Three consecutive concerts completed satisfactorily, support Japanese earthquake disaster from overseas

15 Mar

Popular Korean idol group Super Junior held concerts at Taipei’s Super Dome for three consecutive days, besides giving lots of fan ‘service’, the members were also touched by Taiwanese E.L.F (name of SJ fans), even if injured they still went into battle!  While at their second concert SJ expressed their concern at the huge earthquake in Japan’s north-east and they sent their support and encouragement over the sea, Leeteuk and Siwon stated that there were many Japanese fans who had come for the  Taiwan concerts, they hoped that through the concerts it would give everyone strength.

The journey to Taiwan this time was for three days of concerts, during the encore the SJ members’ performances got even bigger, shaking hands is not rare, but they did all kinds of things such as taking Polaroids together and signing autographs, which made it totally worth it for the fans in the front row of the second level.  Besides their good service to the fans, the fighting spirit of the members was even better, Shindong had actually strained a ligament in his left leg during the first concert, for the last two concerts he was even bandaged to go into battle and he flew around the whole venue.  While Heechul who had his face injured in China was encouraged by the passion of the fans, he even expressed his thanks to the Taiwanese fans for letting him regain his smile, at the end his mood was so good he removed his face mask, which lead to waves of screaming.

In addition, Taiwanese E.L.F gave enthusiastic support, at the final concert on the 13thprior to the climax being reached, when many blue ribbons all appeared, it made the members on stage incredibly happy.  Finally they also celebrated Eunhyuk’s birthday again, the members picked up spring water bottles and had a water fight, but towards the end Kyuhyun accidentally slipped and hit his knee, luckily there was no serious injury.  This drew a perfect ending for the Taipei concerts.  This time SJ had their performance inside, while outside the stadium the preliminary estimate of official concert merchandise sold over the three days was NT$7,500,000, avex taiwan which is responsible for the arrangements for selling of goods stated that due to many people outside the stadium selling self-imported or unofficial goods, it had some affect.

The Taiwan stop of their third tour successfully ended after three days of battle, the SJ members will leave Taiwan in two groups in the morning on the 14th, firstly it will be at 8.10am on flight CI160 and then again at midday on flight KE692.

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15 Mar

Taipei, March 13 (CNA) Thousands of fans of South Korean boy band Super Junior thronged Taipei Arena Sunday for the group’s final concert on its second tour in Taiwan. Lined up outside the Super Show three hours before the afternoon show, many fans, mostly girls and young women, were carrying hand-made posters with Korean characters, glowsticks and other props for the concert. Some held a red rose folded in paper — distributed for free by one of the band members’ fan clubs — while waiting to watch their idols. Wendy Yeh, a club staffer, said they arrived as early as eight in the morning to wait for the 3 p.m. show. The roses were to be used to cheer for Donghae and Eunhyuk, two of the band’s 12 members, during the concert, Yeh added. The 11,000 seats available for each of the three concerts on this tour were sold out long before this weekend, in part because the pop band’s concerts are said to be like parties, with lots of interaction between the performers and fans. Fans who attended the first two shows were overjoyed to see the stars up close and the band’s performance of Mandarin songs made them swoon, according to posts on Internet bulletin boards. The band, whose 2009 hit “Sorry, Sorry” stood as the best-selling Korean-language album in many Asian countries, including China and Thailand, was the first overseas music group to hold three concerts in a row in Taiwan. The three shows were said to rake in NT$84 million (US$28.5 million), according to local media.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel
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