[110321/NEWS] 10000 fans brave the rain to give their support, SJ who’s close to the people kept on captivating attention

21 Mar

South Korean heavenly group Super Junior (abbreviated as SJ) brought the rain with them; during their three-hour concert they stayed true to their “audience-first” motto, and kept on giving off flying kisses to the fans, tirelessly showing a heart sign, throwing presents and more, putting out their best skills to interact with their fans. Aside from continuously saying “I love you”, they even did as the Romans do, learning the Malay word “Apa khabar!* I love Malaysia” to shock close to ten thousand fans!

There are more and more people who are getting injured in this time’s concert. Earlier, during the Taiwan leg of the tour, Heechul sustained an injury on the left side of his face, Shindong tore a ligament in his left foot, and special guest TRAX member Jungmo twisted his foot, but all of these were not able to stop them from exuding their superb charms on stage this time. With a total of 12 people, SJ members – Leeteuk, Shindong, Siwon, Kyuhyun, Yesung, Eunhyuk, Heechul, Sungmin, Donghae and Ryeowook, and also SJ-M’s Zhou Mi and Henry were all complete during the Malaysia stop of the concert, and during the three hours, they kept sending off captivating glances at the fans all around the venue!
Siwon and Kyuhyun were the most polite, as whenever they approach the audience they would give off a “heart pose” and shake their hands with fans; Yesung would act cute from time to time; leader Leeteuk, on the other hand, kept on bowing to the fans, and Eunhyuk’s ultimate move was when he was giving out the balls to the fans. He would kiss the ball before distributing it to the fans, causing the fans to scramble for the objects and engage in a huge “snatching battle”! Aside from that, Donghae was being congenial, even taking the fans’ cameras and took a selca of himself.
Heechul cancels impersonation of Lady HeeHee
Heechul, whom still had a scar on his face, also cancelled his “Lady HeeHee” performance segment in addition to wearing a pair of sunglasses and a face mask to cover up his injury; aside from that, it also seemed as though Shindong’s foot injury hasn’t completely healed up yet, and he looked extra careful while dancing. However, he was still as playful as ever, and kept on playing with the presents that the fans threw on stage; aside from that, Donghae was hit in the head by a towel that was thrown at him by a fan, and he even pretended to be hurt to tease the fans. However, after a round of “throwing” battle at one another, the presents and confetti caused the stage to be in a mess everywhere.
On that night, aside from dancing and singing, the SJ members even played pranks on each other while on stage. In addition to doing all sorts of provocation and pretending to be arguing with each other, the members also pushed another member over and pretended to ‘step’ on him. Kyuhyun was the most overboard one, because even though Eunhyuk fell to the ground and couldn’t get up while being in his “mushroom” costume, he didn’t even bother pulling him up.
Appeal to fans to pray for the disaster victims in Japan
During the members’ solo segments, following Ryeowook who sang “One Fine Spring Day”, Kyuhyun also performed the song “New Endless Love”, and their accurate Chinese pronunciations evoked the passionate cheers from all of the fans in the venue. Aside from that, Donghae and Eunhyuk had a sexy intimate dance with a female dancer; in addition to Eunhyuk having his behind touched by the dancer, Donghae even danced in front of the female dancer’s chest, causing the fans to scream in protest! Before the end of the concert, Siwon also told the fans that “Everyone knows about the earthquake in Japan right? Let us all pray for Japan.”
The labelling of SJ as the ‘rain gods’ was definitely not in vain, because on the day of the concert, heavy rain fell at the concert venue before the opening, but it still attracted up to ten thousand fans to show their support. After the concert had ended, SJ immediately rushed to the airport, and took the 12.05am flight back to South Korea.
* ‘Apa khabar’ = how are you
Source: Nanyang
Translated by eternalsnow @ SJ-WORLD.NET
Shared by: Munny @ iRyeowookELF.wordpress.com
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