[110327] SJ-M Happy Fan Meeting Was Not As Happy As You Think

27 Mar

I shall be responsible and tell everyone, the stage is very dirty, the members are sitting on the floor is because they are just so tired(and have no choice), I SAW KYUHYUN SITTING WITH HIS BACK TO THE FANS, SLUMPED IN THE CORNER, FULL OF SADNESS. Speaking the truth, none of the Chinese workers are happy, they all felt that the Korean side is too demanding, too perfectionist, merely a opening was recording 5 times SJ-M is the first ever. But thank god for their persistence, they managed to prevent a major accident! There is one part is the opening dance whereby Eunhyuk & Zhoumi descended from an elevator, IF NOT FOR THE COUNTLESS REHEARSALS, EUNHYUK WOULD HAVE BEEN DISABLED, because the elevator’s quality is totally not qualified! Especially the side that Eunhyuk stood on, the planks are brittle, which will break if too much force was applied, and the steel wires are just so unreliable, the elevator slanted halfway during the descend, whoever stood there will definitely fell for sure. Also, the stage, it was designed so unscientifically, SIWON’S FACE WAS ALMOST SCRATCHED MT STEEL WIRES WHILE HE WAS COMING DOWN FROM THE STAGE. Furthermore, the ‘tear gas’ dry-ice machines, fogging machines that gives you a shock of your life, and bubble machines that you have no way of escaping, it’s really traps everywhere.

:. Thanks Atnes for the tips =) .:

Credit: 赫小玄静待世界末日
Translated by: paperheartsMIN
Shared by: Munny @ iRyeowookELF.wordpress.com

.:Please take out with FULL CREDIT:.


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