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[110328] Update on SJM taiwan stay by staff from Super Dome [Update 2]

28 Mar

[Update 2]

Super Dome staff further update on the heaters in SJM dorms. I think this is probably in repsonse about wht SJM manager tweet previously about the heater issue.

Eng Translate –

Dear ELFs,
With regards to the heater issue which some of you are concern about earlier, I’ve checked with the staff and they said that the members room are fine (Timber flooring) whereas the manager room is colder (Tiled flooring) so everybody please ease your mind!

Speaking of the rooms, the members shared a small incident at the Media Tea Session today. For the allocation of the rooms, the members have this practice of playing a criss-cross line game where each member chooses their own line and walk toward the line that led into the room. Whichever room they landed up with shall be the room they will be staying! (All rooms have got different size and its one person to a room)

So the game turned out to be, Henry who has 100kg of luggage choose the smallest room.
(100kg of luggage?? Is Henry really staying for just 2months??)
The member further joke that when Henry return to the dorm, he would hug his instrument and cry…!

Then, Henry “Dream Lover” appeared, Donghae is willing to exchange room with Henry. “I’m the hyung and I’m a good person!” Henry reply with a hand gesture showing “I Love You!”

Donghae may give people an impression of a sweet talker but doing something like willing to change to a smaller room which is of disadvantage to him, he is indeed a thoughtful hyung!

There are some who say they don’t know what is RYEOWOOK trying to express? I think what RYEOWOOK was trying to express was, they took alot of photos in Taiwan but he has not upload onto Twitter at the moment because of the recent earthquake and tsunami disaster Japan had suffered. With so many people who are suffering, they can’t possibly keep posting photos of them visiting the night markets, enjoying delicious food and photos of their life in the dorm! (On general it should be this idea! Please correct if there is any mistake!!)

:.Super Dome Hou Wen Yan 2011.3.28.:

Source: Super Dome
Via: miaoding’s weibo
Translated by: Flora @
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[110327] Update on SJM taiwan stay by staff from Super Dome [Update 1]

28 Mar

[Update 1]

Dear ELFs
I rush back from Malaysia to Taiwan just to be in time to attend the Media Tea Session with SJM. The Members of M are happy to have a chance for “a short stay” in Taiwan. M Members are also satisfied with their dorm in Taipei and they felt it’s a pity that they are only staying for 2-3months!

Apart from Donghae and Siwon who will be filming the drama, the rest of the members will be learning chinese, practicing chinese songs, practicing dances and martial arts… (RYEOWOOK wants to learn cooking)!
Of cause, since they seldom have the chance to stay for a long time in Taiwan, they hope to shop, eat and play often!
They also hope that they will not only stay in their dorm to learn chinese but also learn chinese while enjoying in the hot spring and also learn chinese as they shop in the night market…!
(it seems like the members did some homework before coming to Taiwan)
Just that at the moment it seems a little hard for them to go out from their dorm…!

During the night when we gave M members a dinner treat, we also explained to them that 99.999999% of Taiwan ELF are supportive of not disturbing their private life and they had been passing the message around to fellow ELF not to hang around to wait for them or chase them in cars. M member are very understanding and wants us to thank everyone!
“Hopefully after 1-2weeks time we will be able to go out. Although we came Taiwan many times, but other then the airport, hotel, performance venue, we didn’t manage to visit any other places. This time round, during our 2months stay, hopefully we have the chance to go out!”

One of our staff asked M members if they heard the fanchant for Perfection during SS3 in Taiwan? “AMAZING” all the members replied simultaneously. Zhoumi who was appointed as the representative to reply said: It really amazing. Thereafter when we go Malaysia to perform Perfection, the fanchant was also the Taiwan version. This kind of fan support is really a “Perfection”.

In additional, RYEOWOOK said in chinese (in his original words): This time, took alot of photos in Taiwan, but Japan… (he uses hand gesture), can’t post on twitter now but will post it later because we are kind people!
(ELF should understand what is RYEOWOOK trying to express right? His chinese is so good and I got a shocked!)
(Everyone let’s wait for the members to update their twitter. They don’t update twitter not because they aren’t interested in Taiwan but because they are kind people!)

The above is a brief report on the member current situation.

Finally, I would like to talk about the waiting and chasing situation. As I am overseas, my staff had given me a brief explanation on this. The detailed situation is… there are about 20-30 fans idling around M members dorms. Like 2 days ago when the members went out to Carrefour and Ikea, there were about 100 fans following.
After this 2 days of advise from fellow ELF, the number of fans following decrease slightly like tonight’s dinner there were about 40-50 fans in the restaurant (more outside as they weren’t able to come in)

It’s not that the fans are rude, but there were some that pretend to go to the washroom and thereafter stand outside the members private room and stare at them eating…!
I can’t say that these fans are rude but if there is always somebody standing outside staring at the members eating, this meal will be a rather uncomfortable one.

Having said that, we hope everyone understand what the ELF are concern about this moment and we hope that the ELF can use a softer approach to advise each other. I believe it will work! (There is a clear decrease in number today!)

Thanks everyone and especially those that don’t idle around or chase in cars!

:.Super Dome Hou Wen Yan 2011.3.27.:

Source: Super Dome
Via: miaoding’s weibo
Translated by: Flora @
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[Random/Picspam] Yewook mini picspam for all Yewook shippers! | 56P

28 Mar

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[110327/TRANS] Super Junior on Malaysia Newspaper about SS3: Blue because of SUPER JUNIOR

28 Mar



Super Junior is one of the popular South Korean groups with most superb and agile dance choreography.

EVERYTHING turned bluish. That was the scenery of the Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil last Saturday, which was filled with thousands die-hard fans of this popular group from South Korea – Super Junior – since 4pm.

Even though this second visit (of Super Junior) was only attended by 9000 people, this concert called Super Show 3 is still eye-catching. The evidence is the stadium – which was opened since 4.30pm – was crowded with females of all ages, mostly teenagers.

It was like an odd phenomenon hearing the screams of the suddenly united fans echoed inside the stadium. When observed, it turned out there were groups of fans holding up banners with Suju members’ names.

It was just like a game; if a group of fans held up their green banner, the other fans will cheer happily for them. This is followed by another group of fans holding up a white banner with different member’s name, and the same phenomenon will be repeated again until they (the fans) had enough of it.

That was how it went until the stadium lights were turned off at 6pm sharp.

Once the huge screen at the end of the stage was done playing the introduction video, 10 handsome lads appeared on the round stage at the centre of the stadium.

Futuristic-concept Concert

All the waiting felt worth it when seeing the appearance of Heechul, Leeteuk, Yesung, Shindong, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Siwon, Ryeowook and Kyuhyun right in front of the eyes.

Appearing with style on the futuristic stage, they wasted no time in starting their performance with their killer song, Sorry Sorry Remix.

Performing energy-filled performances with brilliantly choreographed dance made Suju looked great in the eyes of their die-hard fans.

The performance was carried on with other hit songs including Super Girl, Don’t Don, No Other, Rokukeo (Rokkugo), Good Person and Tok Tok Tok. Other than that, sentimental and romantic songs were also sung individually by the Suju members.

Among the songs were One Fine Spring Day by Ryeowook, Shinbulryojung b Kyuhyun, Looking for the Day by Siwon, If You Leave by Sungmin and Kiss Goodbye by Leeteuk.

Meanwhile, Henry who showed his talents by playing the piano, received a round of applause when performing Baby (originally by Justin Bieber) in his own style.

The situation got hotter when he, who was wearing a red Bieber-like jacket, danced aggressively while singing the song specially for the fans. Besides that, other performances were also performed by duets.

It can be experienced from Ryeowook and Sungmin’s Bomnal and Eunhyuk and Donghae’s I Wanna Love You.

Super Show 3 was also an easy platform for all Suju’s die-hard fans to see the performance of Super Junior’s subgroup, that is, Super Junior KRY, Super Junior M. Also performing are Super Junior T and Super Junior H.

But there is one thing worth complimenting. Their lively performance on stage seemed like never slowed down even after few hours of performing.



Article by: SITI ATHIRAH DZULKIFLY @ Utusan ( Malaysian Newspaper)
Translated by: honeysweetFatim @ iHenryELF
Shared by: Munny @

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[110327/NEWS] Super Junior M stays in Taipei for promotions in Asia : Unable to freely go out due to follower fans

28 Mar

Finally fulfilling their wish which is to have a long stay in Taiwan, but SJ-M helplessly said “We can’t go out, cause there’s people following everywhere…” Super Junior who just held 3 days concerts in Taiwan in mid-March, their sub-unit Super Junior M who previously came to Taiwan planning for a long stay secretly for their better development in Chinese music industry joked in Chinese saying that “Contact us when you need model for your CF, prices are negotiable.” The members who wanted to be more into Taiwan live style, are unable to as there are too many fans around them, hence, causing them not able to freely go out. With a bit of disappointed expression, they told the reporter : Can’t really go out.

Under the arrangement from the Taiwan’s management company, SJM reached Taiwan and started the short period of staying. Apart from Siwon and Donghae who are going to shoot drama, other members also hope that they can do more different things. Donghae and Kyuhyun even joked together in Chinese: “Hope (we) have more activities in Taiwan, our prices are really negotiable.” Eunhyuk who next to them, teased Donghae : ” Even Underwear also can” which make all the audience laughed. This time (they) also hired a teacher to teach them Chinese, Kyuhyun added he had learned extra like “na a nei (why like this)” “ba do yao (hungry)”etc, a few Taiwanese sentences.

As for any place that they want to go after reaching Taiwan, Zhoumi said that they went to Shilin Night Market few days ago and they also went to famous Sichuan restaurant to have their meal and Henry also bought “Salty Crispy Chicken” to let everyone try. But when asked still have which place want to go, Donghae replied in a helpless tone, they are not really can and will go out because too many people will follow them. And when asked are they used to the food, Ryeowook replied that everyone except Eunhyuk, is well adapted and Sungmin started has the sign of gaining weight.

SJM who are going to stay in Taiwan for a period of time, said that now they are already arranging many activities and hope can have more close contact with the people who love them. And lastly, Siwon use Chinese to say : “We want to prove that this sentance “the higher the expectation is, the more disappointment will be” is wrong. Want to let everyone know that is worth it for waiting so long!”

Translated by: Elly @
.                           : Atnes @
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