[110328] Update on SJM taiwan stay by staff from Super Dome [Update 2]

28 Mar

[Update 2]

Super Dome staff further update on the heaters in SJM dorms. I think this is probably in repsonse about wht SJM manager tweet previously about the heater issue.

Eng Translate –

Dear ELFs,
With regards to the heater issue which some of you are concern about earlier, I’ve checked with the staff and they said that the members room are fine (Timber flooring) whereas the manager room is colder (Tiled flooring) so everybody please ease your mind!

Speaking of the rooms, the members shared a small incident at the Media Tea Session today. For the allocation of the rooms, the members have this practice of playing a criss-cross line game where each member chooses their own line and walk toward the line that led into the room. Whichever room they landed up with shall be the room they will be staying! (All rooms have got different size and its one person to a room)

So the game turned out to be, Henry who has 100kg of luggage choose the smallest room.
(100kg of luggage?? Is Henry really staying for just 2months??)
The member further joke that when Henry return to the dorm, he would hug his instrument and cry…!

Then, Henry “Dream Lover” appeared, Donghae is willing to exchange room with Henry. “I’m the hyung and I’m a good person!” Henry reply with a hand gesture showing “I Love You!”

Donghae may give people an impression of a sweet talker but doing something like willing to change to a smaller room which is of disadvantage to him, he is indeed a thoughtful hyung!

There are some who say they don’t know what is RYEOWOOK trying to express? I think what RYEOWOOK was trying to express was, they took alot of photos in Taiwan but he has not upload onto Twitter at the moment because of the recent earthquake and tsunami disaster Japan had suffered. With so many people who are suffering, they can’t possibly keep posting photos of them visiting the night markets, enjoying delicious food and photos of their life in the dorm! (On general it should be this idea! Please correct if there is any mistake!!)

:.Super Dome Hou Wen Yan 2011.3.28.:

Source: Super Dome
Via: miaoding’s weibo
Translated by: Flora @ iRyeowookELF.wordpress.com
Shared by: Munny  @iRyeowookELF.wordpress.com

.:Please take out with FULL CREDIT:.


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