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[110329/SCAN+TRANS] YG Magazine Mid – March Issue 368 | 6P

30 Mar

Translation for page 6: –

Super Junior – M continues…their perfection!

Oh ~ Perfection …… how can anyone not let them continue to be perfect! Super Junior-M, after a long absence, is now on Main Characters (主流人物)!
We can say that Super Junior M’s comeback is a better new start~ with ‘new members’ added – Sungmin and Eunhyuk, the group of course will have different big hit! We believe that there’s a lot of people wondering about the feelings and moments between the new combination of Super Junior M. Without further ado, lets’s bring ‘Perfection’ and ‘Love is Sweet’ to read the stories that Super Junior M share with us!

Translated by: Elly @

Translation for page 7: –

1. Kyuhyun admitted that Super Junior M is PER-FEC-TION! – The album is named “Perfection” which is a really great album title! As this is a new start, of course we should start with a perfect impression~ The album is perfect, performances are perfect, members showing off their perfect unique outlook too. But there are a little bit of sacrifices behind all these perfections!

2. Kyuhyun and Siwon : “The ‘new members’ can’t be left out!” – “Newly added members”, Sungmin and Eunhyuk, had been praised by “old members” Donghae, Kyuhyun, Siwon, Henry and Zhoumi that with them joining in Super Junior M had helped a lot!

3. “New members”, Sungmin and Eunhyuk, envy Super Junior M! – Sungmin and Eunhyuk, as new members of SJ-M, have a lot of share with everyone about being a part of Super Junior M. Especially on challenging singing Chinese songs, have they met any problems when singing before? While facing the “older members'” praise, how will they reply?

4. Kyuhyun, Henry love Jay Chou the most! – A popular topic was created because of a Chinese song “Love is Sweet” in Super Junior M’s mini album this time, which was written and composed by Jay Chou and Vincent Fang. At the same time, many netizens are curious about how Super Junior M perform the song Jay Chou wrote! Among the members, Kyuhyun and Henry are the two who really like Jay Chou. When asked about the collaboration with Jay Chou everyone, Kyuhyun always excitedly share his thoughts about it.

Translation for the white chat bubble:-

1. Kyuhyun : The album “Perfection” has two different versions, there are Chinese and Korean version respectively. Due to this, our MV shooting duration were doubled than usual. We almost didn’t sleep well for 2-3 days, it was more tiring. But when the MV came out, I think us 8 members are really “too perfect”!

2. Siwon : Sungmin is like the Liu Bei from the story ‘Three Kingdoms’, he is really merciful and kind, is full of knowledges too. I want to continue work hard and become a man like him!

3. Kyuhyun : Eunhyuk is a person with positive and cheerful personality, he really like to make joke and frequently bring the mood up among us. This makes him an essential member in SJ-M!

4. Sungmin : During the old times, when SJ-M came back to Korea after promotions overseas, they will always show off about how nice the fans were and how delicious the food were in other countries, to be honest, I felt a little envious! Now, I am SJ-M’s maknae (refers to the timing of when he join SJ-M not literally the maknae cuz he joined the last so he is the “maknae”), I will learn more from my ‘sunbaes’! This is my first time trying Chinese songs, the pronunciation were really difficult for me, that’s why Zhoumi always help me. Actually, I was worried before the first recording, but the members said my pronunciation were accurate after the song recording has ended, so I gained more confident~ My pronunciation is even better than Henry, hehe! I promised everyone, I will try my best to learn Chinese, I hope I could communicate with fans in Chinese next time, and when that time comes, I guess I will receive even more loves!

5. Kyuhyun : When I first heard about Jay Chou, I didn’t really pay much attention on him~ Until I watched his movie “A secret which can’t be told”, I was deeply attracted into his charm in the movie, and even re-watched it for more than 10 times! After that, our members and I met Jay Chou in real life when he first collabrate with Korean artists in Korea, I thought he was really friendly so I really like him alot!When I first heard the song “Love is Sweet” , I felt that the melody was really nice. I fell in love with the song after hearing it once.  So I kept practicing the Chinese lyrics, hoping to sing the song better, but the lyrics are too difficult for me. I wasn’t really satisfied after listening to the outcome of “Love is Sweet” song recording, honestly, I was very nervous during the recording. I adore this song very much and listen to it frequently.

6. Henry : Even though the song “Off My Mind” is written by me but perhaps listening to it too many times, at times I would feel that it is kind of annoying. Actually my favourite would be “Love is Sweet” written by Jay Chou and Teacher Vincent Fang. Due to the fact that I have been listening to Jay Chou’s songs as I grew older, so I really like his songs but I never really expect that there would be a day where by I would be able to sing the song written by Jay Chou for us.

Translated by: Elly @
Edited by: Germaine @ iRyeowookELF

Translation for page 8: –

5.Siwon and Kyuhyun have some artists that they want to work together with !
Since (SJ-M) already conquered into the Chinese market plus there are numerous singers in the Chinese market, regardless Hong Kong, Taiwan or China, have many outstanding and popular artists. This time Super Junior M has only just released(their) third album but they are alrdy working with Jay Chou and Vincent Fang. If there are more opportunities in the future (I ) believe that they would want to work together with other artists~ Want to know who are they? (I’m) going to reveal now!

6. Zhoumi’s and Henry’s diligent written songs!Super Junior is not a “buy soy sauce group” that conquer into the Chinese Music Industry. (they are also) a group that is serious during performing, singing, dancing, etc, and they are also very serious towards composing and writing of songs. In this album, Henry and ZhouMi’s works can be found. Although there are not many, both of them professed that they are very persistant towards composing and writing of songs.

*[A/N : “buy soy sauce” (打酱油) is a internet slang which mean something like passer-by, none of my business. For more info , please go to ]

7.Time for the “old” and “new” members of Super Junior-M to disclose secrets!
Well Super Junior-M has been rearranged, but the relationship and atmosphere of Super Junior-M is still as harmonious. The 8 members are so harmonious that they cannot wait to disclose each other’s secrets. ~ With addition of the eloquent EunHyuk to the group, the atmosphere has become more lively moreover he is not a person that does not shines.. Even though (his) Chinese is not on par with the “old” members, (he) is able to tease other members constantly!

1st Secret : Are Eunhyuk’s legs more beautiful than ladies’ ?
Eunhyuk : Compare to average girls, my figure is not bad !
Sungmin : Yes~ His legs look very sexy !
Siwon: But if they are compared to normal ladies, his legs would have more hairs only!

2nd Secret : Fan asked Donghae for his autograph in the middle of the night?
Eunhyuk : Well didn’t we have our concert in China? ~ During that time. each member had his own room. In the middle of the night, I do not know how did the fan sneaked into Donghae’s room.~ She continuously called Donghae’s name, finally he stirred and signed for her.
Kyuhyun : At that time I was also in Donghae’s room, the situation occured naturally as I assumed that she was my aquaintance and he thought that she was mine aquaintance.

Eunhyuk : That fan, Donghae might head to your house to look for you for revenge.

3rd Secret : Is Kyuhyun really naughty?
ZhouMi : Actually when I teach the other members Chinese, it is not that bad as they would listen when I correct them about their pronounciation.  Kyuhyun is really naughty as his pronounciation is excellent, so sometimes when I correct his pronounciation and say that his pronounciation is not correct, he will say to me jokingly that it is my pronounciation that has problem by saying that ” hyung, your pronounciation is not good” !

Translation for the white chat bubble:-

7.Kyuhyun : I wish I can work together with A-Mei ( Zhang Hui Mei ), just only me ! Haha~

8.Sungmin: I also realized that the Chinese Music Industry has many outstanding singers, I hope that SJ-M will have the opportunity to work together with many other Chinese artists in the future.

9. Siwon : Actually through this album, I deeply felt that there are many excellent singer in the Chinese Music Industry. If there is an artist that I would especially want to work with that would be the forever older brother in my heart, Mr. Andy Lau!

10. Henry : In this album, there is a song called “Off My Mind” , this song is written by me and my college friends. Truth to be told, the Chinese lyrics  are also written by me but my Chinese is not really good. I worked really hard to write this song, hope that every one will like this song.

11. ZhouMi : Honestly I always have a dream and that is that I wish that in every SJ-M album, I would have a chance to participate in the composition and writing of songs. In the first album, I wrote 3 songs, the second album, I only write 2 songs. I try my best to try out different genres of lyrics example fast songs, slow songs and I would also like to venture into composing~ Hope that I would have the chance to create better music for everyone to listen in the future.

Translation for Photo Captions:-

1. Why are Donghae and Henry’s actions so uniformed?

2. This is how Eunhyuk look like when he is serious3. Is Ryeowook shouting “cut”?

4. ZhouMi’s killer smile!

5. Star-ing~

6. ZhouMi singing affectionately VS SungMin singing with a smile. Which one do you prefer?

7. Always charismatic, Siwon!

8. Look-ing~

Translated by: Atnes @ iZhoumiELF
Edited by: Germaine @ iRyeowookELF

Translation for page 9 :-

Translation for Photo Captions: –
1. Ryeowook leaning on Sungmin’s shoulders!

2. Zhoumi who is enjoying the game!

3.Is Kyuhyun telling Zhoumi to go over there?

4.The confrontation between Sungmin and Ryeowook!

5. Donghae’s little action!

6. Are they punished to dance the cute dance?

2. This is how Eunhyuk look like when he is serious3. Is Ryeowook shouting “cut”?

8. After whispering with Donghae, Eunhyuk continues to listen to Henry’s whisperings!

9. Is Henry drawing hurdles?

10. Henry seems like he has something to tell Eunhyuk ~

11. Is Eunhyuk missing KTR?

12.This is how a gentleman looks like~

13. This is Super Junior-M’s hand gesture!

14.Even with a shock expression, Siwon still looks gentleman!

15. While Zhoumi and Siwon are playing games, the three at the side starts chit-chatting alrdy!

16. Start of interviewing…

17. Siwon continues to be a gentleman!

18. What are Ryeowook and Sungmin whispering about?

19. Omo ~ Sungmin is pinching Henry’s small face!

20. Is Ryeowook daydreaming?

21. While the members are having the interview at the front, Eunhae have their own private conversation at the back!

Translated by: Flora @
Edited by: Germaine @ iRyeowookELF

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Translated by: Elly + Flora @ iRyeowookELF + Atnes @ iZhoumiELF
Edited by: Germaine @

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[110330/TRANS] Ryeowook’s Twitter Update | 1TWT

30 Mar

@ryeong9: zhebian shi Wo de fang jian^^ zhen me yang? ~ women de fang jian zhong tai da le hehe suo yi tamen xianmu wo~~
[TRANS] here is my room^^ how is it? ~ my room is biggest among our rooms hehe So they envy me~~
[HANJA] 这边是我的房间 ^ ^ 怎么样?~ 我们的房间中太大了 hehe 所以他们羡慕我~~

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30 Mar

Credit: Athenejen @ YT
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