[110401/SCAN+TRANS] Chinese EPOP Magazine Issue 304 | 3P

2 Apr

Translation for page 10: –

Super Junior-M is going to have a long term stay in Taiwan
Currently, Super Junior-M fufils their wish of having a long term stay in Taiwan. On one hand it is because the members want to learn Chinese, on the other it is because members Donghae and Siwon have been casted in a Taiwanese Drama. The other members will also use this opportunity to become spokespersons of commercials, and expressed that the prices for them to become spokesperson can be negotiatable. SJ-M wants to learn the Taiwanese lifestyle as soon as possible,so they want to go out to the streets to shop but their fans are following them so closely that they are unable to go as planned. To learn Chinese, they also employed a Chinese teacher, Kyuhyun expressed that he learned more sentences such as “Why is this like this?” and “I’m hungry” in Taiwanese dialect. In this period of time, SJ-M has also tried out Taiwanese delicacies, Henry’s mother also treat the members to eat chicken. Recently joined Eunhyuk is not used to Taiwan dishes thus he went to the super market to buy a huge amount of kimchi whereas Sungmin adapted quite well to the delicacies and eat til he is very full each time.

Translation for page 12:
The tremendous improvement in Chinese of Super Junior M.
Eunhyuk: At some places, we speak wrong languages.

SJ-M went to Hong Kong for . Super Junior M who did not go to Hong Kong for a very long time, has shown tremendous improvement in their Chinese, members Eunhyuk even expressed that (he) wants to use this chance to go sightseeing in Hong Kong! When interviewed, Zhoumi expressed that he wants to try many local Hong Kong delicacies. Sungmin, said that it is taking a toll on them as they filmed two MVs in one day (the Chinese and the Korean version of ) but for the recording of Director Chou(Jay Chou)’s song , it was difficult as its lyrics are slightly fast. When asked on the whole who would Super Junior-M like to work with, they replied that they must let Andy Lau and Henry Lau(SJ-M member) work together, whereas Zhoumi really like Angie Xie and Joey Yong and wished that for the next album, SJ-M can work with female Hong Kong singers.

Chinese of SJ-M members have improved tremendously, Siwon revealed that Donghae is better at speaking in Chinese; Kyuhyun is more familiar with ; whereas I am better at speaking business “language” whereas with each recording, Ryeowook has realized that his pronounciation has come naturally; ZhouMi can speak Cantonese more fluently. Eunhyuk said that at some places, they speak the wrong language! When they were at Italy, they thank the waiter in Chinese and accidentally spoke Japanese in China. Lastly, SJ-M said that to bring themselves and their fans closer together, they will participate in various shows and activites. This time, Donghae said that, when you join activities and concerts, you have to buy tickets and queue, come and find me in my dreams tonight! No need to buy tickets, no need to queue, come in to my dreams and call me. Thank you and good night everybody! SJ-M even said that during their fifth album, maybe they will hold similar activities to gather their fans like this..

Translation for page 13 : –

Siwon and Donghae to act in Taiwanese Drama. Both to stay in Taiwan for four months.
Super Junior’s Choi Siwon and Lee Donghae confirmed to act in GTV 8’s new drama , for the filming, they would stay in Taiwan for four months. Both of them are very cooperative in terms of their food, clothes, lodging and transportation, their only request is for their accomodation location to be kept a secret and for them to have privacy in their lodgings, which need not be a hotel. The best choice is that their lodging building to have a facility whereby the swiping of cards is needed to activate the lifts to bring them to their rooms. Both of them have high expectations of their works, but are easy going towards arrangements of their lives, there are no special requests for 5-star hotels or extra security. This resulted in GTV 8’s vice president to say that even though there are some Taiwanese artists that have smaller overseas market compared to Korean artists but they have higher demands. is a remake of a Japanese manga . Actually the fliming was supposed to begin two years ago but due to some circumstances it has been pushed back till now with a finalized cast members of Choi Siwon, Lee Donghae, Ivy Chen and Bianca Bai. Director Niu Cheng Ze who was supposed to have directed the drama, now becomes the producer while Feng Jia Rui will take over the director’s seat.

Scanned + Shared by: Munny @ iRyeowookELF.wordpress.com
Translated by: Germaine @ iRyeowookELF.wordpress.com

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