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[Scan+Trans] Super Junior M in COOL Magazine Inverview | 8P

3 Apr

Scans by: hyunlove (given to me by lovely Raichanxd~)

Trans: FayeriELF

Take out with full credits.

This article consists of 8 pages of interviews!!! Have fun!

Words in ( ) are side-notes by interviewer.

Words in [ ] are just me spazzing as I translate.

Perfect Beginning

<cool> Firstly, congratulations to SJM for successfully releasing their 2nd album. Compared to the previous one, this album seems to be going more towards the bad guy image. Do the members agree? Is everyone happy with their image?

EH:This time round, to give a more manly feel to performances, we spent alot of effort. All the members seem to be happy with their own image. The first time when we got confirmation for the album, we are all very happy this is what we want.

<cool>Perfection included alot of electronic sounds, is there anything to take note of when doing this kind of music?

ZM:Actually the song’s melody and performers are the most attractive. We would always try out different genres. This time we added in some electronic sounds, hope the music would bring something new to everyone. We switched to a whole new musical feel to meet with everyone. Feel that people will like it.

<cool>It feels like your stage presence would add points to your music, it that right?

ZM: YES! We also feel that we have the most presence on stage. Listening to the cd and watching us on stage would of course be different as we would be more passionate during LIVE performances. We also feel that being able to make contact with the fans is something that excites us.

<cool>Eunhyuk also says that there isn’t any special point in the dance. But when performed it is great. Did Eunhyuk participate in the choreography for the

“Perfection” Dance?

EH: I did participate but its not the actual choreography. It is by a foreign choreographer named Misha who sent a tape to us. The korean choreographer and I watched the tape and discussed where and how to make modifications. Basically we got the Idea through communication.(???)

<cool>The dance is really exciting!

EH:Gomase….Xie xie(thank you in chinese) HAHAHAHAH

<cool>This album includes Jay Chou and Fang Wen Shan’s work “Love is Sweet”. Actually when Jay Chou went to korea to promote his movie Secret, SJ were guests, what is the reason for this collaboration?

ZM:We covered “at least I still HAve You” in the first album. That time, the members didn’t know much about chinese music. After two years of activities, The members start to like the chinese producers and singers. This time, everyone would suggest to the company if they would collaborate with the people we admire. Earlier, we performed “Childhood story” by Guang Liang during a fan meet. We actually did try to contact GuangLiang. My good friend called guang liang “Guang Liang ge, would you write a song for SJ-M? Something like “Childhood Story”But because he was really busy with his activities and was going to release his new album, so there wasn’t time. Just nice, the company contacted Jay Chou and we are honoured to have this chance to collaborate.

<cool> with the addition of the two new members, is there a reshuffling in the workload between the group? Are there any new arrangements?

EH:Actually in this group, the errands which the maknaes have to do have been passed on to me and Sungmin hyung… bring them tea,pour them water etc.. we do that. Also massages, we did many different kinds of sweet acts.

Other members: Never! you are lying! Totally didn’t!

KH: What? Massage? Really not even once.

EH:Actually—I would wait for everyone to sleep then secretly help everyone massage, that is why you guys don’t know…….

KH:YA! We all lock the doors when we sleep, how did you come in!? This is ridiculous!(in mandarin)


<cool> actually it is the thought that matters.

EH:Right! My good intentions are there!

<cool>Then why don’t you make a promise now, tonight you give them massage.

EH:That’s good! Good!Good!Good!(in mandarin)

Other members: ……….. (reliability—-> 0, they shake their heads)

<cool> Sungmin’s japanese is extremely good, his popularity in japan is also really high. We are surprised when he joined SJ-M which is marketed to Chinese areas. Though Eunhyuk ever joked that Sungmin was added in as a body guard, but what do you feel was the reason that you were added?

SM: During group practice, if the members are exercising, I would be the assistant. I would wake up early every morning to get myself ready, then take care of the members. Although there is no leader in SJ-M but I am the eldest Hyung so I should do what a good Hyung should do.

KH: Although with this new album, it was not said who is the leader, but we all have a silent agreement that it is Sungmin. Because he takes care of us really well. (HOMG MY EYES ARE FAILING ME! KYU IS NOT BEING SNARKY!! coz its min~)

<cool>From what I know, Sungmin’s image is one that is very cute, but he is very manly IRL.

ZM: Yes yes! Like when we are practicing our dances, Sungmin hyung would gather everyone to practice together, or get everyone to do something together. He would take the lead. This is why we have a silent agreement that the leader is Sungmin.

EH:(softly) No matter what i am still the maknae 😦

RW:Looks child-like too.

<cool>But this is strange. Many celebrities who are manly IRL would feel uneasy doing aegyo on stage. But it feels like Sungmin isn’t shy about it at all, very natural.

SM: hahahaha!I am good at hiding~I purposely hide my manly side.

Other members: Hmmm? hmm?

KH: This is ridiculous(mandarin) <haha his fav line>

SM:As if you guys don’t do it? You didn’t do it?

KH:Then when will you show it to us?

SM: ……….

[This couple bickering! IDE!]

<cool>Hope after sometime your real personality will come out. Should be very handsome!

SM:No matter what, still an idol now. To do well at fan service, to be cute is better….Actually, I am a little tired of acting cute…. (he did a facepalm)

<cool>Eunhyuk said on a programme “Since I’m going to China, I must do it well”, is there any goals this time for SJ-M? Or any thing that you MUST fulfil?

EH:Personally, I have not set any goals yet. This is because I started this activity due to the long-term plans. After settling all the activities in Korea, I joined SJ-M. This is in preparation for next year, the year after, even 10 years later so that SJ-M can meet the chinese-scene fans. Because (I) want to be active longer so I joined SJ-M.

[Its pretty tough to trans this. But according to my POV, this just confirmed my theory that SM is just going to focus on the mando-pop scene while the rest completes their national service]

<cool>Eunhyuk is having activities in China but is also at the same time active in korea’s activities, How do you cope with the activities from both sides, any difficulties?

EH: This time because of SJ-M’s activities, we have totally settled the activities in korea first before coming here. This is so that I can focus entirely on SJ-M. I am also working hard so that I can get closer with the chinese fans.

<cool>So when Eunhyuk hosts <Kiss the Radio> will you use anecdotes from china as material for the broadcast?

EH:Now Yesung is filling in for me as host in <Kiss the Radio> when I go back I would tell everyone about the activities in china, interesting anecdotes and unforgettable memories.

<cool>When we talk about Eunhyuk, you are already very successful in the Korean entertainment scene.Do you have any ambitions for the chinese entertainment industry?

EH: WhereWhere/Don’t have Don’t hate~[basically just being humble] (he is obviously very happy) Actually I do have ambitions for the chinese entertainment industry, but because of the language barrier.. Also, GAG seems pretty difficult as every country has different sense of humor. After I spend some time settling down, then I will start challenging the chinese entertainment industry.

<cool>It is a trend now with “cool urban male” image. Kyuhyun too portrayed Secret Garden’s Kim Joo Won at the recent K.R.Y concert.Are you into such an image recently?

KH: K.R.Y concert being able to be held in Japan, China/Taiwan and Korea is something that I am very happy about. Secret Garden is a drama that is very popular with people. I really wanted to sing and at the same time portray Won Bin’s role. I didn’t deliberately act as a “cold urban male” I just like that song and that character. So I challenged it on stage.

<cool>The result seems really good! Kyuhyun’s ability to imitate seems really good.Doesn’t matter if its mandarin pronunciation or Kim Joo Won’s image, all are pretty accurate portrayals. Do you feel that you have the talent for imitating others?

KH:ah… erm….(acting shy)

DH:Show abit here.

KH:erm…ah…(automatically goes into this pose: one hand on forehead,body pushed back, raised chin…an arrogant look)

<cool>Aigoo, aren’t you already acting?

KH:ah. Pardon me(mandarin “bu hao yi si”)!HAHAHAHA!Actually it isn’t that I am talented in imitation, it is because I really like this drama, usually when I talk to friends on the phone I would use this tone as well. The part in the concert is one that I personally really like. So can’t really say that I am good at imitation.

<cool> Big Bang’s ver of Secret Garden have you seen it? What do you think?

KH: I heard of it.But have not seen.

<cool>If you were to come out to act, which character do you want to take on for Secret Garden?

KH: Because I have never filmed and dramas before, I don’t have thoughts of acting the main role, so i will start from a supporting role. For example Secret Garden’s Lee Jong Suk’s character, SUN.If I can act that role, it would be great.

<cool>ah! Really suits you! “Move aside!” “Get Lost!” “Very busy!”

KH: en en. (laughs)

<cool>Henry said on Strong Heart that the big brothers would teach some strange words to you. So this time in China, did you teach them strange mandarin as revenge?

Henry: (good boy) Nope, Nope…

<cool> Because you are kind?

Henry: Yes! I am very kind!

ZM: Actually he is not kind. Its just that his ability is limited.


<cool>So did Zhoumi do such a thing?

ZM:I did not, I only teach proper stuff (Henry injected: I teach only the good stuff too!) Their focus is very weird, I want to teach them useful stuff but they keep asking about strange stuff….things that even I don’t know….

<cool> Like?

ZM:They would bring a chinese book to me and ask what is the meaning of this? Such words, we wouldn’t use in our daily lives so I would say “I don’t know”

<cool> Seems like Donghae’s mandarin is getting better and better. When interviewing, he gets the point.

DH: Ah… half half(mandarin)

<cool> oh? Then it seems like my korean level….

DH:Really? HAve you been to korea(mandarin)?

<cool> Went before.

DH: When?(mandarin)

<cool>The most recent one is to “Korean-Chinese Music Gathering”(WTF i dunno what this is)

DH:Constantly learning korean?(mandarin)

<cool>Nope! Just by ear plus often watches koean dramas…

All:So you learn by ear?

<cool>en. But when i watch movies, i mostly learn vulgarities.

All:Like what? Like What?

<cool> wahhh……..(says some eg. “shibal”)

EH: Ai Hai!

RW: its new shoes? new shoes? (the sound is similar to “shibal”)

<cool> ah! Ryeowook is smart.

Investigation : The Imperfections

<cool> The main song from this album is “Perfection” many will ask you “who is the most perfect in the group” but we would like to know what do you feel is lacking about yourselves.

KH:Who should start? Lets do scissors paper stone.

All: You first!

KH:o. I’ll start then. Because I am the group’s main singer, so i would feel that my singing is not perfect.(cool: it can’t be!!) As soon as I have time, I would practice singing.Also, everyone agrees that my singing skill is good, so i would put higher expectations on myself(cool: wah! so touched!)

Henry: I feel that my appearance isn’t perfect.We can improve in other areas but appearance can’t be changed…

[whut noooo]

<cool>There is a chinese saying that the appearance is based on the heart. If you keep thinking of yourself as handsome, you would be handsome. HAve to be more confident! You Know?

Henry: Yeah…

EH: My meat[lololol direct translate] seems like its not enough, if i can buff up abit more it would be good.

Others: HEYHEYHEY! You are sitting next to ZM how could you say that?

EH: Ah! Sorry! Shouldn’t say this infront of ZM hyung. So let me change it abit. Body is not perfect.

<cool> But after 3jib it seems like you are getting better in this area. Even on stage you’d take off your clothes and stuff, a few days ago at the Shanghai concert you stripped too.

EH: FUFUFU…. Actually i don’t take off clothes that often la… Did you see? ahahahah! (cool thinking: thousands of people already saw… *side eye*) my body is such that it is not easy to grow muscles.So I am working really hard on developing it.

ZM: Because I am also incharge of vocals in the group, so like KH, those who are singing would feel that we are lacking in that area. Also, dance wise, I initially wanted to perform more dance but because the preparation time is short, I felt both excited yet worried.

RW: for me… fan’s love?

All: Love? HAHA! So mushy. Just say its your height.

RW: There is not enough time to love the fans?

All: The area you are lacking in is your height. HAHA! okok, since there is time constraint, so its like this, PASS!

<cool>So today… do you have…..? (looks at RW’s shoes)

DH: HAHAHAHAHAHA!(exchanges looks with cool)

<cool>OK! I know already! (shoe lift confirm!) Next is donghae!

Others: Oo~~~we anticipate it! (shushing each other with evil glee)

KH:His would be interesting.

EH:DH must have thought of a really~~~ interesting answer. Because when we were talking you must have been thinking really hard about it.

DH:What I am lacking is that I didn’t have more fans.

All:eh???!!! Stil not enough?!

DH:HAHA just joking. Actually I am not perfect in all areas. Singing, dancing, acting, sense… there is nothing I am really good at.

RW:If you say that, what about me?

DH:So I am working really hard, I hope to be someone who can benefit the other members.

EH:(said aside)If you know it, then practice harder…

KH:(cannot take it anymore) So what is the thing that you feel you are lacking?

DH: In all areas ah.

All: ………….(fail!)

<cool>What about Sungmin?

RW:Sungmin say something more  interesting.

SM: What would be humorous…?

EH: Ah! He has no sense of humor(as in cannot say funny things)

Others: YESYESYES! Hyung, you really are not interesting….

EH:Actually Sungmin hyung is really fun IRL. But on stage or during actual performances he is not. (all nod in agreement)

DH:This question has to be answered with humor? Don’t have to answer seriously?? (just realised) [HOMG DONGHAE! YOU… /facepalm]

<cool> YES EVERYONE!!!!

RW:Then it is Kyuhyun who was too serious at first. Not fun~

KH:This question should be answered seriously

SM: Then… my part just ended like this???

Others: En. It ended…. HAHAHAHA!

RW: Wah! Sungmin finally says something interesting.


<cool>“Terminator”(ok i dunno wtf is this i google trans it and it says Terminator please tell me a better word) this term is pretty popular in korea now. Like “Fashion Terminator” “Voice Terminator” etc. So what are the members’ areas whereby they are terminators?

DH:Don’t have… I, don’t have(in mandarin)

<cool>Donghae should be “All rounded terminator”? Because your rap is good, singing is good, dance is good, and acting.

DH:When you say it like this, it seems right! HA!


<cool>So other than what I mentioned just now, is there anything else to add?

DH:I am still lacking… all lacking(in mandarin)

SM:Then its “all lacking terminator”?

<cool>The other members all agree?

SM:(panic)Ah.. nonono…..

DH:Because I will keep continuing to work hard, so “Hardworking Terminator”

RW: I am “Pretty Terminator” ,”Visual Terminator”(acts cool~)

<cool>May I know where you get your confidence from?

RW:When compared to EH, I get confident hahahahah

EH:From what I see you have gone mad…

<cool>Poor EH

EH:(don’t under stand what i said just wanna talk) For me? I am “Humble Terminator”

<cool> Everyone agrees?

RW:I think he is “NEEDS TO BE Humble terminator”

EH:I like to put myself down, don’t like telling people that I am great (acting)

Others: A..HEI!

SM:REally hope you become like this….

KH:Ah… so it seems like he is “Arrogant Terminator”

EH:(mandarin) nonono! Who do you believe more?

<cool> er….Seems like everyone else is more believable.


<cool>Next would be SM

SM: Me… lets let the members judge

All: “Cute Terminator”!

SM: nono(he is the one who let others judge now he denies…)

EH:He seems like “speedy terminator”


EH: Really very quick. When our group is on the move, he would always be 100 m ahead.

<cool>So he is a impatient person?

RW: Not impatient, he just wants to lead like get up first, take care of the members first, he always completes it first.

<cool>With such a personality, what do the members do that you don’t like?

SM:Those who are difficult to wake up. Even when it is time, they would say “so tired” “don’t want to get up” This kind of members… there are many.

RW:Sungmin is the most healthy. Wakes up early~(change of tone)

<cool>That is why he looks to young(childlike)

All: Ah~ * i do’nt know how to trans*

EH:Oh! I remember! Ryeowook is :breakfast terminator” Ah. At the highest form.

RW:Because I often stay in hotel, I would eat hotel breakfast, did not miss it once… Sometimes the fans would come, so i would wake up even earlier, go have breakfast then come back to rest.

<cool>Asking in anger, You eat so much, where do all the meat go?(direct trans)

RW:Because I don’t eat supper at night….

<cool>Really healthy„, Henry so which terminator are you?

Henry:I am “hard working terminator”

<cool> Donghae took it. Another one.

KH:He is “Sleeping Terminator”

Others:(thinking) ah.. nono. He is “Playing Terminator”

RW:To him, having playing is very important.

<cool>So this fits in the “the older you get the earlier you sleep, the younger you are the later you sleep” law.

SM:KH too he is the “Gaming Terminator”

RW:I guess you would already know, no need to second guess he is “gaming terminator”

<cool>Still addicted now?

EH:Today he played a game first before he came.

Translator (reveals!): I heard that he is the kind who works hard and plays hard.

RW:right! When in school, there are such students.

<cool>KH do you have moments when you feel that you are really awesome?

EH:Can’t be….

KH:I came to china and learnt chinese and went to japan and learnt japanese

SM:Ai… I actually wanted to help you put in a few good words…

KH:In korea, I still have to learn korean, when I remember lyrics in different languages, I feel that I am really awesome.

SM:If there are those concerts which are two days in a row, others would sing the same song. He would choose to sing different songs. That kind of obsession over music and dance is really awesome.

<cool>Then there is nothing that KH can’t do?

KH:When I lose a game, I can’t sleep at night. Because of that, I would play til dawn…

Pocket Boy Battle~

Earlier on, Cool magazine collated the responses of the readers and made a “Pocket boy” chart.Most of SJ-M’s members are nominated. If you can pick your own Pocket boy. Who would you pick out of the members?

RW:(mandarin)Don’t have don’t have! All don’t have….

ZM: Siwon Siwon


RW: He is too huge, can he go in?

ZM: Because Siwon is really big an strong, he can protect me whereever we go. People liek me who need a body guard… hahaha  ( i can’t read the last part the article is too small)

DH:(softly)Siwon can’t even take care of himself.

<cool>What about the rest? If they are useful in anyway you can pick them.

SM:Must be someone from the members?

<cool>If its possible you…..

SM:I want to put the fans in my pocket!

Others: Ai~~~~~~~~~ Why are you like this Hyung,….Really not interesting… so cold(lame)

RW:I would pick my parents. Because I can’t see them often.

EH: This can’t be… You want to put your parents in your pocket? And take them out to lookat them?


EH: I pick ZM. Because I need him for china’s activies. Like an electronic dictionary. Can take him out anytime to use. For eg. like when i want to go to places to play, i need him. When at the hotel, i can say “ZM order the food!” when on the hired bus “ZM go here…go there…”

DH:If that’s the case, All the members are ok. I want Sungmin hyung who has cute expressions. When playing games, I will take Kyuhyun out to play for me, When i want to write songs, I will take Henry, if i want to dance, i would get EH to teach me and accompany me. IF I want to shop, i would take ZM.

Other members:So? So who do you want to put in your pocket ehhhhhhhhh????ah ah ah ah ah ?



<cool>If there is something you can take from one of the members, what would it be?

KH:I want Henry’s youth

<cool>What? There is not much difference in the age.

KH:(greedy thing)Even if its like this, I still want.


SM:I want Eunhyuk’s ability to eat without growing fat.

ZM:I want Eunhyuk’s body. Because tho Siwon’s body is good, but it is too tough. I think Eunhyuk’s is better.

<cool>So you want the height to decrease too?

ZM:(panic)I still want my height! ITs just the muscles… want the same ask him

KH:I want Ryeowook’s cooking skills.

RW:I want Kyuhyun’s gaze. Very handsome gaze. Handsome appearance.

KH:Eh? Eng? En? Ah? You joking? Making fun of me?

RW: Nope~ Kyuhyun is really handsome!

EH:I don’t need anything, other than Siwon’s money. [homg you would]

Others: ah?!!!! This can’t be… This is too much~Why are you like this.

EH:This is from my heart.


SM:I want donghae’s relations.

<cool>It would be really tough if there is too many people.

SM:It is because he is really close with many members.The way he treats people is also really good.

Henry: I want siwon’s big eyes.

All:HAHHAHA This is from his heart. Really!

RW:Ah~ Big eyes. ZMZM.

Henry: Yes. Anyway it is just their big eyes. I don’t care whose it is. As long as its big eyes.



<cool>Lastly, say something to the fans who Support Super Junior and SJ-M.

KH:(self volunteered rep)Thank you everyone!(mandarin)

<cool> eh? no more?

RW:Next I will say something, (really accurate mandarin) To meet everyone, we would try to participate in more tv shows, fanmeets, performances etc. Hope everyone would support us. Thank you everyone!

ZM:Because we haven’t been active for about a year and a half, Everyone have been suspecting and worrying about SJ-M. But this time we are back and would have more activities in the future and meet with everyoen more often. Really thank you everyone!

Scan by: hyunlove (given to me by lovely Raichanxd~)
Translated by : FayeriELF
Shared by: Munny @

:. Thanks Atnes for the tips ^^ .:

.:Please take out with FULL CREDIT:.

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