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[110406/VIDEO] 100% Entertainment – Skip Beat behind the scene

6 Apr

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[110406/ENGSUB] SJM on UFO Radio – Intro + talk about Perfection

6 Apr

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[Malaysia ONLY] Purchase in advance for 2011 Photo book of Ryeowook’s birthday

6 Apr

《The R World》is the second photo book made in TR. This photo book is limited sale which is same as the last one,《Time Machine in June》

Photo book is the most important part for Ryeowook’s birthday in TR. Many TR’s members regarded that they didn’t buy《Time Machine in June》last year. So, this year, we will publish the second Photo book. Don’t miss again.

Our purpose is that the new version will be better that last version. And we won’t make your disappointed on the second photo book this year.

The differences between《The R world》and《Time Machine in June》are:

  1. The size of the photo book is changed to A4, which is larger than last year.
  2. The quantity of the page will be more than last year.
  3. There is not only Ryeowook’s attractive photo, but also some wonderful moments in this photo book.
  4. And the texture of the paper is changed to the Ink-Jet printing paper, which has better printing effect

It can be sure that everyone will like and not put it away

《R’s Trace》is a data book which records all the Ryeowook’s memo data from his debut to now.

This book includes forum memo, twitter,, ect. For the convenience of carrying, the size of the book will be smaller. At any time, you can find the data you want in this book^^.

The member who wants to have a better understanding of Ryeowook could not miss it.

【Title】《The R World》the second Ryeowook photo book
【Produced by】TR—Kim Ryeowook forum in China
【Size】210mm×280mm vertical/color
【Paper】Ink-Jet Printing Paper
【Page】140P (Provisional)
【Content】Ryeowook’s 95% unpublished photos shot by TR
【Free gift】name card 4pic/book
【Sale way】sale through by TR website
【Closing date】06-10-2010
【Delivering date】 End of June, 2010 (Provisional)
【Ancillary gift】 Exclusive photo 4pic/set
【Gift for purchase in advance】Screen wiper for Mobile phone+ LOMO cards+ ? (Undecided)

【Title】《R’s Trace》About Ryeowook’s story
【Produced by】TR—Kim Ryeowook forum in China
【Producer】TR Working Team
【Size】100mm×150mm vertical/monochrome
【Paper】Printing Paper
【Page】80-100P (Provisional)
【Content】The translation version of Ryeowook’s data including forum Memo, twitter, ect, from his debut to now
【Package price】 150 RMB/ set(RM110). No sale separately. Excluding the courier fee

《The R World》125 RMB/per
《R’s Trace》 25 RMB/per

Member who buy one set can get 20% off discount to buy the umbrella (40 RMB),and also can buy other TR’s goods (towel, recycling bag, umbrella, ect)

For more informations, you can

1. Check
2. Mention @ting65

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[110406/Fancam] Ryeowook @ Taoyuan Airport (going to Korea) –

6 Apr

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[110405/NEWS] Super Junior to sing Mnet Super Star K3’s Theme song

6 Apr

Hallyu star, Super Junior will be singing the theme song to Mnet’s national audition program “Super Star K3.”

According to an interview with a rep on April 5, Super Junior whose management company is SM Entertainment will sing the theme song of “Super Star K3” slated to air in September.

“Super Star K” which first aired 3 years ago made numerous records as a cable program with having over 700,000 applicants and exceeding the rating of 20 percent. Thus, Mnet thinks of the program as vital to its company.

This year, the program is expected to expand its audition stage to Asia, which makes Mnet’s decision to choose hallyu star Super Junior to sing the theme song more meaningful.

This decision is expected to develop more intimate relationship between Mnet and SM Entertainment who conflicted with each since the end of 2008 and reconciled at the beginning of this year.

The relationship between these two was reconciled when TVXQ’s new song “Why” was first released on in past January. Later, TVXQ appeared on “M Countdown,” Mnet’s music ranking program which further improved the relationship.

Meanwhile, “Super Star K3” has accepted application for auditions since March 10. Currently, there are 1,013,000 applicants, signaling the continuation of fever season 2 had.

Source: Starnews
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[110405/EngSub] How Ryeowook won his bubble tea

6 Apr

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[110405/EngSub] SJ-M met MC Mickey Huang 3 times in a day

6 Apr

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