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[110409/Video] TVBS Global Chinese Golden Chart – Super Junior M Acceptance VCR

9 Apr

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[110409/PIC] Ryeowook @ Super Star K’ Music Video Filming Part 1| 51P

9 Apr

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[110407/ENGSUB] SJ-M on MTV Tian Lai Cun (w/o SW)

9 Apr

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[PLEASE READ] Please help to carry through her last wish, take good care of the house of sapphire blue

9 Apr

[PLEASE READ,ELFs] 请替她完成最后的心愿 好好守护蓝家 Please help to carry through her last wish, take good care of the house of sapphire blue


My apologies, the below contents, may not be that suitable to spread, since it’s not exactly a joyous thing, in addition, there’s a car accidient today… However, I would still like to let all of you know of her presence. Her name is 蕾蕾(Lei Lei), she is my best friend amongst the C ELFs, and she is a silent warrior. Her health has not been well, it took a worse turn on 1st April, and she passed on. Isn’t it true that destiny is playing a trick on us?


Last year, we became good friends, as we shared the same aspiration, hoping that (Suju’s) 4jib album sales will soared. To be frank, the Michelle you know, is not that extraordinary, as there is a even more enthusiastic ELF behind her. If you notice, 4jib and 5jib’s publicity notes do not have me as the sole author, she’s there too. She spent day and night thinking of how to increase digital/trail voting, how to make foreign ELFs focus on K version album sales, and hope so much that SJ can win Seoul Music award that she can literally dream it. As China bans Facebook, she is unable to reveal herself, thus allowing me to represent her in her articles. Since then, she has been helping me.


Sister Lei Lei loved Heechul, and she envyed those who can see him in person, can shake hands with him, but she had never once gone to their concerts, other than due to family constraints she had been saving up to buy more albums.


Everyone is a fan, everyone wants to do more for their idols, only, what she had done, is much more than me, you or many others. Her love, is no lip service, her love, is full of actions. She is not just a ELF i know, she is my friend, my mentor, without her, i may go crazy from drilling too much into the dead end. What I regretted most, isn’t the inability to treasure every minute and second with her, isn’t not having to spend more time chatting with her and learning from her. What i regretted most, is for all these time, i have not said a word of gratitude to her. Thank her for all she did for SJ, for ELFs, without asking for anything in return; thank her for loving us silently.

请允许我跟Michelle Li今天私心一次(我们都认识她),为蕾蕾姐写下出後一段文字,怀念她,感谢她。以後,我发放的文章里再没有她的笔迹,但我还是会加上她的名字。我能做的事,就是帮她完成剩下的梦想。而各位海外饭,就当圆她一个心愿,让自己跟身边的朋友都只买算韩国销量的专辑,把她的精神延续下去。

Please allow a selfish me and Michelle Li this time(we both know her), to write down this last note for Sister Lei Lei, remembering her, thanking her. From now on, the notes I post will no longer bears her trace, but i will still add her name, all i could do now, is to help her fulfill her unrealised dream. Foreign ELFs, I hope you can help to carry through her wish, together with friends around you, buy ONLY K versions that will count into Korean music charts, and keep her spirits alive.


Lei Lei Unnie, you always give me support when I nearly give up. I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. Please keep watching us from heaven. Rest in peace.


We wish the house of sapphire blue gets better by the day, everyone stay healthy, our tears will wipe away all unpleasantness.

Credit: Michelle Fung’s facebook
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.:Thanks for everything..Rest In Peace Lei Lei:.

[INFO] Ryeowook’s Birthday Project for 2011

9 Apr

We would like to make a message book for our dearest Kim Ryeowook, for his birthday which falls on 21st June.
For Singaporean ELF who are interested in participating, please decorate a A4 size colored paper (please buy the ones at Popular, the hard one, the one which you’re able to weigh). We will be holding 1-2 day for collection.
[NOTE! : Please remember to leave a margin of at least 4cm on the left of the paper! If not your words will be cut off! For those who stay near Sengkang, you can contact admin YY at Twitter, @iYWOOKism .Offering to meet up anytime. For overseas ELF, I do hope you’re able to join us too. How?

  • Send your message to
  • Format : -To:
    Subject : Kim Ryeowook birthday sg project
    Full name:
    Contact number:
    Message: –
    [NOTE! : maximum 100 words, language – English, Korean,Chinese or Han Yu Pin Yin ]
  • Clossing Date: – overseas Ryeosomnia – 31st May
    .                            – Singaporean Ryeosomnia – 1st week of June

In additional to the message book, we will be buying things for him. Click HERE to find out what are we getting for him. Thus, we would hope you will be able to help donate. For SG-rean, donation can be made during collection of the messages/letters.
For overseas friends, please wait for further details.

The priority of the donations will be given to

1. Message book
2. Shipping fee

Hope you are able to participate! ^^

With love,
SuperWOOKIEfans admins

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