[110831/TRANS] Ryeowook’s Twitter Update | 6TWT

1 Sep

@ryeong9: 오늘 보내주신 웃음과 박수 정말 감사드립니다^^ 나 몰래 내 핸폰으로 배우형들이 일본가서 형들 잊지말라며 찍은 사진들예요 ㅋㅋ 완전 웃겨 캬캬
[TRANS] Today full of laughter and applause, really thanks a lot^^ Those pictures that actor hyungs took with my cell phone by themselves and told me that I should not forget about them when I am in Japan. keke So funny 캬캬

@ryeong9: TR with RYEOWOOK >< jin tian wo hen gan dong. zhen de a^^ women chi fan nimen de zhun bei de shi wu. women dou hen gao xing. xiexie TR ^^
[TRANS] TR with RYEOWOOK >< Today I feel touched. It’s real^^ We had eaten you guys prepared the food. We all feel happy. Thank you TR ^^

@ryeong9:오늘 늑대의 유혹 전원 스텝 및 배우 분들께 중국 슈퍼주니어 팬 싸이트 <TR with 려욱> 이라는 곳에서 음식을 보내주셨어요. 특히 손수 쓴 한국말로 된 편지에 모든 분들이 놀라셨구요 >< 고맙구요 힘내서 좋은 공연으로 보답할게요~ 사랑해 *0*
[TRANS] Today on Temptation of wolves, one of China Super Junior fansite give the supporting food to all staffs step and actors. Especially for the hand-written letter, everyone feel shock >< Really thanks, fighting. Will do the best to satisfy you all as i can~ I love you *0*

@ryeong9: 뮤비 좋은데^^ 상큼하니 ㅋㅋ 나도 이런거 찍고 싶다 “@ZEA_Hyungsik Special MV(For ZE:A’s) – 왜요?(Wait Yo!)
http://youtu.be/on6sjhF0vR0 via (high ver.)@youtube”
[TRANS] MV is good ^^ Looks fresh. keke I wanna film something like this one too “@ZEA_Hyungsik Special MV(For ZE:A’s) – 왜요?(Wait Yo!) http://youtu.be/on6sjhF0vR0 via (high ver.)@youtube”

@ryeong9: SMTOWN CONCERT 9/2~ 9/4 도쿄돔 오예~~~~>o< 슈퍼주니어 뜹니다 ^^ 긴장하시랏!! 예~~~ 근데 내가 긴장되네 ㅋㅋ 많이 와주세요 E.L.F.
[TRANS] SMTOWN CONCERT 9/2~ 9/4 at Tokyo Dome, oh yeah~~~~>o< Super Junior is coming^^ Elimination of tension!! Yeah~~~ But I still feel nervous keke E.L.F. come here more

@ryeong9: 내가 차려준 저녁밥 먹는 우리 희철이형 ^^ 삭발해도 여전한 저 미모 ~ 머리빨이 아니었어 캬캬 멋있다!!!
[TRANS] Our Heechul hyung is eating the meal that I was prepared for him ^^ Even shaved the hair but still look pretty ~ Not rely on the hair lining kia kia handsome!!!

Translated & Shared by: Manto @ TaiwanLuvSJ | iRyeowookELF.wordpress.com

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